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~Free Pdf ⚒ The 9th Girl ♖ New York Times Bestselling Author Tami Hoag Brings Back Her Fan Favorite Minneapolis Investigators, Sam Kovac And Nikki Liska, In A Haunting New Thriller On A Frigid New Year S Eve In Minneapolis, A Young Woman Is Found Brutally Murdered The Ninth So Far This Year In A String Of Grisly Slayings Homicide Detectives Sam Kovac And Nikki Liska Fear That It S The Work Of A Serial Killer They Call Doc Holiday, A Transient Who Has Brought His Gruesome Game To A New And Terrifying Level But As Kovac And Liska Uncover The Truth, They Find That The Monsters In The Ninth Girl S Life May Live Closer To Home And Even As Another Young Woman Disappears, They Have To Ask The Question Which Is The Greater Evil The Devil You Know Or The Devil You Don T Sometimes the obvious answer isn t necessarily the right answer When a pothole pitches a mutilated teenager from the trunk of a vehicle into the path of a stretch Hummer one New Years Eve in Minneapolis s it looks like the work of a serial killer dubbed Doc Holiday Homicide detectives Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska get the high profile case and set out to identify the victim and then find the killer In the meantime a serial killer basks in the publicity this killing has generated and sets out to commit a signature crime.Any mystery featuring serial killers, mean girls and bad moms can t be bad And the 9th Girl is much than merely good Kovac and Liska face enormous challenges even as a city lives in fear of the evil in their midst Liska s other full time job, that of single mother to Kyle, an artistic soul who is willing and able to fight back, ties neatly into the plot.The end will surprise you even when you are sure you see it coming You may, but you don t see all of it Those surprises make the 9th Girl the perfect vacation companion this summer. Disturbing and chilling and that wasn t even the serial killer partLiska and Kovac are teamed up on another case The grisly murder of a teenage girl just might be the same girl who went missing from Liska s son s school This could be another victim of a serial killer they ve encountered in the past, Doc Holliday, but Liska and Kovac are not ones to overlook other solutions There s not much romance except between Liska s teenage son, an artistic outcast happy in his own skin loved him and a girl who has compromised her values somewhat to blend with the in crowd A cop procedural type mystery that took me a little to get in to, but fiercely grabbed my attention about a quarter ways through The narrator did well with the male voices, but his female ones were a bit lacking This review is also posted at The Readers Den. 4 in the Sam Kovak Nikki Liska series The 9th Girl is such a sad and shocking story Detectives Sam Kovak Nikki Liska follow a trail of smoke and mirrors after a body of a young girl is thrown out of the trunk of a moving car that may be the latest victim of a serial killer, who has eluded capture for some years, named Doc Holiday Characters well developed and realistic Liska s home life with her kids felt so real to me How to deal with her young sons on an everyday basis.trying to be a good mother questioning if she was doing the right thing for them The one character that pulled me in completely was Penelope Gray, the victim of the most horrific, cruel, intense and brutal death and the pain she suffered most of her life Her loneliness, hopelessness, her cry for help that no one did anything about Heart rending Great dialogue especially between Kovak Liska they have a lovely chemistry and really good connection The plot was good, though a slow start soon picked up pace that had me turning the pages wanting to find out who killed Penny Gray.When the murderer is revealed at the end, I was beyond SHOCKED and HORRIFIED I surprise I NEVER expected. I enjoy the Kovac and Liska series and did enjoy the 9th girl I do want to note that The 1st Victim was a prequel to this one, but you don t really need to read it to enjoy this one In fact The 1st Victim was like a long prologue as it didn t have an ending.I like that there are multiple bad people and suspects on who killed Gray The author did a really good job of showing how difficult it can be for young people who don t quite fit into the high school cliques Gray s life was very sad and the people who should of supported her, blamed her for all the problems As a reader, I really felt sorry for Gray not only for her death, but for her life The protrayal of the supporting cast was really good in this book Ms Hoag also showed how sometimes the popular kids aren t really likable This book also delved into Liska struggles of trying to be a homicide detective and a mother of teenagers and how difficult it is when the two sides of her life cop and mother collide.The serial killer aspect was interesting, but it did take a back seat to the focus on the ninth victim and not the previous 8 victims Which worked well for me. On New Year s Eve, homicide detectives Nikki Liska and Sam Kovac investigate the brutal murder of a teenage girl whose body pops out of a trunk of a moving vehicle after hitting a pothole in the road The detectives wonder if this is another victim of the still at large serial killer, Doc Holiday, who is known for committing murders on holidays As they investigate further, there is also the chance that this may be a stand alone crime, since the victim was not well liked and not looked upon too kindly by many of the people in her life.The story was enjoyable and interesting and also had a subplot dealing with high school bullying Liska and Kovac made a great team and worked well off each other I really liked Nikki s son, Kyle, who stood up to the bullies and wouldn t give in to them There was a varied cast of characters, many of the type that you love to hate The story was well paced so that it remained entertaining throughout. 4.5 Stars Very well written, tight read I did figure out who did the deed, but getting there was a wild ride, as we explore the depth of teenage angst and drama all too real in my life right now If you haven t read a TH this is a good book to start with, as this book could stand on its own quite easily Liska and Kovak have been partners for a long time, but this book didn t have a serial feel to it. Jamar Jackson drove the twenty passenger white Hummer to make extra cash while he studied This particular night was New Year s Eve in Minneapolis, it was freezing cold and his passengers were in various stages of drunkenness With one eye on the semi naked activities in the back, and one eye on the road, his concentration levels weren t at their peak Suddenly a vehicle cut across in front of him, bouncing through a pot hole the boot flew open and to Jamar s horror the body of a woman fell from it, straight into his path Homicide detectives Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska were immediately called to the scene the consensus was that the serial killer dubbed Doc Holiday had struck again This would be his 9th victim since New Year s Day but her injuries were horrific and with half her face gone the media dubbed her Zombie Doe instead of the usual Jane Doe Struggling to identify the young woman, Kovac and Liska were drawn into the monstrous activities of someone who seemed to think it was all a gruesome game The evil which lurked nearby was beginning to encompass them, with the task force being drawn in several different directions at once With Liska also have problems with her teenage son, Kyle, their desperation to find the killer before he struck again was intense Would they find Doc Holiday before he killed again Would they identify Zombie Doe And would they uncover the truth As another young woman vanished, they asked themselves these questions and , intensely frustrated, furiously angry but deeply fearful Tami Hoag is a brilliant thriller writer, and never fails to produce This was gripping and intense, incredibly fast paced with unexpected twists throughout A thoroughly enjoyable read, one I have no hesitation in recommending highly. I found this book to be not believable in every senseAs I said about the other Tami Haog book I read, Down the Darkest Road, this book is okay for an airplane ride But that s it.From the simple linear predictable plot to the bumbling undeveloped stereotyped detectives, there was nothing in this book memorable, challenging, or remarkable The book is 400 pages of dialog between detectives that goes like this Happy new year, detective What s happy about it Uh nothing, I guess I m assuming there s somebody dead here Should we be happy about that No, sir I m sorry, sir Jesus, Kojak Just cause you re not getting laid tonight doesn t mean you get to take it out on young Officer Hottie here How do you know I m not getting late tonight You re here, aren t you she said Neither one of us is ringing in the New Year with an orgasm And I did have a date, thank you very much Yeah, well, I ve got news for you, if that s what you re wearing you weren t going to get laid either Shows what you know, Liska shot back I m bare ass naked under this coat That on page 6 And so it continues throughout Example from page 113 I was hoping for him to remember at least a partial tag number on the car, she said with a big sigh Valerie says we can try again in a day or two Now that Jamar knows we re not going to make him put his underpants on his head and bark like a dog, he ll be relaxed next time Something might come to the surface for him Yeah, Kovak said without hope Like if that chick in the backseat maybe had a pussy piercing That s where his head was at We can t pick eyewitnesses, Kojak, she said And by the way, that s where your head would have been too My head s there now, Tippen remarked You re disgusting I m honest You re honestly disgusting And so goes the book The most interesting character in the book is the villain Unfortunately, the villain in this book is a bit character and plays a minor role in the plotline, and in the end, is snuffed prematurely In fact, it feels as if Tammy tired of writing this book or reached the publisher s page limit because the book ends abruptly In fact, the case with which the book begins isn t solved by the main characters, the detectives, but ends due to the unbelievable, and I truly mean not to be believed, ineptitude of the guilty characters in the storyline The villain plays a bit part interwoven with this main thread, and like the main thread, the villain s thread self destructs in an abrupt end without involvement of the main characters, the detectives.A fast read The plot is simple, linear, and easy to comprehend The characters are trite, stereotyped, and repetitive These characteristics combine to make a fast read, best suited for mindless airplane entertainment. After reading 2 thrillers, A Thin Dark Line a stand alone story and Ashes to Ashes 1st book in Kovac and Liska series , by Tami Hoag, I am hooked The 9th Girl 4th book in Kovac and Liska series didn t disappoint.The plot is cleverly delivered, with a shocking twist and satisfying ending All characters are slowly and well developed as the story progresses, with fun bantering and intelligent dialogs It was a little slow in the middle in Audiobook standard, in my opinion , but the suspense is great.The way the story is told in The 9th Girl is very different from the Ashes to Ashes I would highly recommend reading the 1st book in the series first to have a thorough understanding on all the characters involved, then proceed to other books in the series not necessarily in sequence , although each character s background is briefly mentioned in the 4th book in the series.I listened to audiobook format David Colacci s performance is to die for