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Peter McAra is a fine writer His prose flows crisp and clear, and his characters are real and endearing This story is about a children s author Erin and a greenie lawyer Hamish Erin s grandmother has left her her property in a sleepy seaside town Erin goes to the property with the idea of working out what needs to be done in order to prepare it for sale Erin doesn t want to sell the old cottage, but she has to because her mother needs a heart transplant and this is the only way they can pay for it However, she hadn t bet on meeting someone like Hamish As you d expect on a romance, Hamish is a handsome devil, and he has a dark secret that means that Erin had best keep her desires in check The third wheel in the relationship stakes here is Erin s ex, a rather sleazy money hungry chap who won t accept that their relationship in OVER His persistence is creepy, and later in the book even hints of danger He also has clients, a Japanese corporation, that want to wood chip the area behind the beachside town, something that Hamish and other green minded people in the community will battle with every breath they have When it appears to Hamish that Todd s relationship with Erin isn t over, it also makes Erin s purpose in the town a little suspicious, thus throwing another spanner in the romantic works.But, despite a few rocky bits, the relationship between Hamish and Erin grows until Erin realises that he is the kind of man that she would be happy to spend the rest of her life with She can even see them having babies, but if she sells her grandmother s house, she ll probably lose Hamish.The big question is, how will they work it out Is there any hope of them getting together when the need for money stands in the way This skilful author finds a way and brings the book to a very satisfactory, if somewhat cliched, ending but it is a romance All up, this is a light, entertaining read with a green theme.I was surprised to find a couple of issues with the editing As a reviewer for the Awesome Indies, I am often asking independent authors to correct their usage of various elements of grammar and punctuation before their book is accepted for inclusion on the Awesome Indies list, but that a mainstream publisher is guilty of the same faults is of concern to those of us who are trying to maintain standards The editor for this book needs to check the rules for use of ellipses and em dashes, because they have used them incorrectly.Granted there are different conventions for ellipses internationally, but the Australian style guide and this is an Australian publisher says, Always separate the ellipsis and any preceding or following text with a space This book has no space at either end.About the em dash, the style guide says, Insert a hairline space before and after an em dash if your publishing process supports it, otherwise omit spaces altogether either side of an em dash The digital format does not permit hairline spaces, so there should be no gap either side As it is, there is a full space either side of the em dashes Both these editing errors look pretty tacky to anyone who knows how they should be As a message to the publisher, the book loses a star for this oversight Sorry Peter, this is no reflection on your lovely book.Of course, this doesn t alter the fact that this is an excellent book, but neither does that fact excuse the publisher for poor editing. Classic Romance A wonderful classic romance Nice and slow build up to a sweet ending Definitely worth the time a feel good story Enjoy NetGalley and Harlequin Enterprises Australia provided an advanced review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This was a cute book Both main characters were struggling with personal issues of their own And your sympathy for them just grows as the book goes on Both characters are also very relatable because the things they go through are situations that are easy to picture yourself in.I had trouble putting this book down because I kept wantinginformation As I got closer to the end, I was able to predict the ending But I was still excited to read how it played out I only wish we had gotten a tiny glimpse past where the book left offmaybe an epilogue or a sequel Overall, I think this was a great book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone I received this book free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my review. Review Posted on HarlequinJunkie.com Love or Money is a cute, sweet and simple romance set up in a rural town with likable characters.The love story takes its own time to develop through many events and situations and apart from the romance you get a lotother emotions from the book.Read More &EBOOK ⇻ Love Or Money ⇫ A Sweet Story About Sustainability, Surfing, And Searching For What Really Matters When Erin Spenser Inherits Her Grandmother S Beautiful Cliff Top Property In Rural Luna Bay, She Knows She Has To Sell It Immediately To Fund Her Ailing Mother S Heart Transplant When She Briefs Her Grandmother S Lawyer, Hamish Bourke, The Passionate LandCare Volunteer Explodes Her Grandmother, A Dedicated Fellow Volunteer, Would Turn In Her GraveBut Erin Has Responsibilities That Can T Be Denied Even By An Angry, Obstructive, Strangely Attractive Lawyer Determined To Stand In Her Way Her Grandmother S Property Is A Goldmine For Holiday Developers And Her Mother S Illness Is Only Getting Worse How Can She Make Hamish Understand That The Only Way To Fix Her Mother S Heart Is To Break Her Own