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Tali is a slave, and Rix is a noble, but they share a secret that could break them both Add to this a brewing war and magic that destroys as well as it creates, and you ve got a mix that is both fascinating as a premise and difficult to execute successfully Yet author Ian Irvine builds a stunning start to an epic fantasy that should become a dark jewel in the genre.Tali is just a child when she witnesses the brutal murder of her mother She lives in a state of constant terror terror of her slave s life and of dying the way her mother died There are forces at work within herself far beyond her ability to comprehend, let alone control She has to find a way to avenge her mother s death and discover her own hidden secrets before history repeats itself, or her masters decide to kill her for fun Her character is strong, willful, and she never gives up These qualities make her a first class heroine, but she is also stubborn and immature, which gives her character a layer of flaw that demonstrates Irvine s ability to bring characters to three dimensions.Rix, too, is an imperfect hero, a haunted young man with a desire to do the right thing by the people he loves and protects with a sense of honor that goes far beyond necessity and nearly into obsession Rix is Tali s only hope of survival and even may ride on their journey together than they can guess They, though, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the author s ability to create amazing characters, as Tobry and Lyf, two other important players in this story, can show.The world building politically, culturally, and physically is top notch Irvine even uses the land itself as character that can express itself in its own limited way These two peoples, struggling against each other for centuries, vie for power in the land Yet what are the true motivations for this power Is it vengeance for perceived past wrongs Who is really in control of these cultures behind the scenes Rix and Tali s desire to see peace and prosperity for everyone in the land seems an overwhelming task already, even so given the unseen currents of power trying to weave the future in their realm to their own advantage Yet Irvine creates a discussion of fate and chance, for though events may seem preordained, no one has the power of a God The main characters are on a chessboard, moving to a stunningly clever dance, the outcome of which neither side can see Action and reaction lead to a climactic build up where the reader will be on seat edge wondering who comes out on top My favorite part of this story is the dramatic tension It s exciting as a reader to know most of the pieces of the puzzle, and to watch these characters you love try to piece it together as well Can they do it quickly enough to build a life for themselves, and to save the people they love against a power they can t truly understand Sure, this is the definition of dramatic tension, but it is done in classic fashion that helps make this story a thrill ride.As a first time Ian Irvine reader, I can t comment on how this new series beginning compares with his previous works However, the depth of character, the quality and pacing of the action, and the heart of the story itself the journey of life with all its heartbreak and joy all lead me to believe that if any of these qualities interest you, you should go pick up this book now Highly recommended.I received this book as an ARC from SF Revu. My first review on Goodreads, but not my first Ian Irvine Vengence is an incredible read with a great world created by Ian The shorter chapters for lack of a better word are deceiving, you keep thinking just one I can only imagine how the characters are going to continue to grow and how we will learn about them as the series continues Plus I do love the geological references. Hello there, everyone If your here to know about Ian Irvine s new book Vengeance I can tell you, you ve come to the right place After hearing about the publishing of Vengeance I knew I had to get my hands on it, and my eyes within in So after just under three days of searching, I found it in my local town I picked the book up, and begin reading in the middle of the isle After the first sentence in chapter one, I was already interested I m not going to deny it, Vengeance was my first Ian Irvine book Also my fourth fantasy novelist, My other fantasy novelist, were authored by J.K Rowling Harry Potter But that is a different note, after getting the book home I began reading, the hours ticked bye The pages were turning quietly, three hours had passed The book never left my hands nor did the words leave my eyesight I much enjoyed the thought and imagination put into the character s Tobry, Rix along the side of Rannilt and Tail I didn t know much about the author before reading the book Vengeance, but now Is a different story, Ian is by far the best fantasy novelist I ve ever had the pleasure in reviewing or reading his work I was very pleased in the way the book folded in with the vengeful side of it s topic But, on a negative note I personally thought that in the planning of Tali s escape, and Rix s introduction More planning was done on one side then the other, if you may, the scales were uneven Throughout some of that time I was disappointed, not immensely but a small taste But, the way Rix was stated in this time, scaled my disappointment back to a minimal level After part one my interest grew, immensely Part two Pursuit was incredible By far one of the best parts inside the book After finishing part one I remember asking myself Will this get any better How will Ian top the previous part Can he do it When Pursuit was just a page turn away I had to take a sneak peek, I loved every word I read just under the sneak peak duration, every sentence was a battle to beat the previous one, which was clearly impossible Or close to it I ve never been gobsmacked so many times, in under five weeks The book in general was incredible, epic fantasy and down right worth the time and relaxation to read the book, I highly was fascinated by the book overall I personal can t wait for the second book in the Tainted Realm Trilogy, Rebellion I m wondering if Ian can beat the first and live up to being vengeful, I m also hoping and wondering if Rebellion will be better then Vengeance Before I finish this review, I d like to state that overall I d rate the book a 9.6 out of 10.00, Ian it was extremely great, for my fifth novel you left me guessing for And by far expect me to buy Rebellion I m looking forward to it And for those who are new to Ian s books I d highly suggest picking book one of the Tainted Realm as a powerful introduction All the best for the series Ian and Orbit Books Directly to you Ian, Yours faithfully, a follow writer Reece Dow. This was my first Ian Irvine book I had always seen his novels in book stories but never picked one up Now I am kicking myself Vengeance is AMAZING and totally addictive I read all 534 pages in one go Probably wasn t such a good idea with exams to study for Too late now.This book had me screaming, yelling and even crying at times I LOVE books that do that to me Seriously an awesomely awesome MUST read, but only if you have a lot of spare time And don t do what I did and start reading it just before you go to bed bad mistake I was up for at least 4 hours reading this book until my eyes couldn t stay open I really liked it how Tali fell for Tobry, a lord with nothing instead of the prince or lord in this case which usually happens in other stories Please Mr Irvine, don t wait too long to release the second book I don t think I could handle the agonizing wait.Now I am going to go buy Ian Irvine books. Vengeance is about a slave girl, Tali, who, when she was a child, watched two people kill her mother and who knows that when she comes of age she is next Tali has a plan to escape to freedom and get justice for her mothers murder.Tali is joined by a couple of people in her quest, most notably Rix and Tobry They are both from noble families though Tobry s has fallen and Rix s doesn t seem far behind Rix is plagued by nigthmares and a mother who is doing everything to get the family back on it s feet nomatter the cost Tobry is Rix s best friend he seems to have not a care in the world but his fear of the terrifying shifters and to help his friend.What to say about Vengeance Oh right Ian Irvine has done it again Another fantastic start to what promises to be an amazing trilogy The book posesses Irvine s trademark that absolutely anything can happen, noone and nothing is safe until the end The characters come alive the plot keeps twisting and turning, this is a book you can t put down I would recomend this book to any fan of the genre And, just an fyi, you don t need to read any of his prior books since this is set in a completely differnet world. Tali, a young slave girl Pale , watches the brutal murder of her mother Vowing to take revenge on the mask perpetrators so must endure being a slave until her powers come in and she can plan her escape.Rix, is a heir of Hightspall s family Lord and Lady Ricinus Although he is a gifted young man his relationship with his parents is antagonistic and he needs a way out.Tali and Rix have a chance meeting where the evil plot of vengeance is uncovered They must join forces to help save themselves and the land of Cythe.I really enjoyed reading this book Vengeance is non stop action packed and kept you on the edge of your seat It became a read into the early A.M., for me, because I didn t want to put it down and needed to know what happened next I am a big fantasy fan and Mr Irvine did a wonderful job building a fantastic world without bogging it down with to many details I did really enjoyed the interaction between Tali and Rix but especially when Tobry was added to the mix great triangle My only issues was I didn t get completely emotionally vested in the characters, something essential was missing with the characters themselves to make it click 100% for me This is my first book by Ian Irvine but it will definitely not be my last I now have to go read all his other works For Vengeance, I m torn between 4 5 stars, this is where I wish there was 4.5 stars.This copy of Vengeance was given to me by Goodreads First Reads and Orbit Books Hachette Book Group in exchange for an honest review. A spectacular book, Ian Irvine will get a hold of you and drag you in As a fantacy novel writer Ian is in with the best of them I was left wanting with each page People say that the end of a novel should make it feel like the end i disagree greatly A truely good book, I feel, should leave you wanting to read the next book straight away and Ian doesn t disapoint on that.The novel has some of the best tension building I have ever read I was left wide awake late at night wanting to know Ian paints the world for us to see and takes us along with for the journey Its got great aspects to it that follow the traditional fantacy scheme of things but also has its own twists thrown in This is not your typical, princess gets captured and the brave knight comes to save her , this is hardly so No, this book follows a clever slave girl and a noble at different times to them meeting Ian sets up the story brilliantly with Tali and Rix meeting, where the ideals of truth and lie come into play I highly recommend this book to lovers of fantacy novels. *KINDLE ✗ Vengeance (The Tainted Realm #1) ☘ Ten Years Ago, Two Children Witnessed A Murder That Still Haunts Them As AdultsTali Watched As Two Masked Figures Killed Her Mother, And Now She Has Sworn Revenge Even Though She Is A Slave Even Though She Is Powerless Even Though She Is Nothing In The Eyes Of Those Who Live Above Ground, She Will Find Her Mother S Killers And Bring Them To JusticeRix, Heir To Hightspall S Greatest Fortune, Is Tormented By The Fear That He S Linked To The Murder, And By A Sickening Nightmare That He S Doomed To Repeat It When A Chance Meeting Brings Tali And Rix Together, The Secrets Of An Entire Kingdom Are Uncovered And A Villain Out Of Legend Returns To Throw The Land Into Chaos Tali And Rix Must Learn To Trust Each Other And Find A Way To Save The Realm And Themselves It was confusing, it was too much and I did not give a damn The world was interesting though. Ten years ago, two children witnessed a murder that still haunts them as adults When a chance meeting brings the two together, the secrets of an entire kingdom are uncovered and a villain out of legend returns to throw the land into chaos Tali and Rix must learn to trust each other and find a way to save the realm and themselves As the first in a trilogy, let me be honest, the size of this book frightened the ever living daylights out of me, but once I got into the story, I really got into the story Granted, it took me some weeks to actually get started, but once I didWhoa After all, who can t resist a gruesome murder in the very first chapter And one witnessed by children Even better The terror that young Tali feels really enhances the tension early on in the book The fact that she is able to escape what could have been her own death, shows a courage and an intelligence that promises for a good tale later on, and the author doesn t disappoint Ian Irvine s Vengeance, Book one in the Tainted Realm Series, takes place in a fictitious world rife with shape shifters, swords, sorcery, and slaves There initially seem to be three races in the book, and while most of the people of the land see the Pale as a separate race, they are in fact Hightspallers that have been underground with their captors so long that they no longer have much pigment in their skin Tali, our heroine, is of this race She is the epitome of the noble slave, and something growing within her skull seems to be of great importance to the upcoming war Meanwhile, Rix is truly a noble of Hightspall, complete with a grand palace and a side kick, Tobry, who acts both as his voice of reason and his personal trickster Together these two young warriors happen to encounter our villain, a ghastly yet still somewhat solid ancient mage king out for Vengeance Then, on their way home, they just happen to run into Tali, complete with her own side kick, a much younger slave girl named Rannilt.The way the characters all come together is a bit reminiscent of a D n D game, which, I suppose, is to be expected from just about any modern day book in the fantasy genre and could become quite hokey, but not so here Irvine managed to weave the mystery into the story in a way which makes the reader want to continue on with our heroes We see the story unfold through various viewpoints, and each one is not the whole story Each new piece of evidence is presented through a faulty lens, as each character has their own feelings worries agendas, and this kept me truly on the edge of my seat until I finished There were so many questions to be answered, and almost every answer brought up new questions Who killed Tali s mom Why is Tali so important Will Tali figure out how to use her magic How can her enemy help her to learn to use said magic What exactly is Rannilt s gift What happened to Tobry s family Who is the wrythen How does Rix and his family fit into this whole story And so much So why only four stars instead of five I did find some flaws, which hopefully are just misunderstandings that will be cleared up in the second book First of all, I was about 80 100 pages in before I really got a feel for the place, or understood who some of the characters were We meet a lot of people when we first see Tali all grown up, and some of her wanderings left me very curious If she s a slave, why can she just walk about and no one notices her We find later that it might have something to do with her magic, but it s never really clear Plus, even though Tali seems to know exactly where she is in the labyrinth of tunnels where the Cythonians, or the enemy, as Tali calls them another confusing point at first , live, I as a reader was hopelessly lost trying to figure out where she was or what she was doing, or, as I noted, why no one seemed to notice her, even when she was obviously in a place she should not be.It felt a little lost, like in the beginning of Lord of the Rings, when Frodo and his friends first leave the Shire, and it becomes obvious that Tolkien wasn t sure where they were going any than the characters were, especially when we meet Tom Bombadil and wonder when we will see him again, but don t I get a similar feeling here We meet a lot of people, and it seems the author is trying to get a feel for the character of Tali by showing her with a bunch of different types of characters and in a bunch of different situations, and then we meet Mad Wil, and we wonder if we ll ever see him again, but in this book, we DO So that s something at least The ending had a similar feel, a bit It came rapidly to a close, and yet certain characters knew things they really shouldn t know Like Rix knew Tali was lying about her feelings, yet Tobry didn t This seemed very unlikely Throughout the book, Rix was the dolt who needed someone to keep him out of his own way, so for the two to switch and Rix to inform Tobry of Tali s true feelings, it was really stretching, in my opinion It s a small thing, but something that really bothered me I didn t know if perhaps she had told Rix something and I d missed it as I began to read faster to get to the conclusion Meanwhile, the Chancellor, a minor villain, I think, continuously knows things he shouldn t but not certain key elements that it would be dangerous for the plot development of the story if he knew On the one hand, I want to know who his sources are on the other, shame on Irvine for taking the easy way out with this one If it turns out that the Chancellor has an unreliable spy or just doesn t want to tip his hand, then cool, but if not, it was kind of a sleazy way for the author to advance some key plot elements Again, hopefully it all gets cleared up in the next book, which I will totally be reading this summer, along with the rest of the trilogy, and perhaps some other works by this author.