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What an exciting story I would say I don t read stories about witches and wizards, but I thoroughly enjoyed Harry Potter With this book I enjoyed the battle between good and evil, which I suppose is the basis for most of these stories This one is a forbidden love story, between Kimi, a young woman who knows she has strange powers but has no idea how to use them, or even what she is able to do and Damien, a powerful Midnight Shaman, who, when he meets her realises that their lives are entwined somehow.They face many problems, he is not allowed to have a relationship with her, but must prepare her for a mighty battle against the dark forces, which he knows is imminent, so they have a difficult time The other Elders do not approve of them as a couple When the battle begins they both have important jobs to do, separately Kimi is not sure she can deal with it with her new found powers, but at her most desperate she is helped by what turns out to be a surprising source A very satisfying story.Very well worth reading. I like the story The story started with Midnight Shaman Damien Stone finding Kimi Fox practically boozing out magic and decided to kidnap her for her own sake Damien took Kimi to the Crux so that she may learn about her powers and how to control it When he found Kimi he was shocked by how powerful she was and just letting her be would make her an easy target for vampires Damien had a strict oath to the elders never to touch one of his student and was reluctant to be her teacher at first but take the job as her teacher eventually Knowing about the oath that Damien took and knowing that if he broke his oath his magic will be taken from him, Kimi tried to stay away from him The story was very entertaining and I enjoyed the story a lot but I felt that the story was very rushed and nothing much was explained in the book The impending fight with the darkness was very well rushed and nothing was mentioned about Kimi s aunt and uncle Why they wanted to keep Kimi in the first place What about Kimi s father A lot of this was left unexplained that keeps me from truly enjoying the book and giving it a 5 star I was also confuse by the title when I read it the title was Midnight Shaman, Fire Witch Believe in Magic, book 1I was wondering about the ending if it will be continued in book two but found nothing and in good reads the title of the book is Written in the Stars. This is a new direction for Serenity Woods and I am so glad she has decided to take a walk on the supernatural side Hunter s Moon Witch is very good I had no problem suspending my disbelief and the pagan world of witches and ley lines she described was very interesting and well wrought Can t wait for the next one This was a stand alone but it s definitely a series one will want to read in order I read an ARC of this book and this is my free and honest review. Witches, shaman, magic and romance All by Serenity Woods with to come Great read. ( Download Book ) ☫ Midnight Shaman, Fire Witch ♳ Midnight Shaman Damien Stone Has Taken An Oath To The Other Elders Who Run The Central Coven In England Never To Get Involved With One Of His Trainee Witches, And So Far He S Had No Problem Keeping His Promise But From The Moment He And His Wolf Spirit Guide Sense Kimi Fox, He Knows He S In Trouble Time Slows When Kimi S In His Arms, But The Goddess Herself Warns Him He S Only There To Train Her, And He Knows He Can T Risk A Relationship With Kimi Or He Ll Lose His PowersKimi S Instantly Drawn To The Mysterious Shaman, And Sparks Fly, Literally, When She Kisses Him But She S Just As Determined Not To Act On That Attraction, Still Not Sure She Wants A Part Of The Magical World Into Which She S Been ThrownThe Effort Of Keeping Apart From Damien Proves As Difficult As Trying To Separate Two Extremely Powerful Magnets Blowing Exeter S Power Grid During Their First Lovemaking Session Is Only The Start To Their Troubles, And That S Before They Find Out The Forces Of Darkness Are About To Invade On Halloween But When Love S Written In The Stars, Not Even The Gods Can Keep Them Apart This story hooked me in from the start and didn t let go until I had finished The story is well paced and the characters are believable and mainly likeable If you dislike a character, it s usually with reason.The relationship between the main two was brilliant to read and I loved the way the humour was used This story has ups and downs as the main female learns about who she is, what she can do and her own personal history The main male is slightly arrogant, or should that just be confident in himself and his abilities Other characters provide a well structured support system to the story and provide a few twists and turns of their own.Really liked this book Funny, hot, sad, magic what could you ask for from a paranormal romance I like Serenity Wood s take on magic, particularly the use of Chakras in magic I loved the first part of this book and enjoyed the rest but, I wanted to delve deeper into the story and the characters.