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!READ DOWNLOAD ♢ Reign ♷ Genesis Reign, Book One Reign Is A Dark Apocalyptic Trilogy, Which Often Veers From Its Light Fantasy And Science Fiction Roots With Strong Dramatic Elements Of Romance And Genuinely Funny, Original Humor, With Provocative Psychological And Philosophical UndertonesMercenary And Ex Marine, Owen Schaffer, Fights To Protect His Family When A Shadow Government Plunges The United States Into Indefinite Martial Law The Corkscrewed Plot Leads The Man Down A Noxious, Transformative Path, Which Contests His Usual Knack For Nobility, Forged By His Guiding Light His Seraphic Wife, Emily For Their Decade Of Marriage Before The Civil War Began, She Kept Owen S Predestined Identity Hidden From Him, Eventually Also Fooling Herself Into Believing That They Had Outrun The Secret, While Blended In The Normalcy Of Midwestern American Life But It Becomes Increasingly Difficult To Hide What They Are When Her Husband Insists On Taking A Proactive Approach To The Military Sweeping From Coast To Coast, Crushing Dissent And Rebellion One State At A TimeThis Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences Due To Harsh Language, Graphic Violence And Strong Sexual Content, Readers Should Be An amazing book, keeps your attention and this author paints an amazing visual picture of what is going on, not to mention many intense situations which literally had me in the edge of my seat I know sounds cliche but really am shocked Haven t read many books last few years but if I can find a book like this once a yr makes reading 10 boring books worth it I would love to have this in a autographed paperback version I read this book with a very open mind and didn t really know what to expect, but once I started it was hard to put down There are so many plot twists that keep a reader thoroughly engrossed I really liked Emily and Owen s dynamic but did find that the book was a little too detailed at times If you like conspiracy thrillers this is a book for you I can t wait for the next book to see what is going to happen. Holy moley, what a book I m floored I think I may have a new favorite here It was so unique and so much was happening, while still be easy to follow There were a bunch of characters, all with their own believable persona Then Owen s transformation and the ending s Firstly, I d like to say I read this as a pdf copy from the author, Jeffrey Wergin, in return for an honest review I m glad for the opportunity Formatting seemed fine in the copy I read but there were a few small typos get passed instead of past, birds were parched instead of perched I did feel sorry for them all minor ones like that.There were things I liked about this book, and sadly, things I didn t like, as well I wanted very much to love it, and certainly the description sounded exactly like my sort of thing The overall story plot setting was exactly my sort of thing, as well, and it was this that kept me sticking with it although I do admit to taking a long time due to stopping a 5 year smoking habit half way through enjoyed it when I came back to it oddly , so no harm done However, I didn t get on with the present tense it was written in I found it jarring and that it didn t flow very well At times it seemed like the tense had changed in one paragraph only, or that individual lines would stand out just as being slightly off and I couldn t quite work out why, and again I feel that it was due to the way the tense had been worded I also didn t always understand some of the slangier phrases I think perhaps they may be americanisms and found it odd to have slang and swearing thrown hand in hand with rather formal and detailed description Mentioning the description, I didn t like the various words used for the same thing, ie Emily the wife his love the mother the woman and so on all within just a few pages In a scene with a few people exiting a car I remember being frustrated that I d been jolted away from the description of 3 or 4 people getting out, by one being ejected, and one being birthed it didn t seem natural As for the description of someone who was basically in shock after a non sexual or invasive trauma shuddering like a dilapidated rape victim I was disgusted and offended maybe as an ex victim myself I took it too personally, but I thought it was a shocking and unpleasant way to describe someone, and was surprised to read it It pretty much spoiled my enjoyment of the rest of the plot, sadly Aside from these issues, I liked the setting, I liked the pre apocalypse and the world gone to hell feel Some of characters felt believable though some like easy stereotypes maybe less people but detailed would have worked better I have recommended it to a prepper friend of mine and have no qualms as I know that he ll enjoy that side to it I liked the camp and the getting the gang together and getting the hell out of dogdge sections I m not sure I liked the main character much but did like the few bits where he felt real, ie when joking about with his friends or wife The fishing scene was fun Overall, I d be interested to see what else the writer releases in future It s nice to have an end of the world as we know it book that at least starts before and continues as it s happening, and to not be about zombies yes we all love the walking dead, sheesh get over it As for thelet s say slightly unusual aspects, I liked the little hints before the big reveal and thought it was done pretty well and again, reasonably unusual and not what I was entirely expecting, so good stuff A star rating I m going to have to ponder for a few days, I think The downsides really were quite large for me, but I did really want to enjoy it, so I ll see how well it sticks in my mind and what I take away from it both well written and thought out has a style or voice I wouldnt normally enjoy but I was drawn in and was eager to find the answers and discover the hidden clues I liked owen and his family, the moments between father and son were touching what makes this story is the believability go on give it a chance I doubt you ll regret it Alright Let me gather my thoughts first As I was reading the summary plot of the book, I was contemplating whether to give it a shot or not The book cover doesn t quite tempt me, but the premise of the story is tugging at my pre post apocalyptic fascination that I decided to pick it up So I read it without expecting anything Owen is a very strong man, physically and mentally He has a wife, Emily the love of his life, mother of his two children The story started with a promise of chaos around them War is most likely what will ensued So he did what he must, to survive, to save the people he loves As doing so he unravels secrets that will changed his life.I ll start this by saying it s my first time to read a pre apocalyptic genre However, after a few pages I was captivated by my curiosity which fuels me to go on Honest, that I keep on putting it down, for some reason, as I was distracted by some things and have to do some of this and that but my mind keeps on reeling on what will happen next and what is really happening That is the routine I had, and probably the reason why it took me so long to finish the book, it doesn t grip my attention that much but the curiosity is lingering. So as I finished the book, all the anticipation of it is very well paid off I knew by then, all that, has to happen, because it s a start of a exciting journey for Owen and everyone I sympathize with the man after that Viewing cause I feel the same way My mind explodes, too much exciting information Oh and Emily, I m looking forward in knowing of you view spoiler Just really, why did it has to be Jeff I was so disappointed, I would prefer Seth to die in any day But maybe he has a purpose, I don t know, just, it better be important because really Seth UGH I m just annoyed at him and I like Jeff lol hide spoiler I liked the sound of this novel, but wasn t sure if it would be my cup of tea after reading the prologue But, it was Although written in a way that would not usually appeal to me, it caught my attention and kept my interest all the way through I was drawn into the story of Owen and his family, and they all seemed very real This made it an exciting and quick read Chapter 40 was also to die for It definitely transformed the book for me Ultimately, this was a dystopian novel and a dark one at that I wouldn t recommended it for children, or anyone slightly immature My only suggestion More exciting cover art the book deserves as much This book was amazing From the very beginning I was pulled into the story I found myself wanting to read and I love the amount of detail that was put into it I was able to clearly picture the scene, the people and emotions At times it was kinda hot sexually so no children should read this.Since the book was digital I didn t pay attention to how close I was to the end so when the end of the book was reached I found myself going, noooooooooo What happens Great job Jeff Hurry with the next one, I can t wait Amazing book Can t wait for the next in the series.