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This supposed thriller is in no way thrilling Without the prologue about the serial killer and wondering whether Dana Nolan, the protagonist, would escape him, the book had zero suspense And of course she escapes, otherwise there would be no story So the setup is that Dana has escaped from a serial killer by killing him She spent months in recovery and had to relearn everything When she finally returns home, she is harassed by the media For Dana, who used to be a reporter, the shoe is now on the other foot But this is not her only woe As she reconnects with her childhood days, she remembers that her best friend had disappeared just like she had Her own experiences gives her the impetus to seek out what happens to Casey But someone does not want her to discover anything of a case whose trail has gone cold.The plot had enormous scope and I have seen similar plots being executed in a much better way But I found most of the characters in this book irritating Dana acts like a little bitch, screaming and shouting her way through the book Her mother really got on my nerves with her overbearing protectiveness to the extent of making the lives of other people miserable Then there is Aunt Frankie, who is basically just a bitch Roger is selfish, but otherwise seems normal to me, but he is the designated villain somehow Detective Hardy is creepily weird John Villante was the best character, but I don t see the point of having him in the book at all The book leaves the reader with an unsatisfactory ending raising questions than it solves view spoiler What happens to the Edward Nolan case Dana kept accusing Roger of having murdered her father, but this sort of just fizzles out Speaking of Roger, why did Dana dislike him suddenly I kept thinking something would happen, but nothing did Sure, he was rather selfish but not enough for her to develop such a strong dislike It was a strange plot with Dana and her aunt Frankie going on and on at Roger for no reason What was the point of the wife murderer body in the shed plot How many unsolved murders took place in this small town where everyone knows one another Who attacked April Johnson It is implied that Tim raped and beat her up, but for years and years, he has not been doing such things He had a sort of reason to commit the first murder, but this doesn t automatically mean that he is going to beat up every woman around What was the deal with Detective Hardy Is he a creep or is he not His behaviour is very weird, especially with a woman who has survived a serial killer Why would anyone want to creep her out even , especially a retired police officer Did he have anything to do with the naked prostitute or not Why even murder Casey The motive made no sense to me Many, many guys just weasel out of their commitments, so why not the murderer It was hardly a law that he had to marry a girl he got pregnant And one trip to the doctor would have set him free anyway since Casey was lying Why was Casey lying about her pregnancy It makes no sense Maybe if she had been older and wanted to marry a well to do man, but she was barely sixteen hide spoiler This book will always be a memorable one for me as I read it after difficult surgery whilst recouperating It was a great book to take my mind off things With a great plot that builds up at a nice pace the book is easy to connect with and get absorbed into really quickly Surviving the nightmare is only the beginningDana Nolan was a promising young TV reporter until she was kidnapped by a notorious serial killer A year has passed since she survived the ordeal, but Dana is still physically, emotionally, and psychologically scarred, racked with bouts of post traumatic stress disorder and memory loss Dana decides to use her investigative skills to piece together her past and learns of the event that made her become a reporter in the first place the disappearance of her best friend, Casey Grant, the summer after high school graduation Looking at her past and the unsolved mystery through the dark filter of her shattered psyche, old friends seem to be suspects, authority figures part of a cover up Dana begins to question everything she knows What is real What is imagined Are we defined by what happens to us And is the truth really something too terrible to be believed After returning to her home town looking different due to scarring on her face and acting different due to changes in her personality it s not easy settling in at all for Dana She is pushing people away who love her and is understandably angry and confused.She been the only woman to survive the grip of one of the most wanted serial killers, but has NO memory of the events around her abduction or indeed how she survived the ordeal and finally killed him On top of this her best friend was taken at a similar time and she feels little filters of memories that are important trying to break through the damage to her brain She does not know which parts are real, imagine how awful that would be It s a fantastic storyline, delivers plenty of pace and I loved Dana as a character, she has been through a LOT and still has loads of gumption and courage She is not a quitter this girl, no chance Plenty of twists and turns as Dana s memories start to surface as though she is surfacing from being deep underwater and soon fingers are pointing here, there and everywhere She will not let go on chasing the case, on her own if she has to in order to find out what really happened to her missing best friend Casey A great who dunnit This builds up to a great ending, plenty of action and bits and pieces you won t see coming Very enjoyable and an easy 4 star read I received a copy of this book thanks to the publisher in exchange for an honest review Many thanks. #Read Kindle Ö Cold Cold Heart µ New York Times Bestselling Author Tami Hoag Delivers A Shocking New ThrillerDana Nolan Was A Promising Young TV Reporter Until A Notorious Serial Killer Tried To Add Her To His List Of Victims Nearly A Year Has Passed Since Surviving Her Ordeal, But The Physical, Emotional, And Psychological Scars Run Deep Struggling With The Torment Of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Plagued By Flashbacks And Nightmares As Dark As The Heart Of A Killer, Dana Returns To Her Hometown In An Attempt To Begin To Put Her Life Back Together But Home Doesn T Provide The Comfort She Expects Dana S Harrowing Story And Her Return To Small Town Life Have Rekindled Police And Media Interest In The Unsolved Case Of Her Childhood Best Friend, Casey Grant, Who Disappeared Without A Trace The Summer After Their Graduation From High School Terrified Of Truths Long Buried, Dana Reluctantly Begins To Look Back At Her Past Viewed Through The Dark Filter Of PTSD, Old Friends And Loved Ones Become Suspects And Enemies Questioning Everything She Knows, Refusing To Be Defined By The Traumas Of Her Past And Struggling Against Excruciating Odds, Dana Seeks Out A Truth That May Prove Too Terrible To Be Believed where there s life, there s hopeDana Nolan spent ten months in rehabilitation at the Weidman Recovery Centre when she was found, she had been extremely close to death at the hands of the notorious serial killer Doc Holiday A TV reporter, Dana had been abducted on her way to work with the killer wanting to add her to his already long list of victims Dana s terrible injuries included a traumatic brain injury Her physical injuries had healed in time, but her psychological and emotional trauma hadn t lessened Plus her brain injury meant she struggled with day to day normality Her nightmares were ongoing and intense her terror at any little thing was heartbreaking When her mother took her home for Dana s ongoing care, she found herself unable to venture outside her facial injuries were such that she felt she was hideous she couldn t bear the thought of people looking at her talking about her But with her return home, the seven year old disappearance of her best friend Casey Grant became media and police interest once again The police wanted Dana to be able to tell them that the same person had taken Casey But with her brain injury, she was unable to remember even if she wanted to Slowly and with the help of her counsellor, Dana realized that a goal to aim for would be good for her so she became determined to find out what had happened to Casey once and for all The internet became her friend, and gradually little pieces of her memory returned but with Dana searching for the truth, was she putting herself in danger Because surely there was someone out there who knew what had happened to Casey And that someone wouldn t want the secrets of the past to come to the fore Wow I haven t read a Tami Hoag thriller in a while and I d forgotten how GOOD she is I thoroughly enjoyed Cold Cold Heart intense, thrilling and heart pounding, it is a definite page turner The fast paced plot was gripping and I couldn t put it down I have no hesitation in recommending this novel very highly An excellent read Where there is life, there is hope Yah.but not in this book, sorry I honestly do not know if it was because I was coming off a Tess Gerritsen high and her books pack a wallop or it truly was the most draggy book I have ever read This book had a great start Then chapter after chapter, again and again it was the same shit over and over..No new details, nothing to keep me interested Read chapter 1 6 maybe then a bit near the end and you will be satisfied I really wanted it to be a good one, it has great intent to keep the reader going it just fell flat2.5 stars and seriously Goodreads get your act together and start allowing readers to put in half stars Dana Nolan has everything going for her she is young, attractive, intelligent and has recently started a job as a newscaster when she is abducted by a serial killer The man, nicknamed Doc Holiday, plans to make her his ninth victim, but Dana manages to escape However, survival is not that easy Dana has suffered severe brain injuries, she has scars both visible and unseen and the killer has marked her forever Now, she has to adjust to being a new Dana and to cope with her memory loss, panic attacks and a life which has been changed forever She returns to her family home, in the small town of Shelby Mills, with her over protective mother, Lynda, and step father, aspiring politician Roger Also back in Shelby Mills are two men that Dana used to know well her first boyfriend, Tim Carver, now a deputy in Liddell County , and John Villante, ex military, who also suffered a brain injury while in the army and who now has a dead end job and a bed, of sorts, in the house of his begrudging, abusive father Villante was the boyfriend of Dana s best childhood friend, Casey Grant, who went missing seven years ago Dana s experiences brings back the memories of Casey and, gradually, she begins to investigate what happened all those years ago.The author manages to create a really exciting thriller in the pages of this book, with a fast moving plot and some great characters Dana is forced to confront not only what happened, but her young self and the way the press the profession she had aspired to work for treat her now she is a victim Along with retired detective, Dan Hardy, who has never forgotten Casey Grant, Dana has to consider what really happened on that day so long ago Did she argue with her best friend Did she lie Who can she really trust A very enjoyable and exciting read I have never read anything by Tami Hoag before, but I am sure I will explore her back catalogue, as I enjoyed this very much Lastly, I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, for review. A journalist is almost killed by a serial killer and returns with PTSD to her hometown to open up old wounds unexpectedly and recover from her trauma This is a tale about communities and how they can isolate us and inflict heartbreak.The narrator did a great job on the character voices and mannerisms MY GRADE B plus to A minus. Tami Hoag delivers another top notch thriller with her usual rock solid, tried and true style Dana Nolan, although she may not agree at times, is a miracle She is the lone survivor of the serial killer dubbed Doc Holiday Her mantra of Where there is life, there is hope got her through her ordeal But, the once beautiful woman, an up and coming news anchor people loved, is now disfigured and suffering from a brain trauma that has robbed her of her memories But, when a reporter jars her memory regarding the disappearance of her best friend in high school, Dana begins to obsess over the case.But, as her memories slowly resurface the truth becomes murkier and Dana begins to fear the people closest to her What happened to Casey all those years ago Is she still alive Was she a victim of Doc Holiday Or was it someone right there under her nose the whole time or did Dana herself have a hand in it Tami Hoag is one of those authors I know I can count on for a good dark and twisty mystery thriller This review is the property of Night Owl ReviewsFor the full review go to In Tami Hoag s latest standalone thriller, we are introduced to the once beautiful and successful Dana Nolan She has survived the most horrific ordeal that has claimed the life of countless victims before his serial killer escapades took center stage around the country But, she is not that woman who killed her attacker, she is the After Dana Dana moves back to the small town of her youth as she struggles to come to terms with her new self She suffers from brain damage where her short term memory often fails and she wakens to the face of a monster Doc Holiday, carved into her face so badly, plastic surgery still won t bring back the face that many have come love during their daily dose of news Not only does short term memory fail Dana, but she doesn t remember much of her past Not until a familiar face from her past brings up memories of her long lost best friend.Enter John Villante Jr He is back dealing with his past and his own brain injury and PTSD Wow did not realize brain injury ran so rampant in this book Anyway John is back in the small town along with Dana except he is trying to stay as far away from the limelight as possible As a teen, he dated one of the most popular girls but he remained on the wrong side of the tracks in every way possible Not ever being fully accepted amongst peers or even in his own home, John goes to the army in an effort to escape the accusations of killing his then missing girlfriend and creating a life for his self After surviving Afghanistan he just wants some peace But if he received one, then we wouldn t have much of a story now would we.What I love, and have always loved of Hoag s novels, are how detailed and descriptive they are She doesn t hesitate to introduce us to characters who are survivors and readers would like to survive Although after Dana is a bit brash and flighty, her brain injury allows me to feel bad for her and not shout at her like the woman who always runs, then stumbles, in a horror flick Her limitations didn t come off as so exhausting Thank you Tami Hoag Tami Hoag also manages to keep you guessing about who s the true killer There are so many possible or potential killers that I was and wasn t surprised when one of them was finally revealed The only thing I didn t appreciate is the reasoning behind the seven year old murder mystery It was way too cliche and predictable While the other red herring was just simply packaged away too simply and quickly with no mystery whatsoever Ultimately, I enjoyed Tami Hoag s Cold, Cold Heart I have always been a fan of hers and can remember devoting many hours to her other series It is the ultimate survivor s novel and proves that the will to survive never goes away no matter what life throws at you Cold, Cold Heart reminds me that no matter what, where there s life, there s hope Copy provided by Penguin Group via Netgalley I think there was a story in here somewhere, between the long, repetitious, dramatic passages about John s PTSD and violent hatred of his father and Dana s ongoing and kind of boring struggle to reconcile the Before Dana with the After Dana while dealing with her recovery from a TBI at the hands of a serial killer Unfortunately, the story was not especially interesting The serial killer and Hoag s detectives Liska and Kovac are all just red herrings, since they barely make an appearance and the mystery turns out to be the disappearance of Dana s best friend Casey, 7 years ago That plotline was pretty dang easy to figure out, sadly mostly what we have here is a book about PTSD and TBI Hoag has written some pretty sharp books, but this isn t one of them if you re looking for a tight and suspenseful murder mystery, read something else.