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READ KINDLE ⚸ Because You Loved Me Ù A Life Taken Jeanne Dominico S Fianc Found Her Body On Her Kitchen Floor More Than Forty Stab Wounds And Blows To Her Head With A Blunt Instrument Had Cut Her Life Short What Monster Had Struck In The Heart Of A Peaceful New England Town A Trust Betrayed Jeanne Was A Hard Working Single Mother Nicole, Her Fourteen Year Old Daughter Was On The Honor Roll And Head Over Heels In Love With An Eighteen Year Old Man She D Known Only Through The Internet Once The Lovers Met In Person, Jeanne S Motherly Instincts Sensed Trouble If Only She D Known That The Life In Danger Was Her Own In The Name Of Love With A History Of Psychological Trouble And Family Misfortune, Billy Sullivan S Obsessive And Controlling Power Over Nicole Contributed To The Brutal Slaying Of Her Mother But It Was Nicole S Stunning Confession And Guilty Plea That Led To Billy S Sensational Trial, Where A Sordid Tale Of Love, Loss, Betrayal And Murder Finally Took A Cold Blooded Killer Offline And On Line For Justice Phelps Is A First Rate Investigator Dr Michael M Baden Includes Pages Of Shocking Photos Investigative Journalist M William Phelps Is The Author Of Murder In The Heartland, Perfect Poison, Every Move You Make, Lethal Guardian, And Sleep In Heavenly Peace He Has Appeared On Dozens Of National Radio And Television Programs, Including Court TV, The Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, Geraldo At Large And Montel Williams, And Has Consulted For The Showtime Cable Television Series Dexter He Lives In A Small Connecticut Farming Community With His Wife And Children I have always heard of kids committing parricide but I thought there must have been something wrong in the relationship like abuse from the parents or drug use or money messing with the brains of the children In this particular case none was the reason The mom just decided to stand up to her newly 16 year old daughter saying she could not live with an 18 year old boy she found to be trouble It s sad that standing up for herself caused her to die by the hands of her daughter and the boyfriend all over not being able to live together I love my mom and we have disagreements like everyone but I could never fathom harming her or choosing someone to date who would harm her.All that being said I thought the book was a bit too long Some of the information was repetitive too but I think it was because the author wanted to make sure we didn t forget the details of the case In a way I appreciate that but I also was frustrated because it seemed like Mr Phelps thought we didn t have the respect to pay attention to his writing. DNFThe author states, in his Notes to Readers, that the victim s immediate family wanted nothing to do with this book, so I don t feel too badly about the low rating This is not because of the crime itself, which was heartbreaking, but because of the way the book is written.It s repetitive and nauseating I understand that the victim was a warm, caring, wonderful person I don t need to be continually beaten over the head to remind me I got it the first time.It was so bad I couldn t even force myself to finish it. I tend to read true crime and be intellectually engaged, but not always emotionally engaged This one made me both sad and horrified It s incredible that teens can become involved in the most bizarre things and think at the time that they are perfectly reasonable The death of this woman was heartbreaking and so was what happened to the kids two young lives completely destroyed It very much reminded me of the movie Heavenly Creatures where both teens were so caught up in their own relationship that murder seemed like a reasonable act. Jeanne Dominico was brutally beaten and stabbed to death, her injuries showed she fought with her murderer She was a single mother of two trying to make a life for her children and protect them the best she could Billy Sullivan was a troubled young man that Jeanne s daughter met over the internet, she was head over heels in love Billy was obsessive and controlling, Jeanne worried about Nicole s sliding schoolwork, she thought that Billy would hurt Nicole, but that is not what happened The murder shocked the community, first in its brutality and second in who committed it, and who conspired to commit it.Another top notch true crime account from Phelps With interviews and summary of the police interviews and court transcripts, you get a complete picture of what happened, he takes you step by step through the crime, the after effects, how each person came to be where they were and how it all ended.