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I loved this book and would highly recommend it to lovers of Jane Austen Lizzy s son Ben and Darcy share a fantastic relationship and the fun they have together is heartwarming Lizzy and Darcy s early relationship is one of flirtation and desire Engaged to another, she finally sees the light and rejects him Mr Bennet and Jane don t seem to love or even like Lizzy in this tale I really disliked how her father treated her The discord between Lizzy and Jane was a little uncomfortable to read, not to mention the man Jane marries Overall I really enjoyed the book it was well written particularly the dialogue between Darcy and Ben. What if Elizabeth was a young widow with a five year old boy What if Mr Collins had an older brother What if Anne de Bourgh feigned her illness to repeatedly bring Darcy to her side In this Pride and Prejudice alternate path, Darcy doesn t have such a miserable time in Hertfordshire In fact, he makes the acquaintances of two people that spark his interest and touch his heart One, is the bewitching Mrs Carlton with her exquisitely fine eyes, and the other is an adventurous, young lad who insists on being called Sir Lancelot Even though he feels an instant attraction for Elizabeth Carlton n e Bennet , and perhaps falls in love at first sight with her, Darcy still departs from Hertfordshire after the Netherfield Ball Why doesn t he stay and try to win Elizabeth s heart Because he believes she is engaged to that ridiculous, preening fool, Mr Collins When Darcy arrives in Kent for his annual visit he makes two startling discoveries Elizabeth isn t married to his aunt s obsequious parson, and the endearing young lad Darcy indulged with Arthurian fantasy in Hertfordshire just happens to be Elizabeth s son, Ben But it turns out Darcy still isn t free to follow his heart With Lady Catherine demanding satisfaction, Anne using her health as manipulation, and Mr Collin s older brother, Geoffrey, claiming Elizabeth as his betrothed, Darcy has many new obstacles to contend with in this novel.To continue reading, go to What if Lizzy was a widow with a precocious little boy when they first meet And what if she is engaged to William Collins older brother when they do meet I loved exploring this variation of the PP story As old familiar and new original characters meet in this light historical drama that was absolutely engaging.Darcy goes into Hertfordshire with his friend Charles Bingley and Bingley s sister Caroline to escape the cares and pressures he gets from his extended family to marry his Cousin Anne While there, he has two separate encounters that alter his life completely First he meets a young boy playing at being the young knight, Sir Lancelot, and the child invites him to play King Arthur Darcy is enchanted by the simple peace and joy of an innocent child s play so Ben and Darcy become fast friends.Lizzy married her childhood sweetheart against her father s wishes, but her happiness is dashed when he dies She remains with her widower father in law until he also succumbs to death Back to Longbourn she goes in disgrace where her father guilts her into becoming engaged to her cousin Mr Geoffrey Collins older brother to Lady Catherine s parson, Mr Collins She likes Mr Collins and hopes to be a mother to his two girls just as he will be a father to her son.But then a series of dramatic encounters with Mr Darcy lead her to see that she had a second shot at love though honorably she feels she must keep her word to Mr Collins.Events move forward down surprising paths for Jane, Bingley, Darcy, Lizzy, Mr Collins, Anne and little Ben The story might seem like a possible Romeo Juliet level angst with forbidden and missed love affairs, engagements and assumed engagements, and mishaps However, it was really rather a lighter piece Ben s scenes for sure though a few of his later scenes he does have such sadness and fear because he doesn t understand what is going on Even some of the scenes between Darcy and Lizzy and including the Collins brothers now that was a fun change two Mr Collins, whew , and Darcy s relations had me grinning over the humor.The conflict is there in the form of Lizzy s engagement being problematic for her and Darcy once they settle all their misunderstandings The romance development was first attraction and then rejection, flirty moments, but then as it continues, it grows sweet and heartwarming I really enjoyed how Darcy was romancing both Lizzy and Ben because he wanted them to all be a family He s much less arrogant in this story and so the page time offers lots romance for the pair.It was interesting to see how the author wrote some of the side characters Jane s not her usual self, neither is Mr Bennet Surprising yet added something extra to the story.All in all, this was humorous and heartwarming Austenesque lovers and lovers of sweet with a pinch of spice historical romance should definitely consider this one. I really wanted to like this story The reviews were mostly very good And the plot was a unique What if variation.However, I could not wrap my head around the conversations and language especially, those with a five year old boy The vocabulary and the insight in one so young I am a mother, worked with Children Youth and was a kindergarten teacher are not realistic.Mr Bennet was totally out of character and I could never understand his reasoning during the entire book Yes, Lizzie was young but many that age got married in that period however there was never any evidence that Lizzie was neglected or betrayed while her young husband sowed his roots after their marriage And the fact that she married into money should have made everyone in the family ecstatic Stating that Lizzie is selfish and turns her back on the family is wrong Get off your a , investigate look into the men in Lizzie s life, including her young son, and give her credit The man she finally settled on should have made Mr Bennet sigh in relief as Darcy s riches could do a lot to guarantee the Bennet family some care after Mr Bennet s death IF none of his daughters married Mr Collins.Jane well, I did not see any of the Jane who was Elizabeth s best friend and confidante in the canon And why didn t Mr Collins look at her first The oldest daughter is suppose to marry first, so give her a good look That was not developed and didn t make sense.There were a lot of awkward moments for me Ben running off in London and then being found by Col Fitzwilliam How did this happen Lizzie and Ben moving into Darcy s townhouse and he puts her in the mistress bedroom really And I just do not believe Darcy would say something to the effect that he might marry Anne if she gets well Then Lady C and Anne have turnabouts in their personality with regards to ODC Just doesn t play out for me I was expecting Anne to attempt to compromise Darcy vs falling down the stairs and being nursed so she now has a family and that is what she wanted The relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth could have had a lot moments I didn t feel the love He looked at her and knew he would spend the rest of his life with her but little was said about sexual tension, angst, etc Yes, there were several times when he and she knew each was only a door away or that they were alone but nothing about the feelings building, how they were affected, etc Some, but just not developed to make me sigh and want to read this again. [ FREE PDF ] ♲ He Taught Me to Hope (Darcy and the Young Knights Quest #1) ⚇ What If Elizabeth Is Promised To Another When She Meets Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, The One Man Who Captures Her Heart And Imagination Like No Other What S , Darcy Has An Entanglement Of His Own An Engagement Of A Peculiar Kind As Dire As Their Chance For Happily Ever After Seems, Is There A Measure Of Hope By Way Of A Strong And Enduring Bond Between Them A delightful read, my favourite from P.O Dixon In He Taught Me to Hope, Elizabeth marries a young man of a wealthy family Only a month after the wedding, Elizabeth is a widow Thankfully, in that short time together, she has conceived a child and gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, Ben Elizabeth continues to live with her father in law until his death Then she and Ben return to Longbourn to live Sadly, Mr Bennet, never approving of Elizabeth s marriage, treats her like a stranger.To secure the future for her mother and sisters, as well as for Ben, Elizabeth agrees to marry Mr Collins It is an arranged marriage, but Liz felt it would be good for her and Ben Then one night, at the Meryton Assembly, she sees Mr Darcy for the first time As he is walking through the crowd their eyes meet, and Lizzy feels as if she were staring into the eyes of her soul mate The attraction is just as strong for Darcy, and he is enchanted with Elizabeth.I love how Darcy is trying to woo Elizabeth away from Mr Collins He is hoping she will see how they are meant to be together and how wrong Mr Collins is for both her and Ben He has a strong ally in Ben, who loves Darcy Ben is adorable Darcy and Ben meet in the woods Ben introduces himself as Sir Lancelot and believes Darcy is King Arthur I love how Darcy treats Ben He lets Ben be imaginative, and doesn t try to stifle that I also love that Darcy falls in love with both Elizabeth and Ben before he finds out that Ben is Elizabeth s son.I wasn t happy with Jane in this story She is not the positive, seeing only the good in everything person she usually is She is afraid for her future, afraid she ll never find a husband and is bitter toward Elizabeth and all her suitors I would have liked to see Elizabeth s and Jane s relationship restored It felt incomplete He Taught Me to Hope is a fun Pride and Prejudice adaptation I loved the whole King Author aspect. I so loved this book, there were times where I actually got teary This is an off canon revisit of P P where Lizzy is a widow with a small child before she meets Darcy She is living with her parents and sisters and is facing difficult choices She recently became engaged to Mr Collins, the elder brother of Rev Collins She is doing what is best for her son but not her heart She and her father have fallen out and she feels friendless and insecure.The relationship between Darcy and Lizzy s son is just so sweet and thoughtful he a man who lost his father showing kindness to a little boy who has suffered the same. This is definitely my favourite P.O Dixon book so far I enjoyed the story between Darcy and Ben, it was so sweet I had my conflicts about the Elizabeth, Darcy and George Collins triangle I was obviously in support of the canon couple, but I couldn t help but think how mad I would be if it was a Elizabeth, Darcy and Caroline triangle with Caroline acting as Darcy was in this book I m glad what happened in Kent did.I was satisfied with Anne s story line, but disappointed with Jane s and Mr Bennet What a refreshing PP variation Darcy and Elizabeth not to mention Ben are utterly charming Some characters behave quite differently than I m used to seeing but that s the point, I believe I enjoyed it quite a bit It was nice not to worry about Wickham for once, too Other villians are afoot Mr Collins has a brother Lady Catherine gives up but Anne does not Then throw in Lord Matlock and stir What fun