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Decent storyline, like the mandarin story The artwork though was not great and kept this from being a good book some non story ruining spoilers for Iron Man vols 1, 2 and 3 Big one s in the spoiler Rogue android Recorder 451 has been decommissioned.The Godkiller has been stopped.Tony Stark or whatever his real name is is back on earth.Things for our space knight are about to get futuristic.In an offshore China metro once known as Mandarin City, ever after the death of its ruthless dictator, tyranny rules Vicious gangs run the city, drug runners and thieves.Tony Stark and his brother , view spoiler Howard and Maria Stark s biological son hide spoiler @Read ë Iron Man, Volume 4: Iron Metropolitan Í Tony Stark Has Returned From Space With A Vision Of A Better World But Who Is His Secret Ally, What Is His Secret Resource And Who Would Try To Stop Him It S The Grand Unveiling Of The Core Of Troy, Tony S Iron Metropolitan City Of Tomorrow What Could Go Wrong Well, Pepper Could Meet PEPPER Or Discover Tony S Family Secretor Both And If The Mandarin Is Truly Dead, Then Who Is Mandarin Seven Red Periland How Did They Get The Villain S Rings As The Iron Phalanx Attacks And The Skies Burn Red Above Troy, Iron Man Investigates The Mandarinswhile Red Peril Uncovers Troy S Shocking Secret Will An Inhuman Threaten Tony S City Of Tomorrow Plus It S Arno S Last Day In The Iron Lung Guest Starring Jim Rhodes, The All New Iron Patriot Collecting Iron Man Siempre es bueno leer algo que incluya a Tony, pero el c mic no me gust demasiado Ni muy bueno ni muy malo. Review for the individual comics contained in this collection Minor SPOILERS to follow.The good news No intergalactic sexual escapades with hot alien babes who have an aversion to facial hair No 3 mile tall Super Suits No alien mafia in Vegas No Tony Stark as a genetically enhanced Messiah No Greg Land.The bad news I still don t care for Gillen s Iron Man I don t know why I keep coming back to this series I really, really don t And it s sad when the best compliment I can give this volume is at least it s not as bad as the first three I love Gillen I love Iron Man.I just don t like the two of them together.However, this volume DOES set up for an interesting crossover with Thor God of Thunder in future issues, so I suppose I ll need to keep reading.I just hope this doesn t turn into yet another Marvel verse cross over spectacular But Marvel seems utterly incapable of going than 6 months without some Company Wide Crossover Spectacular that Will Forever Change Everything Except HAHA NOT REALLY , so I m not actually holding my breath or anything. In this volume, Tony comes up with a plan to build a city of the future The book starts with how things can go horribly wrong which is a bit of a cop out as we then flash back to the present to show that Tony was just showing a simulation I personally hate these types of tropes of showing what could be then bring everything back to normal ugh Anyways, its a very quick thing and then the volume moves on The rest of the volume kind goes into Tony trying to rebuild Mandarin City, but it goes horribly wrong due to the Mandarin Well, specifically, the Mandarin s rings It seems each one is essentially a type of Lantern ring, complete with the whole You have the will to wield the ring type recruitment speech I m not digging this story too much so far The whole building the city of the future was kind of half assed explained and even less so shown The villain of the book switches sides towards the end with some half assed realization of her actions This story kind of seems half assed The art is pretty good, though it does seem very 90 s at times Especially when it comes to drawing women and the positions they are shown in But Bennett can draw a mean Iron Man suit Different variations, than one at once, this dude can do it all when it comes to the suits.I will be reading the next volume as an old and awesome Thor villain is revealed to be collecting the rings, which seems very cool To be honest, if not for the reveal, I wouldve gave the volume a lower score.Read this if you are an Iron Man completionist only. Stark building a future of the city Great plot Granted, we never get to see the nuts and bolts, but still, Stark is at his best when he s the inventive futurist, and that s what we have here The Mandarin s rings gone sentient and given themselves out to the greatest haters Great plot I was tired over the idea of yet another volume of Iron Man offering yet another look at the Mandarin, but this is actually a totally new take, and one that fits well with the heavier science fiction focus of Gillen s Iron Man.Beyond all that, we ve got good characters, a good plot, and a great ending I look forward to the next last volume of Gillen s story. Come On You give Tony a brother and that s what you do with him Dear Dear Dearwhy The reveal at the end of the last Volume Tony Stark isn t Tony Stark, he s adopted, and the real Stark heir is a man named Arno who lives in an Iron Lung Iron Lung and Iron Man, brothers in Iron due to Howard having fucked his lungs up as a fetus to try and counteract 451s alien tech was a bit silly, but I liked it for what it presented Tony to have to consider and what it meant about his identity.Instead, Kieron Gillen just throws that shit right out the window for the next issue and has Tony and Arno build the Utopia Avalon Future City of Tomorrow Today He s given up crime fighting, just sending non piloted robots to all the Avengers business, because he s too busy with Arno designing a new perfect city to solve all the world s problems UmmOK Except, this was supposed to be Arno s wish, which made sense as he had nothing to do for 35 years having been living in an Iron Lungbut of course this book is titled Iron Man, not Iron Lung Iron Man s real brother from a non adoptive mother.We start with a stupid future scene with Arno and Tony in their 60s 30 yrs later and Troy yes genius name is a successexcept, it s mostly been built from 451 s remains, which Tony, of course, held onto Well 451 goes postal, and destroys Troy, which leaves Earth desolate and dead within 5 years.Oh but that s just a possible scenario Tony has seen from what might happen according to his computersRIGHT.Arno keeps telling him not to trust 451 or AI in general and Tony s like oh whatevs manfine.We then meet a journalist who s very left wing She is approached by a Ring, which gives her super powers She s now Mandarin 7.but isn t Mandarin Dead OOOH Tony takes Mandarin City as the wrecked carcass he and Arno will built Troy fromthere s one cool scene of Tony going Batman on the criminals of MC, and saying that he ll definitely go that way again, highly recommended.Tony introduces Pepper to Arno to explain why he s acting all weird Pepper is engaged to some dude, who Tony hires as his PR Manthis Dude is an ex of the lefty journalist who is now Mandarin Powered She attacks Mandarin City, but only does property damage, because she values lifeummK.Then Tony sees the ring, and goes to ask Rhodey Iron Patriot used to be War Machine where Mandarin s rings areturns out they re not in the SHIELD vault any UHOH We have the Inhumanity crossover issue, where the rings have a conference, and get mad at one ring for not finding a host yetit debates between possible hosts Medusa, Longshot, Hulk, Red Skull before deciding on some random 2 bit criminal who is a loser We get that because he steals from his family and is a dick His family all turn into Inhuman Cocoons apparently that s how it goes and so he gets RAGEY The ring offers him power, of coursehe fights Iron Man, and doesn t like him He also finds out that he s Inhuman too Medusa says great job killing your family while they were cocooningyou re a murderer and no longer one of us CYA.Back to our regularly scheduled monthly title So Red Peril the lefty reporter girl powered by Mandarin Ring decides she likes Mandarin City and writes an article about itcompletely unnecessarycould just tell Tony, it s great but you have to leave She discovers 2 other Mandarin Ring people the guy from before and a Mafia Bossthey all hate Iron Man, and that s who the ring chooses BORING.Big fights, Red Peril girl now fights WITH Iron Man because she doesn t like being THAT evil..just a bit of an anarchistright She s gone through like 4 different political spectrums in 3 issuesArno is mostly sitting in his Iron Lung telling Tony how to fight, so he s or less just another operating system for himbut the bad guys fire at Tony s home in Mandarin City Oh NO ARNO Arno livesbecause of course, he built himself a GIGANTIC SET OF FUCKING ROBOT ARMOUR Because dudes in Iron Lungs have lots of time on their hands, and obviously, having a brother who makes them all the time, he s going to be just as ableeven though Tony just learned his from hard work, because if he s not Howard s son, then he s even genius Arno should be super smart, he is, but Tony just happens to be super smart without having Stark DNA OK.But yasuper huge robot BORING SMASH ROBOTS KILL BADDIES.Halfway through the battle, even Gillen forgets who s who, giving wrong names to the Mandarins7 was the Inhuman dude, but he calls him 2, then there s other stupid stuff like the girl has the wrong codename Red something instead of Perilit s just poor editing.Oh and even though it s the Iron Robot Stark Brother Baddie Basher Bridage on the loose, someone else defeats the 3 Mandarinswhere the fuck are the other 7 If they hate Tony Stark so muchwhere are they in all this This mystery person chops off Red Peril s Hands with a sword, and takes her rings, after she discovers the body of the mafia boss with his ring missingwe never see what happens to the Inhuman baddie, but at the end, the mystery badguy has 3 rings Tony publically leaves Troy, and Arno takes over that project, to keep it safe from supervillainsright Then we get the reveal at the very endwho s got them rings Why it s our old friend view spoiler Malakeith the Accursed hide spoiler A bit weaker than the previous volumes of this series as we see Tony earthbound now.