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Enjoyable read Just like a modern day Christie Very enjoyable light reading Great way to while away a night or rainy afternoon. It was ok, the plot was ok the characters ok The thing I found annoying was the names of the characters Amusing if you like puns maybe. @E-PUB ó Feted to Die í Who Killed Celebrity Clairvoyant Horace Cope At The Annual Fete At Dammett Hall Did Rival Seymour Cummings Spot Trouble Ahead Did Magistrate Lady Lawdown Take Justice Into Her Own Hands Or Has Her Daughter Laura Biding Got A Guilty Secret Detective Inspector Andy Constable And His Irreverent Colleague Sergeant Dave Copper Must Try To Make Sense Of The Whirl Of Gossip, Rumour And Secrets Circling The Peaceful English Village Of Dammett Worthy Throw Into The Mix A Celebrated Author, A Dodgy Solicitor, And A Sponging Relative, And Constable And Copper Really Have Their Work Cut Out MURDERER S FETE WAS FIRST PUBLISHED IN UNDER THE TITLE FETED TO DIE Very good read The first in a series of nine novels featuring Inspector Andy Constable and Sergeant Dave Copper I ll be reading the rest of them. This book is called Feted to Die as far as I can see, but the description here matches what happens so it must be the same book.The plot was quite well done, the sort of Inspector Alleyn type of investigation where you don t bother with police stations or lawyers for the suspects, but keep them in one place The characters were quite believable, and the motive not too badBUT the character names The story was played straight, albeit with a Carrie Otter sub theme, but the characters names were all puns An astrologist called Horace Cope, an apparently straight up girl called Laura Biding, a JP called Lady Lawdown, you get the idea It was amusing when I noticed it, but I really didn t see the point. I enjoyed this book and wouldn t mind reading others in this series I felt like I was watching an episode of Midsomer Murders It was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. It is time for the annual f te at Dammett Hall and a few people are gathering together for a pre opening drink Present are Sandra, lady Lawdown, her daughter Laura Biding, family friend Seymour Cummings, famous author Helen Highwater, local lawyer Robin Allday, clairvoyant Horace Cope and his cousin Albert Ross When Horace Cope is found murdered in the closed in garden where he was to entertain people with his predictions, those present for the drinks are the only real suspects.Detective Inspector Andy Constable and Sergeant Dave Copper are called in to investigate the murder and soon discover that although all the suspects initially claim to have liked the clairvoyant, a bit of digging soon exposes a less pleasant truth.Horace Cope was a rather horrible man who took great pleasure in uncovering any secrets those around him might be keeping Secrets he would hold over those concerned Secrets that might give him power over the people around him And all 6 suspects had secrets they would rather not share with the world, secrets that Cope had uncovered and had been hinting about in the recent past.Interviewing the suspects seems to only make the case less clear for the two policemen With Dammett Worthy being a small community and a hotbed for gossip the two investigators soon pick up hints as to what their suspects are trying to hide Still it takes some time as well as a second murder before both the motive and the murderer are revealed At first glance this is a traditional murder We have a closed off crime scene and a limited amount of suspects who each have a motive to want to see the victim dead However, it is clear from almost the first page that this story should not be taken too seriously.The names of our two investigators, Constable and Copper are the first and most obvious clue that the author is taking a very light and not altogether serious approach to his mystery There are indications though, such as the name of the place where the murder is committed, Dammett Hall and the books our famous author has written under the pseudonym Jake A Rawlings, books about a magician called Carrie Otter, books with titles such as Carrie Otter and the half boiled pants.The author also has his fun with the interviews as conducted by Constable and Copper None of the interviewees seem to be able to stay on topic when answering questions and all go off on tangents to which there appears to be no logic In fact, Keevil takes this to such a height that it feels like he s making fun of the traditional cosy mysteries, although I guess you could also call it an homage.All these elements succeed in giving the book a light hearted feel and in making it an easy to read story although they didn t actually lead to laugh out loud moments for me.The mystery itself is well plotted and the cast of suspects all have good enough motives to have wanted the victim dead to keep the reader guessing The solution itself though does seem to make fun both of the mystery in this book and of the things people will do to keep their secrets.Overall I would call this a pleasant cosy mystery, an ideal book to spend a lazy afternoon in the sunshine with. This book seems to not know whether it s a murder mystery novel or a parody of a murder mystery novel,and I think it would be successful if it chose one or the other Sometimes the tone of the novel is a little too smug, particularly with regards to the children s books written by one of the characters, but I enjoyed the actual crime and the main character of Inspector Constable and the multiple motives of all the suspects kept me guessing as to the culprit, so that was nice I just can t help feeling that this type of crime and setting works better when set in past decades rather than the present.Three stars for an enjoyable and quick to read mystery story. I would have liked to give this a higher rating, because the plot is good, the characters are good and the whole country house English village murder was most enjoyable, butthere is a limit to the amount of time my funny bone can take beating and in the end all the rib tickling hilarious names were too much for me.The victim, a clairvoyant, by the name of Horace Cope, another Mrs Cook, the cake maker The crime solved bywait for itInspector Constable and Sgt Copperget it I would have happily read another by this author had less wit been applied to names, but I don t think my sense of humour could take the strain. A great beginningI first began this series with book two, and then book three before going on to buy the rest of the series Inspector Constable and Sergeant Copper are called out to a body found before the opening of an otherwise normal garden fete It is fair to say that the writer has a definite, if subtle, sense of humour and this makes itself known in various ways Between humorous comments made by Copper to puns and other plays on words involving various other works of fiction I have to say that Roger Keevil is an author whose works I sincerely hope won t stop with the books he has already written.If you enjoy an old fashioned book set in modern times with quiet quirky humour and characters galore then this series is for you Definitely a writer worth buying and reading.