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A pointless book and a complete waste of time to read. [Download Book] ☦ The Worlds Dumbest Questions ♽ Society Has Been Raised To Believe That There Are No Dumb Questions And The Only Dumb Question Is The One Not Asked However, Just When You Thought You Heard The Dumbest,ludicrous Question Someone Takes It Down To The Next Level With Their Sheer Stupidity Get Ready To Get Entertained With The World S Dumbest Questions Boringdon t get it it is a waste and not funny disappointed in the purchase and do not recommend anybody gets it These were like puns than dumb questions It was a short read so if you re bored go for it I wouldn t buy it I borrowed it from kindle unlimited. It s stupidIt s stupidit was stupid it is boring and told only the most obvious stuff it sucks I hate it don t buy. ShortOr a fool and his money I just paid.99 for a very short script fot standups Funny Yes Worth it Not really. WORLD S DUMBEST QUESTIONSIt was a very good book..covered most of the dumb questions I ve ever heard.keep on rocking..but I ll bet there is some young pup out there thinking up New ones even as we speak.so should we say this is a darn good start StupidThis is not very funny This is not very funny This is not very funny This is not very funny ok Dumb questions did gfs q we swath res zed rare d rd rd tee rd taxa dad Dana dad dad tea res tree gfs games tree rd.ca tree rd fax zig