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The author makes you feel like you are actually in the book From the first word, I had been hooked Couldn t put it down The characters come to life on each page Twists and turns everywhere Great crime suspense. Taylor Sinclair has grown up on the streets where haunted by the traumas of her past, she trusts no one and relies only on herself When she learns the rapist murderer Ralph Morse has escaped prison, she sets out to protect the woman responsible for his conviction and finds herself being drawn into friendship I love a feisty female lead, so this book was right up my street It s also a long read, so by the end I felt connected with all the characters and was sad to say goodbye The author does a great job with the subject of Taylor s traumatic past While the reader is made aware of the horrors she experienced, Hewlett does not assault with graphic details This results in a powerful but sensitive handling of a difficult subject I enjoyed the great mix of dialogue and action in this book The pace keeps moving along nicely and the characters are all believable There are two books in this series and I m looking forward to seeing how Taylor and Co develop A solid five stars. Taylor Sinclair might be intuitive, or a visionary either way she puts two and two together right at the beginning of this story and opens up a whole mess of painful secrets She makes it her mission to catch a psychopathic murdering rapist from her own past but the problem is that it s a cold case from over a decade ago and will the media interference force her to give up her quest Enjoyed the plot, lots of dialogue which I happen to like and the epilogue wrapped it up nicely for me It made me want to read the sequel where I assume Taylor fights crime in her new role. I want to thank the author for sending me a copy of Saving Grace to review I also acknowledge that the subject matter of this novel is both brave and emotional for the author to tackle The story line is good descriptive and linear I was a little disappointed to find a number of edit flaws in the story The characters and plot lines were well constructed, but there were parts of the story when I found all of the main characters to be a little too mellow dramatic or not entirely genuine, despite the emotional subject matter of the book I understand the author s intent to build these characters however, some of their actions were repetitive to the point of frustration for the reader i.e a lot of crying and running The author painted a visual of the scenes, which were engaging and I particularly liked the action scenes I thought that could have been left to the reader s imagination and intuition to fill in the blanks concerning the characters actions, perceptions and emotions show, don t tell The writing was strictly prosaic in this vein, I felt there were opportunities to use metaphors, monologues, flashbacks to Taylor s daily life on the streets, or other writing techniques to bring the pages to life and engage the reader deeply into the psyche of the characters Some of the book was like watching a tennis match The dialogue was raw, and mostly appropriate or in context although, at times I felt the foul language could have been diluted or simply not used in certain scenarios I was glad that the romantic sex scenes weren t overly graphic I commend the author on the accomplishment of her first novel and writing subsequent novels I may follow Taylor into the next chapter of her experiences. This book deals with a really tough topic with sensitivity It does not go into in depth detail of the abuse in the girls past, but you know it happened And you learn how each woman deals with the aftermath.Taylor determined survivor of abuse and the streetsGray awesome woman and authorTheir lives have similarities, yet very different paths But this book is about so much deep friendships, trust building, and hope The characters are all well rounded, and it s beautifully written Really powerful stuff This book deals with subjects that are very hard, but continue happening a lot in today s society, all around the world It s heartwrenching to think of what some childre are subjected to, and I commend the author on her braveness to choose such a theme for a novel, one that we all know is sadly far too common than we want to admit The story is a good one and sheds light on these things, although sometimes the writing was a bit repetitive. I loved this book Romance and suspense all set in our very own backyard Ontario So glad I have the second in the series to continue on Hope her third book in the series is almost ready Overall I really enjoyed reading this book.The characters were well written and the story was quite gripping However, I think that it got a little repetitive in terms of scenes, reactions and things that were said by the characters. `DOWNLOAD PDF ☞ Saving Grace ⇤ After Spending Most Of Her Life On The Streets Of Toronto, Taylor Sinclair Suddenly Finds Herself In The Lap Of Luxury As She Attempts To Protect Gray Rowan, A Woman She S Idolized Since She Was Ten Years Old, From Becoming A Repeat Victim Of Escaped Serial Rapist Murderer Ralph Morse The Connection The Two Women Share Quickly Develops Into A Deep Friendship, Something That Taylor Denied Herself For Years Just When Taylor Begins To Believe In Herself, Her World Turns Upside Down Taylor S Past Becomes Fuel For The Insatiable Appetite Of The Media, Triggering A Police Investigation Targeting Her Abusers Taylor Has To Deal With The Horrors Of Her Past If She Has Any Hope Of Making It Through The Police Academy Or Developing A Relationship With The Gorgeous Caillen Worthington Book In The Taylor Sinclair Series