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~Ebook ♡ The Spy's Kiss (The Couriers, #4) ♂ Serena Allen Has Taken Refuge At Her Uncle S Country House Ever Since A Scandalous Seduction Left Her Reputation In Tatters But Her Aunt Has Never Given Up Hope Of Making A Match For Her And Is Delighted When The Handsome, Aristocratic Julien Clermont Arrives At Boulton Park Expressing An Interest In The Earl S Famous Butterfly Collection And Interest Of A Different Kind In Serena Serena Herself Views The Guest With Misgivings Can A Man Be Too Charming And Can It Be Coincidence That Important Foreign Documents Entrusted To The Earl Have Begun To Disappear And Reappear In Odd Places Julien Is Indeed On A Top Secret And Personal Mission, One That Prevents Him From Disclosing His Real Identity To Serena But The Truth Will Out, And With It Comes A Devilish Choice Betray The Lovely, Quick Witted Woman Who Has Won His Heart, Or Risk Forfeiting His Own Life One of those airy fairy historical romances with noblemen and balls of the party kind and betrothed people.Also, where is the hot sex I thought these things were supposed to be all quivering members and that stuff It still manages to be a little bit entertaining, so if you like that sort of thing give it a try. Mistaken identities Misplaced royal scions English country houses The Foreign Office Russia Austria Unrepentant eccentric spinsters of awkward height I love this series Three dimensional secondary characters, espionage, European politics, Anglo Jewish history, and flimsy nightgowns It has it all. I really enjoyed The Spy s Kiss I liked how the differing events intertwined and culminated in a resolution I did find Simon amusing I also liked the developing relationship between Julien and Serena I liked that the secondary characters had lives beyond the purpose served in the plot I think that enriches the experience I plan on reading books by Nita Abrams. Good book I liked how it incorporated actual history into it I thought that the ending should have been a little longer and the epilogue a couple months in the future instead of days. This book builds the relationship betweenthe couple than the others and is less about spying In reading it I realized that all of her books use the customs of the day very subtly for example, a lady shows she knows the real status of a young man by introducing others to him rather than him to others Very refreshing after reading books where, for example, ladies are announced by the butler in their own homes