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This is possibly my favorite book of everything I have ever read in Wattpad I related to the story and it was amazing to read a story where the characters are flawed and realistic.It s really worth the read. I stumbled upon this story after listening to an amazing 8tracks playlist called Saving Elliot, which happened to be based on this Turns out, Saving Elliot can be found on Wattpad, which is a site where blossoming authors can post their stories for anyone to read Needless to say, I just had to read this story after loving the playlist so much And guess what I enjoyed the story just as much While it s riddled with spelling and grammatical mistakes, the story is fast paced and intriguing This is definitely unedited, but it was prefaced at the beginning, so it wasn t a big deal to me Enjoy #Download Ebook º Saving Elliot õ I Keep Trying To Think Of Ways To Make Myself Hate You Kind Of Hard To Do When You Re In Love With Me, Isn T It He Said Meet Elliot Jensen She S Stubborn, Intelligent, Sarcastic, Short Tempered And Ambitious Meet Elliot Fintry, He S Impulsive, Rude, Cold, Devious, And Reckless It Might Be Annoying Having To Share The Same Name As The Person You Hate, But It S Even Annoying Having To Share The Same House As Them He S Everything She Hates, So Why Does He Make Her Heart Pound At Just The Thought Of Him Winter And Summer Fire And Water North And South Heaven And Hell This Isn T A Love Story, This Is A Story About Love I knew this book would not be professional exactly, but I gave it a rating based on a standard pretty similar to one I would give any published book.To start off, I had a really hard time relating to the characters, which made the story as a whole overall difficult to enjoy Elliot Jensen s anger made ME angry because it was unjust and unwarranted so often that it just became annoying It took me a very long time to accept that that was just the character s personality, and we wouldn t get to see her grow out of that Elliot Fintry made me slightly less angry but still quite infuriated nonetheless He did manage to steal the scenes and give the plot that depth it needed However, I found him rather two dimensional and too much like the clich bad boy who s actually super sensitive and just needs someone to pay attention to him One of the things that bothered me the most was the repetition in the story I cannot count how many paragraphs I read about the color of Fintry s eyes, or that trademark smirk I m pretty sure can just be labeled as his face.On the other hand, I really really enjoyed, as an American, reading the story as it was set in the UK It is becoming hard to find stories about life in the UK that is not about grown adults and not set in a big city The author added a note explaining their school system, and that was very interesting to learn about I also appreciated how much Jensen cared for her academics, sometimes so much so it was an obsession It was refreshing to see the mindset of a person genuinely concerned for their future and not just what they would be doing that weekend.The pacing of Elliot and Elliot s relationship seemed really unrealistic to me, and while I do believe in the end, telling the story from Jensen s POV was the best choice, it made it hard to be convinced that the feelings weren t one sided.Of the supporting characters, O Connor and Finely were definitely a bright spot Their friendship always felt genuine and the ending shows a lot of character growth that is always fun to see The rest of the characters sort of fell to the background, in my opinion The brothers were entertaining, albeit hard to keep straight, but explained a lot about why Jensen is the way she is, and provided a good feeling of unity The parents or lack their of, made me very mad The dad was mentioned like twice, and the mom had absolutely no dialogue, no depth, and no heart The way she was described gave me an image in my mind of a crazed and depraved madwoman with demon eyes storming around scaring people by breathing.However, I did like how the ending provided just enough closure, and was resolved in a way that gave me hope for the Elliots I was really impressed by Fintry s decision, and the maturity he showed by making it.Overall, the book was a relatively fun read, but very far from the reading value one would get from a published work. To be honest, I don t really like this book, well don t get me wrong, it s not like I hate it I guess I just don t get that boy Fintry I know this dude gets hurt after losing his dad and best friends, and crush and not getting along well with her mom but there s no hell making him to push everyone away I just don t get it why he always thinks he isn t good enough for anyone and pisses off at trivia things His past is kinda vague isn t it I don t know if he can t trust people or hate himself or whatever so he wants to be a lonely, cocky person Ugh He really makes me so confused because I don t know what he needs or what he wants.I ve shitload questions throughout the reading.1.what the hell happened to Nova How she died I thought Fintry might have caused her die so he couldn t forgive himself Hmm Call me overdramatic I know right I mean, it s not like he has killed or caused her death but do I feel like he always put the blame on himself 2 Why was he always so obsessed with his cell I know he loved listening to music but it was impossible to play with cell all the time He should be texting with someone I guess.3 Why was he always rushing to go out I thought he was busy hooking up with some girls or perhaps hiding secrets from Jensen But no details were revealed. This book was actually 1.5 stars, but the ending took it to a full on 2.I want to start this review by stating my total dislike on the cusp of hatred for the main character, Elliot Jensen This girl is the epitome of an internal misogynist There was a reason why Tamara was the only girl friend I had and the rest of my friends were boys Girls were bitchy Girls thought too much, talked too much and were way too melodramatic Boys Boys were easy to talk too Boys didn t think too much Boys didn t hold grudge s the way girls did Boys were straightforward This is an actual quote from the book I honestly cannot stand girls with this type of mindset Like, we get it You like to wear converse instead of heels, you don t wear makeup, you hang out with the boys, and you play sports Wow No other girl is nearly as eccentric as you are You deserve an award This is sarcasm Elliot Jensen just had this annoying need to set herself apart from the rest of the girl population She seemed to have a superiority complex for some reason, and I really couldn t stand it The last straw was when she slut shamed some girl for wearing a skirt that she believed was too shirt As if it s her place to judge what other wears Okay, I m done speaking up about utter loathing for this fictional character My inner feminist can go back in its cagefor now.As for the other Elliot, Elliot Fintry, I don t really know what to say At the beginning of the book I thought he was so crush worthy, but as the story progressed I grew indifferent to him I found myself rooting for Elliot Jensen to find another boy to obsess over Their relationship is weird and rather stagnant, and I didn t really care for it The only thing I liked was the ending.The rest of the characters, though, were so well written I loved all of Jensen s crazy brothers They were very humorous and loving Same with her best friends Tamara, Finley, and O Connor I wish I had friends like them they re so entertaining The only undeveloped characters were her parents.Other than that, the book was written better than most Wattpad books I ve read I found a few grammar mistakes, but it was pretty good since they weren t edited The only thing that bothered me was how she constantly spelled definitely as defiantly Would I recommend this book Maybe, but only because of her friends and her brothers. I just finished the story today because the author updated it this morning And I couldn t sleep because I knew it was being updated I loved the ending, even if there were a few things that could ve been better I liked how the last chapter was not solely focused on Elliot Squared, and we got to tie up lose ends with minor characters And the conclusion was really bittersweet Now excuse me while I roll into my metaphorical cave and cry. Do you love Daemon Black Go read this book Plus Elliot is an even bigger jerk 3My Teaser Tusday including this bookMy review 3 11 15 The feelings I get when thinking back to reading this book remind me of the feelings I get from the Lux series 3 MY GOODNESS THIS BOOK IS JUST PERFECT IT S MY FAVOURITE BOOK IN WATTPAD WHY ISN T IT AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK I CAN T CONTAIN THE FEELS.Saving Elliot is the most wonderful book I have ever read online Wattpad It s an amazing story about a teenage boy named Elliot Fintry who moves to Great Britain and to a new family named the Jensen s Turns out, he s not the only Elliot around Elliot Jensen, from the start, is enemies with Fintry But could they bethan enemies Or is that all the imagination of Jensen Go on a wild ride with the Elliot s, their friends, and a few accidents sorry, that was a sad pun Sorry Warning May need several boxes of tissues, friends to laugh with, and stuffed animals to hug throughout the entire book Read at your own risk.