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Don't hesitate to pick up this light novel if you liked the anime series. Today I've watched all the anime episodes, and finished by completing this first light novel; you will not be disappointed.
Unfortunately due to the change in media, stuff is lost on it's translation to an anime series and the light novel fills in all the little details fans would have after the anime series.
Can not wait to keep reading. Fanservice, loads of fanservice. Besides that, it has a really entertaining plot. This was a lot better than I remember it being.

Of the three recently released light novels I read this one was the shortest, but it also had a tighter plot and better pacing. The world building was incorporated into the story without coming off as info dumping or boring (thank you Yuu Kamiya), the characters while not always likable are interesting and complex. A lot of situations that bother me in other series I was able to overlook in this one because they made sense, but more on that later.

No Game No Lifeis about siblings Sora and Shiro who are shut ins unable to assimilate into society and instead play games all the time. It could be argued they are just escaping from reality, but it’s unclear if the author will acknowledge that so for now I’ll just say they really really really really like games.

They like games so much that when they find themselves in the world of Disboard, where conflicts are solved by playing games, they pretty much feel like this is where they belong. And I have to say, Sora (and Shiro?) seems to thrive in this world. Which is good, because as fun (and potentially creepy?) as Disboard sounds, it needs to be shaken up and Sora and Shiro will definitely accomplish that.

I love Sora and Shiro’s relationship. They are siblings, but it’s shown due to their inability to get along with others and as a result of becoming shut ins, they now have a very dysfunctional codependent relationship. Which I really hope gets addressed in later vols, but considering the fun tone of the book may not happen so fingers crossed.

One thing I hate about Japan is the need to have (view spoiler)