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WOW, this one has become my favorite out of the series so far Lynnette raised the bar with intensely raw emotions with the story of Susannah, Drew and Carter, leaving me almost in tears and my heart breaking for the trio Fifteen years ago, the threesome mated, planned their future and knew their lives were going to be beautiful Susannah had a dream that they needed to leave the pack they were in immediately or death would take them Unfortunately they didn t escape in time and Drew was left to make a horrible choice that will affect their lives for a very long time Carter has a difficult time accepting his world that was destroyed by evil and not what the Fates had determined Drew tried to carry on but each day his heart died a bit , the dreams continued to haunt him reminding him of the choice he was forced to make Susannah believed her mates had died she was being tortured and abused, losing pieces of herself each day with the threats that loomed over her Trust in the Fates was what held them together for so long but now, after all of these years, their trust and faith were gone and resentful depression was all that was left As they each try to find their way through the darkness suddenly the doors open and reuniting becomes a possibility but not without a few challenges I won t go any farther into the story because I don t want to spoil all of the drama but I do want to express just how emotional this book was While there are still the same elements that are in each book so far, this one held dramatic action and raw, soul wrenching emotion I had already grown fond of Drew and Carter but seeing their story unfold in front of me and knowing how bleak they felt their lives was literally had me heart broken Two men, who have dedicated their lives to help others, were fractured and broken when left alone in the silence Susannah was one tough cookie and her wit and sarcasm was one of the best parts of this book To have that taken from her, to see the outcome of fifteen years of abuse killed me She was no longer the same woman they fell in love with Watching the struggle for the three to find their freedom left me emotionally exhausted I already knew Lynnette Bernard could weave words into a story that would take you off into a world of romance but she has proven to me with Susannah s Saviors she can take her readers to a dark world and manipulate their hearts, creating a magical story that won t soon be forgotten I love this book, it will be hard for her to top it with the rest of the series but I am going to have a blast reading them all to find out. This book really broke my heart Just mated, Susannah, Drew and Carter are ripped about for 5 years Now with the help of their pack, they go to rescue her from their old pack Blind and abused, Drew and Carter need to help their mate both physically and mentally so they can be the mated triad they were meant to be.I like Drew so much He is the epitome of a doctor Caring and selfless Carter is just as caring as a paramedic They are there to help people heal They can heal me anytime. Marie s Tempting Reads ARC Review Damn, another heart wrenching and steamy book in Lynnette Bernards Triad Mates Series Now in the previous book, we got a glimpse of what was going down with Susannah, Drew and Carter Now things pick up pretty quickly in book 3 and soon we are on a dangerous and sexy journey to rescue Susannah and cub that Carter and Drew created with her With each book, I notice that the love and connection between each triad couple gets and intense I love the fact that there is never a dull or boring moment in the book I immediately get sucked in Lynnette s books and have some serious issues putting my ereader down once I get started In Susannah s Saviors, we get some wickedly splendid sex, we go on a rescue mission, have lots of suspenseful moments, and tons of heart pounding action Susannah is a VERY strong female while Drew and Carter are some of the most outstanding men yet in the series I melted over the fact that they absolutely REFUSE to give up on Susannah and are there for her every way a man or men could be for their woman They fight hard for their beautiful mate and when Susannah gives it her all too, I was awed I can t believe I missed out on this series for so long I am now HOOKED on this series thanks to Lynnette s writing, characters, and storylines I give a FULL FIVE SHOOTING STARS to Susannah s Saviors Its sweet, sexy, nail biting, and drenched in passion. DNF It was very long, drawn out, paced very slowly and after the first two I found it repetitive and bland. The start of this book is tragic and heartbreaking It starts with background into why Doc n Carter aren t with their mate All three struggle with the choice Doc made from the start The pack grow and develop into a happier and stronger family thro book Really like the new relationship in the pack Great suspense and romance Good HEA. I am a total fan of the Beckett s Wolf Pack books I fell in love with the first two books, but for some reason this book was amazingly better, in my opinion I have to say, while reading the second book, I was so hoping that this book would be next and it blew me away with how great of a story it is I love how we learn about when Drew, Carter and Susannah first meet, and just the battle that they have had to fight for their love for each other I was so happy for them I would recommend this to any one of my friends when they are interested in a book series to read I love,love, love this books so much I knew from reading Nikki story that it would be an emotional book but i loved it from the beginning to the end of it I love seeing the new triad partners as I was reading to see for future books A 2.5 rounded to a solid 3 rating Not sure if it s the formatting or writing, but there seemed to have been portions missing which in turn took away from the story for me Many times, I didn t know what was trying to be said. (Ebook) ò Susannahs Saviors (Becketts Wolf Pack, Triad Mates, #3) × Susannah Robinson Thought Her Life Was Finally Complete The Night Drew And Carter Claimed Her As Their Triad Mate But Alpha Randall S Cruelty Tore Them ApartDrew Doc Barrett And Carter Hutchinson Are Haunted By Memories Of The Mate That Was Taken From Them When They Begin To Share Visions Of Suzie And The Cub She Was Carrying That Belonged To Them, The Sorrow Of What Would Never Be Finally Broke Them They Were Determined To Save Their Mate And Reclaim The Life That Was Meant To Be TheirsBut Suzie Didn T Believe In Their Love Any They Had To Convince Her They Prayed They Could Get Her To Soften Her Heart Toward Them They Were Determined To Be A Reunited Triad, Living A Destined, Loving Future Together They Would Protect Her And Their Babies With Their Last Breaths They Were Never Going To Let Anything Tear Them Apart AgainNote While Susannah S Saviors Is A Stand Alone Title, It Is Suggested That Laurie S Loves, Beckett S Wolf Pack, Triad Mates , And Babies For Nikki, Beckett S Wolf Pack, Triad Mates , Be Read First For Continuity Good read.Perhaps a little content about their life outside the bedroom, but a very sexy and fun book Ms Bernard has a hit with this series.