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@Download Book ⚨ Visual Social Marketing for Dummies Ä How To Implement A Best In Class Visual Marketing PlanIt S No Secret That Visual Content Online Really Draws In Viewers People Love Pinterest, Facebook, And The Like For Visual Sharing And Engaging Smart Marketers Know Their Companies Need To Tap Into This, But Where And How To Start Visual Social Marketing For Dummies Offers A Clear Roadmap For Creating Effective, Well Defined Visual Social Marketing Strategies As Part Of Your Overall Marketing And Social Media Plans From Defining Goals To Developing Highly Visual Content Across A Range Of Social Media Platforms, This Book Is The Perfect Step By Step Guide To Get You ThereThe Book Explores Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, YouTube, SlideShare, And Twitter, Among Many Topics And Resources, And Includes Useful Examples From Leading Brands And Companies Across A Variety Of IndustriesHelps You Set Goals That Align With Your Budget And Resources And Then Lay Out A Visual Social Marketing PlanCovers Image Based Platforms, Such As Pinterest, Instagram, And Vine, As Well As Social Media Platforms Including Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, And SlideShareExplores Visual Tools, Including Infographics, Presentations, And VideoExplains How To Track And Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Visual Marketing EffortsMake Your Brand Stand Out From The Crowd With The Information, Tips, Techniques, And Examples You Ll Find In Visual Social Marketing For Dummies The book I read to research this post was Visual Social Marketing For Dummies by Krista Neher which is a very good book which I read at This book is about marketing your business through visual mediums like photographs, videos and presentations Slideshare is the biggest social network devoted to presentations which most people do in Microsoft Powerpoint Video is mostly shown through sites like Vimeo YouTube although you can use mainstream sites like Facebook There is a site called Instashare that lets you put on it up to 15 seconds of video Of course many of these sites have pro packages you pay for and get additional features There is also Pinterest where you get a tiny program which is a virtual pin that goes into your browser and when you see something you like you click it and it is embedded into your page on Pinterest There are social bookmarking sites that work in a similar and it is worth bearing in mind a lot of what you see on the internet is copyright and you should embed it rather than copy it which infringes the copyright This book is quite interesting but didn t have that much knowledge I didn t already know although I have read lots of similar books I think most people would find it interesting A lot of marketing is done with smartphones and there are apps like Vine for video editing Photoshop Express for photo editing to help with this Even laptops are a bit cumbersome so most people use a phone or tablet for this purpose There is also sites like Google and Twitter that are mainstream social media sites but have a very receptive audience for photos in particular I did enjoy reading this book and I think it gives you the nuts and bolts for promoting your business There is also in the Part of Tens lists of 10 types of photos and 10 types of video you can use for promoting your business It would work equally well with promoting something like your charity or even song.