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(Read Book) Þ Beyond The Dream ⚢ Dr Thomas Hora, The Founder Of Existential Metapsychiatry, Once Said All Problems Are Psychological, But All Solutions Are Spiritual In Beyond The Dream, He Looks At The Human Condition With Compassion And Offers Insights That Can Help Anyone To Awaken Spiritually To Find Light Beyond The Dream Of Life As Personal Selfhood Dr Hora Drew On The Teachings Of Jesus As Much As He Did On Conventional Psychotherapy To Evolve A Way Of Seeing And Being In The World That Bears Good Fruit, Here And Now Spiritual Seekers Who Come From All Faiths Or None Will Find Much To Ponder In Beyond The Dream They Will Also Open Their Minds And Hearts To The Realization Of Peace, Assurance, Gratitude And Love, Here And Now Thomas Hora Was A Brilliant Psychiatrist, A God Centered Spiritual Seeker, And A Pioneer Researcher Of Consciousness His Work Makes A Lasting Contribution To The Fields Of Psychiatry, Religion, And Metaphysics Ann Linthorst, Author Of Mothering As A Spiritual Journey And Soul Kissed The Experience Of Bliss In Everyday Life