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This book is classic Peretti He creates a situation in which the angels of heaven do actual battle with the demons of hell in a bid to help a group of people in a small town overcome the biggest personal and legal battles of their lives Peretti is masterful at creating a story in which he has asked the question, What if spiritual warfare looked like real warfare , and then making that come to life in his words Piercing the Darkness follows the same heavenly warriors from the book This Present Darkness as they now battle demons for the life of Sally after a failed murder attempt on her life They also battle for the emotional, spiritual, and personal well being of a small Christian school principal who suddenly finds himself battling a lawsuit against his school, while at the same time trying to regain his children from CPS, who have taken them from him, for seemingly no reason at all Stranger yet, is that the lives of the woman and the principal intertwine, even though they have never met.A page turner for sure If you enjoyed This Present Darkness, then you ll love Piercing the Darkness. We must be prepared to face our demons25 December 2012 The main reason that I did not like this book was because it was shoved down my throat by a fundamentalist Christian when I was twenty years old and living in a halfway house because I had pretty much stuffed up my life To be honest, I had been charged with a number of criminal offences, stolen about 1000.00 in 1990s money off of my parents, and was hanging around with a guy that was not only a bad influence, but also a bad smell Before I go into this book I might say a word or two about this guy He was a funny guy, a refugee from an Eastern bloc country isn t it funny that refugees from European and Asian Countries were welcomed, but refugees from Middle Eastern Countries aren t who wanted to live the life but did not want to work for it I suspect that the main reason he hung around me was because he thought that I could come up with grand some money making scheme that would make him rich, but with the minimal amount of work probably also because I looked up at him, and he was one of those people that loved having people around that looked up to him it gave him some form of identity It was like if he could buy alcohol and clothes by passing off stale cheques or stolen credit cards it was a lot easier back in those days to rack up credit card debt on somebody else s card because the shops would not be notified until at least a month after the card was reported stolen , he would do it, but if it involved establishing a publishing house or even a dodgy stock brokerage firm he was not interested Oh, and he was also the type of guy that would pretty much take everything for himself, and when I said he was a bad smell, I meant it I simply could not get rid of him I would try to disconnect myself from him, and then suddenly he would rock up at my door one day and want to hang around with me I really don t know what happened to him, and in a way I am curious because it has been a long time since I have seen him and it would be interesting to see if he has pulled himself out of the rubbish that he had got himself into as I have done , or if he is dead Mind you, that is all by the by, because this book is about spiritual warfare It is about a woman who is haunted by a demon and has to come to terms with this demon by fighting it A number of Christians that I know don t like this book because it is very works based the main character has to fight and overcome the demon herself when in reality it is through God that we are able to overcome our demons Mind you, when I speak about overcoming our demons, I mean it in both in the literal and the metaphorical sense One of the funny things that I have found in my life so far is that sometimes our demons both literal and metaphorical can be location based, and sometimes they can simply be due to who you hang around with, and I guess that is why I mentioned the story of that guy above It wasn t until I managed to not only separate myself from him, but from all of the people that were related to him, that my life began to turn around again Look, I am not blaming my problems on him, by no means, because I always had a choice There was one time where I surprise, surprise ran into him in Victoria Square when I was with another friend, and I was given the choice of going with him or with my other friend I couldn t have both and I ended up going with him bad choice The same has happened recently, in that I have moved myself seven hundred kilometres away from my source of marijuana and I have begun to clean myself up though I still probably drink than I should, and am kicking myself that I did not buy any beer on Christmas Eve to discover that even in Melbourne you can t buy beer on Christmas Day and even save money As I write this on Christmas Day in 2012, I must say that I have managed to achieve three goals this year, I have moved interstate, I have saved 5000.00 and put it into my share trading account, and I have beaten the market by about 8% The third one, I must admit, was luck than skill, and I am not expecting to do the same next year, but I guess my next goal is to bring certain holdings up to about 5000.00 each, and also develop a friendship network here in Melbourne, as well as going to Hong Kong and connecting with a church there One should remember though that the Bible says that it is not that we should not be making plans, but that we should be making plans with God s purposes in mind, and as I look back on my achievements this year, once again I will have to say that it is not through any skill of my own, but through God s grace that I have been able to do that. @Download Ö Piercing the Darkness ê The Light Shines In The Darkness, And The Darkness Has Not Overcome ItJohn ESV It All Begins In Bacon S Corner, A Tiny Farming Community Far From The Interstate An Attempted Murder, A Case Of Mistaken Or Is It Covered Up Identity, And A Ruthless Lawsuit Against A Struggling Christian School Sally Beth Roe, A Young Loner, A Burnout, A Kind Of Leftover Hippie, Finds Herself Caught In The Middle Of These Bizarre Events, Fleeing For Her Life While Trying To Recall Her Dark PastAcross A Vast Panorama Of Heart Stopping Action, Sally Roe S Journey Is A Penetrating Portrayal Of Our Times, A Reflection Of Our Wanderings, And A Vivid Reminder Of The Redemptive Power Of The Cross A Companion Volume To This Present Darkness, Readers Have Purchased Over Two Million Copies Of Piercing The Darkness Since Its Publication In A supernatural, page turner Opens your eyes to the real unseen world Just because you can t see something doesn t mean it isn t there.An absolute must read. I just finished reading this book It was absolutely riveting Peretti even outdid himself I decided to go back and read This Present Darkness again before reading this one, for comparison s sake This story revolves around another small town named Bacon s Corner that is being overtaken by evil A woman named Sally Beth Roe stars along with a man named Tom Harris, but they follow parallel storylines, tied together but unknown to one another at least at first Our heroes, Marshall Hogan and Bernice Krueger, make their way back onto the scene, with Marshall s wife Kate playing a active role than in Ashton.I love how Peretti starts the story out with tons of action and confusion but then slowly brings some order out of it without telling all Although we, as readers, are able to see from many different characters perspectives, including the angels and demons, Peretti ably conceals the tortuous route that the story takes us through And even though we can guess the end good prevails over evil we are driven to find out HOW good will prevail over evil At so many points in the story, impossible situations occur, things get bleaker by the second, evil s grip become a chokehold and yet, we continue to root for good to triumph SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY Peretti does not fail his readers.I am a Frank E Peretti fan for life 79th book read in 2014.Number 158 out of 422 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review Enjoyed this book which I listened to via audio which was fantastic It felt like I was watching a movie without the screen I liked it a bit than the first Beautiful story Like I said with the first, there is truth in this book than you realize Got me praying. This sequel was just as exciting as the first book and deals with a subject that is becoming an increasing problem and that is the encroachment of anti Christian bias in our schools The quasi religious activities such as using a mantra or acquiring a spirit guide are being practiced in our public schools and are not benign exercises in values clarification In areas where there are no Christian schools, or other alternatives, people are turning and to homeschooling.The small church school in this story is being attacked by an ACLU type organization The lawyers seize the opportunity to involve themselves in the school because the mother one of children in the school is receiving Federal day care funds The organization wants to set a precedent for interfering with religious schools This could easily be tomorrow s headlines The plot has several threads and the author weaves them in and out to keep the action moving, but they all dovetail at the end One of the most interesting ideas is that the angelic host cannot fight unless there is enough prayer cover and that demonic activity can thwart the angels by spreading gossip and strive within the Christian community. This book was even better than the first one We need reminders about those evil spirits all around us every day The same supernatural characters also appeared in this book, and the plot was even exciting than 1. Wow The first book was amazing, but the second book was even greater This was full of action as well as suspense as you follow Sally visiting all the significant places in her past in search of answers.After Sally escapes barely from a plot to kill her, she escapes in search of answers and trying to stay on step ahead of her killers Angels are trying to protect her while demons from her past is trying to destroy her.This is one amazing book of spiritual warfare I would recommend to any Christian reader Frank Peretti did an amazing job in showing the reader a glimpse of the spiritual warfare going on and the importance we as Christians play The story was gripping and the reading easy to follow, as well as to flow the story where it goes from the human story, to the dialect and story of the Angels and demons.I was reminded once again of the authority we have in Christ and that we need to step up and walk in this authority Scriptures I was reminded of during reading this book was For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it I don t think this book even begins to describe half of what is actually happening in the heavenly realms.This book made me glad I chose the side of the light Jesus already conquered all We need to start living like we believe that