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An enormously entertaining read, Ian Coutts offers a simple yet fascinating premise what would it take to grow and produce all the ingredients that go into making your beer Taking the principles of homebrewing to another level, Coutts is a self deprecating tour guide to the brewing process, and his dedicated locavore approach is something that I and I m sure many homebrewers can get wholeheartedly on board with Expanded upon with recipes many of which I m surely going to try , Coutts learns the ins and outs of brewing from some great Canadian craft brewers like Lake of Bays and Black Creek Historic Brewing.Anyone, I m sure, will be entertained by the book, but it does become a little unclear as to who Coutts is writing this book for An inexperienced homebrewer himself, Coutts spends a lot of time on the basics, telling any experienced brewers things they likely already know However, his very premise is a bit of a deep dive that may not really compel the complete novice This certainly doesn t detract from the book, and either group will certainly find things to enjoy within It s not perfect Coutts too often strives for humour when a little precision would be appreciated, and much of that humour is goofier than it is clever Nevertheless, I d still happily recommend it to anyone with a greater than passing interest in beer, how to make it, and where it comes from. Very informative without ever getting boring I learned a lot and look forward to brewing so that I can put this new knowledge to use Fantastic Every beer lover MUST go out and buy it. `READ KINDLE ⇻ The Perfect Keg ⇝ In An Entertaining Year Long Devotion To The Near Religious Art Of Brewing Beer, Ian Coutts Sets Out To Make The Perfect Keg This Beer Didn T Start With A Beer Making Kit, Which Is What Most Homebrewers Use And It Didn T Rely On Pre Roasted Industrial Malt, Which Is How Commercial Brewers Do It Coutts Made His Own Malt, And He Grew His Own Barley Hops, Too Yeast, He Went Out And Captured And That S It With This Beer, The Only Additives Were Knowledge And HistoryThere Were Plenty Of Adventures And Misadventures Along The Way, But Coutts Writes About Them With Humour And Aplomb, Proving It Is Possible To Make The Perfect Keg Of Wholly Natural Beer In One Year