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4 Stars for some serious storyline Shatter is book 4 in the Phoenix Rising series by Joan Swan I have not read the prior books, but I will be This series looks so interesting and OMG the plot lines are so intense Halina Beloi is in hiding from everyone She has a past she is trying to hide and to keep herself save she gives up everything to start over But she knows that nothing is save so she is always ready to run again.Halina is living under another name and keeps herself private so when someone is seen watching her home from a boat she knows she has to do something about the person spying on her Litte does she know its Mitch Foster.Mitch s life and the lives of those around him are in jeopardy Someone is out to get him and Mitch links it all back to Halina and what happened in the research labs of her former employer Mitch s heart was broke by Halina and he wants nothing from her other than to be free of those after him and his extended family and then to be rid of her again.I don t want to give away any of the plot because it there are alot of elements and alot of doubt cast between Halina and Mitch throughout But this book is intense both characters has an intense connection that can not be denied but Halina is full of fight She is not a weak woman by any means and it is refreshing to see that Mitch has some serious chops to show as an attroney and he too comes to terms with alot throughout this story You also get some insight into other characters from the first couple books and where they are currently There is a some supernatural elements to this as several members of Mitch s extended Family were either experimented on or tainted by a fire at the former chemical facility Just a truly cripping story of corruption, politics, chemical warfare, and danger This honest review was done in exchange for Arc through NetGalley from Kensington Books and Joan Swan Thank you Originally posted on Adria s Romance ReviewsAttorney Mitch Foster is being forced to face a past that he spent seven years trying and failing to forget Underneath the sarcastic playboy exterior, Mitch is still nursing a broken heart and lingering feelings for the mysterious Halina Beloi, whom he loved and was abandoned by Now, through a sick twist of fate, he has had to track down and confront Halina about her role in what happened to seven firefighters that let them with paranormal abilities and big target signs on their backs What he finds is a very different Halina than the one he remembers and her presence adds questions than answers.I didn t think it could get any better than Blaze or that Luke Ransom would have to share the top spot with not one but two other cuties Well it did, and he does I still love you Luke Shatter is a standout book in the Phoenix Rising series by author Joan Swan and I m not surprised It is Mitch Foster s book and he s nothing if not an attention hog.Mitch doesn t have any special abilities though his sister and her husband might say that his special ability is to annoy the crap out of any one within hearing distance like the others but he does posses an unrivaled stubbornness and loyalty to his friends and family He might be the ordinary one in the group, aside from his sister but in my opinion, he s the one you notice first He has had a very strong presence since book one and while he wasn t a brooding, tortured hero, it was clear the ambivalent playboy attitude was an act.Halina was an awesome heroine I kind of feel like fans were blindsided by her because she wasn t in previous books and there was next to no hints about her or her relationship with Mitch That worked in the story s favor Halina s sudden reappearance in Mitch s life gave Shatter an air of unpredictability and turned Mitch s already unstable life upside down and inside out Those two had some smokin chemistry going on between them, they were hurt, angry and still very, very attracted to each other which made for one very explosive reunion Just that scene alone made Shatter start off with a fire rating of 3 books.However, Mitch wasn t the only male Halina had chemistry with There was also a very handsome, four legged hero named Dex in the story If author Joan Swan hadn t sold me on Halina within the first two chapters, then she would have sealed it with how much Halina loves and depends on Dex That s really what made me relate to Halina the most, her relationship with Dex and the fact that she didn t brush him aside just because Mitch was back in her life.Shatter keeps readers engaged and entertained the whole way through There s not a dull page in this book, not with Mitch around, and definitely not when he s with his sister, Alyssa, her husband Teague and his former firefighting team I really look forward to those scenes where the entire group is together and harassing each other, swearing and having to put money in Alyssa s swear jar Those scenes lighten up the grim situation they all find themselves in.With a stand off and a conflict seemingly wrapped up at the end, I can t help but wonder, where will the series go from here What about the remaining characters, Kai who can give Mitch a run for his money in the sarcasm department , Seth who deserves a second chance at love , Cash O Shay and now the very sexy, former antagonist turned hero, Owen I love the brand of action, suspense and romance that has become Joan Swan s signature style so it s easy to see why I don t want this series to end Did I mention that I want Owen to get his own book No Okay well, I do I have a crush okay I can t help it.Shatter can be read as a standalone or even out of order, but seriously, why would you want to deprive yourself of a series that can make you laugh and sigh Let me tell that I liked this series It started with the boom I m still convinced that the first book was the best of them all In this one we have Mitch and Halina story.It is interesting, but for me there was too much internal struggling both Mitch s and Hali s That wouldn t have been bad, but the line of thought went awry with anger on Mitch s part and fear secrecy on Hali s.I would have preferred if all that have been skipped.I would still be reading Owen and Sophie story I hope that one is next D Originally Reviewed For Tea and BookHave your read the works of the Fabulous Joan Swan Yeah, me neither at least not until Shatter and let me tell you this, I have been seriously missing out I have seen her name, even chatted with her on Twitter but for some reason I have just kept passing her over Even had the chance to read her books previously via NetGalley and still no go let me tell you this was a HUGE mistake If you have the chance to read ANY books by Ms Swan PICK THEM UP..Shatter is Book 4 in Ms Swan s Phoenix Rising Series and it is fast paced, action packed and emotionally enthralling Grabs you from the very beginning and never lets you go Halina Beloi is hiding in plain site After discovering that the men she was working for were less than ethical That the life of the man she loved was at risked, Halina found a way to leave everything behind and start new She has made a choice to leave the love of her life and go into hiding To give up everything to ensure he was safe But her choices had repercussions and now seven years later she is being stalked afraid for her very life Halina confronts her stalker only to discover that it is not someone with a nefarious plan but the very man whose life she was trying to save Mitch Foster, playboy extraordinaire When the love of his life left him for her husband he didn t even know about, Mitch chose to get over her by using his own brand of aversion therapy Making sure to sleep with as many women as possible That is when he s not working Mitch was fast tracked to be Attorney General but discovered that there was a lot of corruption and greed going on in so instead has spent his life trying to get the goods on those who chose evil When his sister is drawn into a group of firemen whose DNA has been changed because of some freaky chemicals that were in the building Mitch puts much of his life on hold and goes after them This is what he does after all When all paths lead back to Halina, Mitch realizes that he must face her at least one time Only when he does he discovers that all is not as he thought it would be.Totally awesome book Sorry if I babble but my thoughts are just whirling There was so much going on, so many intertwining facets to this gem of a book Yes, it is the 4th book and I am sure the story can only get better if you read them in order BUT I started here and was not lost Sure I wanted to go back and read the first three but I was not lost Even in this complicated dance Ms Swan has created Halina is this awesome woman who will do anything to make sure Mitch stays alive Even leave him Even watch him be happy with other women Even lie to him Her willingness to sacrifice it all totally drives this book Sure, maybe she should have talked with him, shared her worries but Ms Swan writes a realistic tale with honest reactions There are reasons why Halina chooses her path, very good reasons and I didn t see her actions as anything but justified Mitch on the other hand could be something of a butt head Again, it was a reasonable response Mitch knows he has been wronged and he LOVED her and she left him after announcing that she and her husband wanted to work things out A husband he knew nothing about Once Mitch started unraveling Halina s bucket of lies he got angrier and angrier but again, he was justified He had real human emotions To just forgive and forget would have ruined the story and face it, how often do we scoff at couples for just that reason Honestly the interactions in this book are awesome Mitch has healthy relationships with those around him, his sister, his family and friends But Halina has no clue as to how to handle a group such as this A group who she feels should hate her And when there are those who question her, who justifiably question her, Halina has to learn how to stand true to herself To show who she really is, who the woman behind the aliases could be She has to CHOOSE love instead of choosing to sacrifice it Brilliantly done Seriously, if you haven t read Ms Swan s work yet, get out there and find some Don t loose another minute wondering she is just that good.ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Shatter, provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on December 31, 2013 Background and Recap In the Phoenix Rising series, a team of firefighters was exposed in a warehouse fire to chemicals from a secret, experimental, unethical government program Each member of the team developed paranormal powers Ever since, they ve been in danger from the deadly department, headed by a senator, who has been watching and manipulating them Some of the team members have been falsely imprisoned, experimented on, and Their stories were told in Fever, Blaze, and Rush.Mitch Foster, the brother of the heroine in Fever, is a powerful attorney with many connections who owe him favors, and a track record of winning cases for the underdog Mitch has been providing legal support, along with help from his sometimes shady connections, for the firefighters in their quest to be free of the senator and his minions.Mitch believes that the key to ending the deadly game that the senator is playing is Halina, one of the senator s former researchers.And Mitch s former lover.Halina broke Mitch s heart seven years ago when she produced a husband he didn t know about And then she disappeared Mitch tracks her down, only to find that another player is after her and her research, also.Mitch and Halina are in lethal danger But the greater danger is to their hearts Reactions Throughout the series, Mitch has been a sexy playboy a powerful man with high level connections, money, and legal brains and an extra gun when necessary He s been a popular character, and readers have been anxious for his story They won t be disappointed.Halina has her reasons for breaking Mitch s heart Sometimes I wanted to shake some sense into her, but for the most part she is a sympathetic character who is as much a victim as the firefighters And she had to watch as Mitch, the love of her life, moved on to become a playboy who was always on the society pages That gains her sympathy points right there.This being a paranormal romantic suspense, there is, well, lots of suspense Mitch and Halina are on the run for much of the book And when they think they ve finally reached safety they need to think again The suspense, and the tension between Mitch and Halina, keep the book moving along quickly.There is a satisfying conclusion to the senator s storyline, as this is the last book in the series contracted with Kensington However, Joan Swan is going to write a spin off series to give HEA s to the remaining team members I m looking forward to their stories In the meantime, enjoy the Phoenix Rising series and Shatter. Book source NetGalleyHalina Beloi has been in hiding for seven years She s kept under the radar and prepped for the day she hoped would never come, the day she s discovered When that day inevitably dawns she never imagined it would be the man she left behind who would find her and not the enemy searching for her research Now they re both running because he s led them straight to her He wants answers to why she ran in the first place and she doesn t want to put him at risk again Can two stubborn people finally make things right between them and stay alive in the process Ok, so I read book 1 in the series, but it s been 5 years I remember really enjoying it and vague details, but that s about it Then I didn t read books 2 or 3, so when I started this one I was lost Completely lost It took me awhile to grasp the plot and who all the characters were In fact, after about 2 chapters I had to go back and start over So, for someone just dropping into the series with this book which is essentially what I did the beginning is confusing However, once it got going it became easier to follow Points off for secrets to keep a loved one safe because I fucking hate that plot device, but otherwise a decent action packed read I enjoyed it enough to go back and read books 2 3 which is good because I already have them. I think this is the end of the Phoenix Rising series given how this ends, but I m not entirely positive But I have to say, if it is the ending, I m sorry to see this series go.I came into the series with the second one, I think, and have liked the whole thing This book troubled me therefore a bit Usually there s an uber hot relationship between the hero heroine, and here it seemed a bit disjointed Clearly they re crazy about each other Don t get me wrong, at no point did I doubt the love they felt However, what bothered me was the coldness and absolute resolution she had toward cutting Mitch out of her life For good reason as Ms Swan shows over the course of the book, and no one could doubt Hali s childhood suuuuuucked.Mitch was a fabulous hero He was utterly and completely devoted to his group of friends and family his sister Alyssa was the heroine in the first book of the series He might not have special powers like the rest of them, but he s definitely a force to be reckoned with in his chosen field law I liked how he finally got his one up on Senator Schaeffer That scene was priceless and I was just as happy as Mitch.Hali and Mitch wrangled throughout and it was sometimes hard to see how they would possibly get around Hali s fear about getting Mitch killed It was nice to see how her abilities came into play, not just in bringing Senator Schaeffer down, but in bringing the two closer in the end.The Owen subplot was nice and I will admit I had my doubts from time to time just who s side he might really be on Yes, I know there ve been scenes throughout that showed Owen s reasons for being involved, but every once in a while, because of how he interacted with the villains, I had to keep wondering if maybe he was playing the Phoenix team all along And the resolution to that issue definitely was worth the wait.Hopefully there will be works by Ms Swan that will have members of the series in them I wouldn t mind getting to see Owen get his own story, and I believe there are still members of the team who haven t hooked up Kai seemed unattached, but I could be wrong.I m glad I read this and if this is the end of the Phoenix Rising series, dang But still, there are always books and I will happily add Ms Swan s books to my TBR list at any time.Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. *READ E-PUB ↟ Shatter (Phoenix Rising, #4) ↾ For Seven Years, Halina Beloi Has Been In Hiding But She S Never Forgotten Mitch Foster, The Long, Lean Man She Had To Leave Behind Until, That Is, Mitch Shows Up With A List Of Questions And A Mm In His Hand All Mitch Knows Is That Halina Broke His Heart And Disappeared But New Information Has Surfaced Implicating Her As A Player In The Deadliest Game Of Mitch S Life This Time, He S Not Letting Go Without Answers Now Terror, Danger And Heat Will Fuse Them Together Or Shatter The Future I ve been impatiently waiting for this book since the moment Mitch Foster stomped his way onto the pages of Fever Joan Swan created a character that I wanted to read of when she penned him He was a secondary character that I looked so forward to reading Mitch finally getting his own happily ever after was a happy day for me His heroine being worthy of him is just an added bonus to this must read book Rekindles are typically one of my least favorite type of romances I always think why get back with the person you left for obvious reasons Halina and Mitch had a once in a lifetime amazing ten month relationship seven years ago She devastated him by introducing him to her husband Mitch has been trying unsuccessfully to fill that void since Once they are back together it is so easy to see why the void was impossible to fill They don t have an easy path to happily ever after The whole group is still fighting Schaeffer and dealing with the repercussions of the exposure to the chemical Halina is having a difficult time with her role in the chemical development It is definitely an exciting read I loved the new character that was introduced with Dex He fit in so perfectly with the group that readers know and love He is just as much a fighter and loyal friend as the rest of them I was pleased to see the past couples and the other team mates Their camaraderie and love for one another is always felt not just words on paper That is one of the many things I love about this series My only disappointment is that Mitch felt a little different in this installment of the Phoenix Rising series In the previous books he has been full of snark and smart assiedness While he still had some of those qualities they were not as often His character was immersed in his anger towards Halina in the beginning Then he was all about his love and keeping Halina There is no appropriate place for his witty snark in keeping his gal close There is also a nicely bundled closing with Shatter This leaves me to wonder if this could be the last of the series. Let me start by saying that I have loved Mitch since the beginning of this series, he is cocky, arrogant, and super sexy Shatter picks after the events at the end of Rush when Mitch sets out to find his old lover Halina This story is filled with so much hurt and betrayal but the love is always present I love this series and I really hope to get some HEA for the remaining friends.