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Setting 1314 ScotlandSteam factor Mild Hot3 1 2 StarsSir Ewan Gilroy who has been recently knighted finds he is in need of a wife Lady Grace he believes is the woman of his dreams, but since her husbands death Grace has planned to atone for her past and refuses any such notion Sir Ewan may have So arranging to escort Grace himself to the convent he tries his best to convince her he would be the perfect husband for her After awhile Grace comes to realize that her feelings for Ewan have changed, but still believes this is the path she must take.So when they arrive at the convent Grace is overwhelmed when the abbess informs them there is a priest on the premises ready to marry them Soon after, Ewan s true depth of character emerges when he defends Grace from a series of treacheries and proves he truly is the only man for her I found Grace and Ewan s story to be extremely moving, and found that the entrancing, honourable characters grew throughout the tale It will captivate fans of Scottish romance. [[ Free E-pub ]] ☜ Bride Of A Scottish Warrior ⇶ A Union Born Of Duty Newly Knighted Sir Ewan Gilroy Needs A Dowry And A Wife, In That Order Though The Widowed Lady Grace Plans To Enter A Convent, Squandering So Much Lush Beauty And Such A Fortune Would Surely Be Its Own Sin Grace Will Not Be Easily Wooed, Despite Her Family S Urging And Ewan S Famed Charm She Challenges Him As No Woman Ever Dared, Proving His Equal In Spirit And In PassionsForged By DesireTo Atone For Her Past, Grace Vows To Never Remarry Least Of All A Brash And Reckless Warrior Yet Whether Defending Her Honor Or Stoking Desires She Hardly Knew She Possessed, Ewan Is A Man Beyond Compare And As Their Fragile Trust Is Threatened By Treachery, Grace Must Decide Whether To Reach For The Happiness Within Her Grasp And Fight For The Love Of Her Bold Highlander Well I am just adoring Basso and the amazing romances she creates Bride of a Scottish Warrior is the second one I ve read from her and, seriously, she has me smitten She s a wonderful storyteller that really wraps you up in her world and transports you to another time in this case the Scottish Highlands of the 1300s It s just a fabulous experience.The quick of it is that Grace and Ewan have met during his quest for a wife Something Grace has vowed she ll never be again after the tragic death of her husband But circumstances, family and life may just have different plans for her.Things I loved The rich world One of the things I love about Basso s writing is how rich it is It s easy to get swept away into the time period and what s happening It s not always an easy life but the passion, strength and determination of the people is just stunning and you really feel like you re right there with them through everything.A marriage of convenience I loved both Ewan and Grace They re amazing together It s an arranged marriage of sorts Or marriage of convenience He desperately needs a wife with a large dowry to help provide for his people And Grace needs protection and safety from a brother in law who is out to use her for his own means Ewan He s a good man who has fought hard for everything he has which now includes lands and people who have been struggling to survive and need his protection He s been shunned most his life because he s illegitimate and he battles that to this day no matter what he s sacrificed and done He sstrong, honest,caring Quit the sexy beast and one it would be easy to feel safe with Basically I loved him even if he was a bit blunt and had a little cocky male thing going I loved it.Grace I love Basso s heroines They re just incredible Grace is strong and independent and wants to lead her own life but she s not unrealistic and is reasonable and smart about it Nothing TSTL other than one moment but it was one I could even understand She s a hard working and sweet and doesn t expect or want others doting on her She s just a good woman you could be proud of.There s a bit of humor and some great chemistry while Ewan chases Grace and tries to convince her to be his She s really set on never marrying again and returning to the convent she grew up in and it wasn t an easy battle for the poor sod Their interactions were excellent and always passionate and interesting Things I could have skipped Not really anything There was one small spot that lacked a little carry though a group was called for backup but things were handled before they arrived and no mention of them being sent word or showing up A pretty small point and pretty much the only little blip for me Okay, okay I would have liked a wee bit heat But that s just me lol What was there was good I just love a little extra sexing happening.So, basically, some major book love happening Bride of a Scottish Warrior was full of amazing characters, a lush world that ll sweep you into the past, heartache and healing, loss and love and true romance winning the day Definitely one to check out if you love highlanders and incredible romances.Reviewed for herding cats burning soup. Lady Grace, has been watching her husband, grow weaker from fever from a wound from a boar while hunting She has stayed by his side, and when he makes a request from her, she can t refuse him After he dies from his weakened condition, she is forced to leave, knowing the brothers of her late husband, will only use her for their own needs and greedy desires While staying with her brother and his wife, her plan is to continue onto the convent, having feeling a need to atone for past sins She grew up in the convent and desires to go back there But her brother has different plans for herhe desires for her to find a husband and have children When one of his battle buddies, a Sir Ewan Gilroy comes for a visit, desiring a opportunity to court and marry her At first Grace is firm in her resolve to go to the convent, but Ewan is determined and is not a man to be swept away with foolish notions His plan is to show Grace that he plans on keeping her as his, no matter what Bride Of A Scottish Warrior is the first book I have read from this author I may have read her years ago, since her name is very familiar to me, and her writing was like visiting with a old friend However, for the life of me, I can t recall which book of hers I had from her So I will just claim this is the first book of hers that I can actually recall I have recently seen this book pop up, quite often in ratings and reviews, and so I decided that I need to take a chance on this one And I have a certain weakness for medieval historical romancesespecially with a Scottish theme to it This story takes place in the early 1300 s, and I do love this time period Its full of passion and raw sensuality that is so appealing and makes you crave for a time of kilts, sexy brogues, and Scottish castles and the kinship of clans.Let me start with our magnificent hero, the bold and daring, Sir Ewan What a man Seriously I adored his characterI almost wanted to swoon just so he could catch me LOL Unlike some heroes we seehe isn t intimidate by marriage or love or devotionin fact he craves it, and desires it And he goes in search of it He wants someone to share and build his life with and he won t settle for less I loved how he is afraid to search after what he wants, and holds nothing back When he meets Gracehe knows she is the one She is the one woman he wants for life, but there is one problemshe doesn t return that feeling She admires him and respect him, but she has no interest in marrying anyone Now onto the lovely Grace She has such a stubborn personality.in fact too stubborn, but I am too.and so I felt a kinship towards her I felt as I was reading this oneI could relate with her in so many ways She is strong willed and very passionate even though she plans on entering a convent What I really liked about her character was her willingness that when she makes a decision she stands by it with full heart and she is the perfect match for Ewan They both have passionate natures, and I loved seeing them fight for each other in the end.and what a love affair they have.The story isn t all roses and daisies thoughthere is a villain Pretty good one too He really puts these two through the wringerbut I found it was a good thingit really makes them come together and fight for each other and the life they are building together This was such a wonderful storyI enjoyed every single page I was fighting for this couple all the way And those intimate sceneswere sensual and emotionally provoking.definitely had me needing a fan or even a cold bathbut they weren t super HOT, in fact tame compared to some other books I have read..but were so provocative and powerful in its intensity A story to win your heart.Heartwarming till the end WILL CAPTIVE AND STUN YOU Originally reviewed for Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy.One of the reasons I believe that Scottish historicals are such huge hits, is the complexity of the story Scotland s history was so emashed in loyalty, honor, politics and the need to protect their land, that sometimes it appears as though the story writes itself Of course to make that claim would be a true disservice to the outstanding authors who actually write them.Sure there are stories written that seem to be easy reads Enjoyable but lacking in that certain something that gives the stories their magic Fortunately for us, Adrienne Basso is one of those authors with magic.Lady Grace had been raised isolated from her family Raised to take the veil but once her brother became Laird he brokered a powerful marriage for her Most of the seven years of her marriage were spent as a war widow and when the war finally ended, she found herself a widow in truth A widow with a powerful enemy Escaping her husband s land and returning to her brother s, Grace makes him promise that she won t have to marry again Of course her brother is a Highland Laird, he is going to do everything in his power to change her mind So when his friend, a newly created knight, comes seeking a bride, Grace is in dire straights Especially since the attraction growing between them is completely visible But Grace has a secret sin she feels she must atone for and insists on returning to the Abby.Sir Ewan Gilroy has been raised from unwanted bastard to a knight of Bruce s realm He has also been granted an estate in the Highlands But this property had been raised in the war and Ewan needs than just a place to rest his head He needs a bride with a dowery After scouring Scotland and being rejected again and again for his lack of heritage, Ewan heads home Stopping to rest at the home of a good friend, strong ally and powerful Laird Only to discover that all he has been looking for was right there Now he just needs to convince her that he s the one for her.A beautiful love story complete with challenges that must be met Powerful enemies and hidden passions Triumph is there if they can learn to work together, to lean on each other Grace must share her deepest secrets before Ewan can truly stand as her shield and stand he must.I really enjoyed this rich and passionate story and look forward to many from Ms Basso.ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Bride of A Scottish Warrior, provided by NetGalley and scheduled for release on July 1, 2014 A very sweet, delight of a read, Bride of a Scottish Warrior was absolutely fantastic I loved this book It was totally engaging, with lovely romance and thrilling danger, and I enjoyed every bit of it Loved it Grace was a lovely heroine She was stronger than she first appeared, though in a quiet way Rather than outright defiance, she simply held on to her strong will and refused to let anyone force her into anything And, she was a genuinely kind character I really liked her I thought she was a great heroine Ewan was amazing I so adored this man He was so sweet and utterly charming and just so endearing He was a kind and sweet man, but one who was also very clever and formidable if you got on his bad side I absolutely loved this charmer He was wonderful.The romance was great Grace and Ewan were so lovely together They started falling for each other from the minute they met, and it was very sweet Not to mention the chemistry between them Definitely some steaminess there I thought they were a perfect couple.The plot was fast paced and I was utterly hooked the entire way through The threat of danger from Roderick a man determined to use Grace to gain power kept things interesting I really enjoyed the story and the ending was absolutely lovely.Bride of a Scottish Warrior was a brilliant historical romance I totally loved this book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it Romance lovers, this book is a must read I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review 3.5 2.5 Highly readable, but with all the historical accuracy of a Disney movie. My copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.Author Adrienne BassoFirst published 2014Length 244 pages epub , 3950 locations kindle Setting Scottish Highlands, 1315Sex Explicit but not frequent.Hero Bastard son given a run down, ruined castle and land by King Robert I , Robert the Bruce, King of Scots.Heroine Young widow Childless Brought up in a convent to be a nun May have killed her husband.Trigger Euthanasia assisted suicide view spoiler Grace s husband was dying from a leg infection Rather than have an amputation, he asked his young wife to intercede Her religious upbringing leaves her struggling with her guilt hide spoiler Lairds and Tartans and Brogues..oh my Dinna fash yerself Yes, this is a deep in the highlands of Scotland story and yes, there s lots and lots of Scottish brogue however, Bride of a Scottish Warrior, by Adrienna Basso, hit the right spot It was actually quite refreshing and a lot of fun to read a Scottish romance again I suspect a lot of this was due to Ms Basso s prose Bride of a Scottish Warrior was a fast, easy read with no surprises If you re looking for a light weight Scottish tale, this book is for you.There s a gentle heroine, Grace, a widow but not a virgin widow There is a big, big, strong, brawny hero, Ewan, who is one sexy guy And big He also happens to be illegitimate, however, because he fought for Robert Bruce he has been rewarded a home of his own way up in the highlands When he gets to his new home he finds the castle is falling apart and his people are starving but he s our hero, he s got a plan He starts the long process of rebuilding While all of his hard work sees results it isn t enough for anyone to survive the winter Following his dominating mother s strong encouragement, he s off to search for a bride with money He goes hither and yon searching for a bride, but all the nobles turn him down because he s illegitimate Feeling depressed, he stops at the stronghold of his friend Douglas McKenna Och As luck would have it the non virgin widow Grace is Douglas sister and she has taken refuge there.Why has she taken refuge there, you may ask Well, her first husband has died under some mysterious circumstances or not so mysterious and there is a fight going on as to who should be the next laird Grace has decided to seek refuge with her brother first, but then go to a convent, and she has no intention of ever getting married again Of course we know that s just silly thinking on her part this is romance, after all After some sneaky maneuvering by her brother, Grace and Ewan are soon on a road trip to the convent A very long road trip.This book is loaded with a bit of everything We have a road trip, a wild boar attack, a convent under siege, an evil brother in law, brawny sweaty men without shirts, a mother in law from hell, witchcraft accusations, monks, priests, and the scourge All packed into 200 pages or so This book isn t any heavy duty angst filled story There is nothing new, nothing ground breaking there are no surprises However, I still enjoyed every minute of it and even though it is a standard Scottish yarn, the hero was a wonderful hunk who would have done anything for his lady love This was a refreshing story that made me happy It was as if I was with a trusted old friend KaysBlog