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simply fell in love with all the stories. I read the book as part of the Brunch Book Challenge A neat collection depicting life from various perspectives The stories are simple and yet they leave you with a thought Some stories are better than the others Set in modern day Pakistan, the characters come from different backgrounds and provide a realistic glimpse of the country s people and culture which is very similar to ours and that is one reason one could connect well I loved Queen s garden At some point I felt that a few of the characters lacked depth and the stories had abrupt endings, maybe it was meant to be that way Overall a nice one time read. A chest of beautifully narrated short stories which takes the reader into the lives of a myriad of Pakistani natives from varied backgrounds, cast under different circumstances The stories give us an idea about how diverse the Pakistani demographic is Sometimes pleasant, sometimes melancholy, heart wrenching and even mildly surprising, these stories make for an easy read.Personal favorite Diva This is the second book I ve read that was written by a Pakistani In some ways, it is very similar the prose, the style of writing, the language however it s an improvement This is a book of 10 short stories Overall, I liked it but did not love it Some stories were definitely better than others.I think the author does a fair job at highlighting the various forms of religious, social, political and economic diversities in Pakistani society From businessmen to beggars to Hindus to extremist Muslims, there is no doubt that the author had about everyone in mind Did he execute the interactions between the different classes and aspects of society well In some cases he does it better than others Queen s Garden is one such story that was really good because of how members of different religions and classes interacted with each other A mujahid s child with his Christian lover is being brought up by a Hindu vegetable vendor That sounds really interesting and thankfully, it was well written and well executed It displayed Pakistan s rich cultural diversity Readers will appreciate that.Some stories could have been better I felt they ended prematurely and didn t give the reader enough of an idea where the characters were headed Clifton Bridge and Diva were such stories With Diva I had really high expectations because it was based on an interesting premise and it was going quite good but it ended suddenly and with not enough direction regarding the characters I was disappointed I felt a similar reaction with Clifton Bridge A Touch of Humanity and Two Is an Odd Number were stories centered around a romantic theme They were short, sweet and heartfelt I felt that they were relevant in today s Pakistan The Misfits was a cliched story involving a rich and corrupt politician and his family who lived a life of great luxury and extravagance His son returning from Harvard is appalled at how his father s position and rank within the bureaucracy is elevated seemingly overnight This is AbdulKadir s longest story Since he s a lawyer, this story is filled with redundant judicial mambo jumbo It s not a bad story in itself, it just adds nothing new to the other novels out there depicting how corrupt Pakistani bureaucracy is Because of its lack of ingenuity it didn t have that much of a profound effect on me Readers however will appreciate the radical contrast of Pakistani socio economic setting when comparing it to other stories in the book like Clifton Bridge Through the Lattice is a story of how a woman seeks empowerment in a rural and backward village after being punished for crimes in which she was the victim It depicts the change of thinking in women in Pakistan It feature an interesting dialogue between the protagonist and her Aunt which shows the reader the different evolving viewpoints of women Unfinished Mural is a vivid and dark tale of a person haunted by the death of his mother and the profound effects of such tragedy It features a Bohemian theme with the appropriate hippy characterization All In the Family is the type of story most Pakistanis are familiar with It involves polygamy, black magic and a cold blooded murder for the quest of fortunes I like the fact that the women the character marries get together to plot his murder Missing Persons was the most disappointing story for me When I picked this book, I had hoped that there would be a story on homosexuality in Pakistan Imagine my surprise when there was I wasn t expecting it The thing is it wasn t centered on the character facing this issue which frustrated me No one writes about such an issue I wanted to know about that character s story how he handles being gay, his choices, their repercussion and whether he finds meaning and love in his life That would have truly set this story apart and in turn the book.All in all, it s an okay book I found the prose a bit stiff and often boring The book often left me wanting better characterizations, details However, it wasn t entirely awful Queen s Garden, Through the Lattice, Two is an Odd Number and A Touch of Humanity were the highlights of this book. I generally always like anything by South Asian authors but this book was nearly a waste of time it was semi well written but 75% of the stories sucked short stories are a hard genre which shouldn t be attempted if there s no story to it the stories came across like uninteresting portraits than anything else. A stunning kaleidoscope of life in contemporary Pakistan up and down the social scale, and dealing with aspirations, needs and greed of various sections, with some stories that will long linger in your memories and thoughts much even after you finish the book The writer has a definite touch and I look to reading further of his works Short stories which take the reader on an epic journey of Pakistani society From the rich to the poor each story ends in a way which leaves one pondering on a lot of things.While reading some these stories I felt, maybe, I have read them before but the truth was, I read them in the eyes of people I come across daily A really nice and fascinating book. I would ve liked to rate it 2.5 I bought this book because the title seemed interesting and also because I haven t read short stories in a long time Anyhow, the book comprises of ten short stories all set in modern day Pakistan The stories are all very different from each other and equally interesting This book however does not make you ponder and is not really something meaningful to read yet it s a wonderful book to indulge in if you re looking for a light and casual read. `DOWNLOAD EPUB ☞ Clifton Bridge: Stories of Innocence and Experience from Pakistan ⇻ A Collection Of Intriguing, Illuminating Tales About Contemporary Pakistan And The People Who Inhabit The CountryA Talibanized Mujahideen S Love Child With His Christian Lover Is Being Brought Up By A Hindu Vegetable Vendor A Globe Trotting Professor And A Mushaira Loving Urdu Editor Cope With Cultural And Ideological Barriers In A Tale Of Star Crossed Lovers The First And Second Wives Of A Businessman Hatch A Diabolic Plot To Prevent Their Husband From Taking A New Wife A Painter S Unusual Bond With His Dead Mother Plays Havoc With His Personal Life In Irshad Kadir S D But Collection Of Stories, These And Other Tales, Set In Modern Pakistan, Represent The Diversified Social Cluster Of The Country And Puncture The Unidimensional Idea Of It In The Non Pakistani Imagination These Tales Explore Themes Of Ambition, Iniquity And Individual Yearnings The Characters Range From Feudal Landowners And Conscience Stricken Taliban To Metropolitan Beggars, Frustrated Housewives And Women Defiantly Striking Out On Their Own Violence In Pastoral Surroundings, A Providential Encounter On The Net Or In A Victorian Market, The Vagaries Of An Unequal Love Bond Or A Rare Moment In A Karachi Slum Clifton Bridge Stories Of Innocence And Experience From Pakistan Offers A Fascinating Glimpse Into Contemporary Pakistani Society And Of The People Who Inhabit It