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#Read E-pub ⛅ Supplier Relationship Management ð The Supply Base Represents A Wealth Of Opportunity That Can Bring Significant Value To An Organization S Brand Value, Competitive Position And Future SecurityThis Book Discusses The Process Of Supplier Relationship Management SRM A Discipline Used To Strategically Plan And Manage Interactions With Suppliers Jonathan O Brien Offers A Practical And Structured Approach To Understanding And Implementing SRM He Explores How To Get The Most Out Of A Supply Base By Identifying The Most Important Suppliers, Improving And Measuring Current Relationships And What To Do When A Relationship ChangesTopics Covered Include Identifying The Power Of A Supply Base, Comparing Suppliers, Supplier Management SM Versus SRM, Measurement Approaches, Improvement Processes, The Role Of Category Management, Reducing Risk, Internal SRM Strategies And The Life Of A Supplier Relationship