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Pleiter accurately portrays the heartbreak associated with Alzheimer s in this touching book dedicated to caregivers RT Book Reviews, rated 4 1 2 starsMiniseries Gordon FallsCategory Inspirational Romance I don t normally give these little Love Inspired romances 5 stars, but I really loved this one The plot was well thought out and well written I liked both Clark and Melba and loved how the book was so full of mercy and grace without being downright preachy. #BOOK õ The Fireman's Homecoming ì Black Sheep SonNothing About Going Home To Gordon Falls Is Easy For Fireman Clark Bradens His Role As Local Bad Boy Is Firmly Established, Though He S Determined To Use His Newfound Faith To Change People S Minds But Clark Isn T The Only One Coming Home To Hard Times When Melba Wingate Came Home From Chicago To Help Her Ailing Father, She Wasn T Expecting To Unravel A Family Secret As Melba Wades Through The Past To Find The Truth About Her Father, Clark Becomes An Unlikely Ally And While Neither Can Change The Past, The Future Is Theirs To Shape I enjoyed rereading The Fireman s Homecoming.I turned to some of the scriptures referenced and found great comfort, specifically Psalm 139. Gordon FallsBook 2Oh, what a great book There were so many issues and emotions that ran through this book Melba finds out a terrible family secret while caring for her young father who has a aggressive form of Alzheimer s disease Clark is dealing with his own issues trying to be accepted into a town that sees him as the bad boy He s supposed to become chief when his father retires, but he learns a deep family secret about his own family that could cause all kinds of problems.Neither of them is in a place where love should develop, but before long they find themselves falling for the other Melba has to care for her father and Clark must prove to town that he s a good man But how will everything work out I loved the issues dealt with in this book I loved how the author dealt with the romance as well A very good book. When I discovered the first book in the Gordon Falls series by ALLIE PLEITER, FALLING FOR THE FIREMAN, I knew I d be reading the series A story about a black sheep son, THE FIREMAN S HOMCOMING didn t disappoint If I had to choose between the Gordon Falls books thus far, I d say THE FIREMAN S HOMCOMING is my favorite Clark Bradens moves back to his hometown after years away to take over his father s position as fire chief One may think it was joyfully handed to him, but having been the town s bad boy, Clark finds himself needing to win over the residence Melba Wingate left her life in Chicago to move back to the town she grew up in so she could be there for her ailing father Believing her biggest hurdle was dealing with her father s failing health, she is shocked by a secret she discovers A secret that threatens everything she knows, along with the growing attraction to the town s former bad boy, Clark Bradens If there s one thing I can count on in a ALLIE PLEITER book, its humor Not only are they well written, with a wonderful plot, she comes up with so many great lines she ll have you shaking your head, wondering how she manages to do so MS PLEITERS ability to write both historical and contemporary is remarkable However, I must confess I have a strong fondness for her historical THE FIREFIGHTER S MATCH is the next in the Gordon Falls series and next on my list to read. Allie Pleiter writes lovable, relatable characters I love her voice Melba returns home to care for her father who has Alzheimer s Overwhelmed and discouraged, she could use a friend Clark, the former bad boy turned responsible firefighter, becomes that friend A life changing secret threatens their blooming romance, and Melba and Clark both come to terms with their pasts and what they want for the future.From beginning to end, I enjoyed this book Melba was so sympathetic, while Clark was the perfect hero for her Their interactions were a bit coincidental at first, but it read smoothly I couldn t wait to see these two get their happily ever after I ll be readingbooks by this talented author I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.I really enjoyed this book It s a heartwarming tale of falling into an inconvenient unexpected love between a small town good girl former bad boy that left their small town, only to return when their families needed them as well as the trials emotions that come with caring for a parent that is falling victim to Alzheimer s Disease It also reveals the damage that can come from keeping secrets within the family, while at the same time reminding us that family is family.This is an easy read, that moves at just the right pace I love books about real life heroes and lately I have a fascination for books about firefighters It could be that my own son is a firefighter, but I digress Not only does this book have my favorite type of hero, but it has other topics that are near and dear to my heart, namely Alzheimer s disease and a family secret as well as feelings of inferiority Put these items altogether and you have the ingredients to a good story I love the development of characters in Allie s books and the vulnerability she shows in the main characters is priceless I literally did not want to put this book down and read it straight through to the end Will I read the next book in this series Most definitely Even though these are part of a series, these stories are good standalone books as well Congratulations to Allie for another good read What a cute story showing how God can easily change the course of lives when we wait on Him Melba was fearful when she first moved back home to help her ailing fatherneeded friends, was lonely Then she discovered a secret that threw her for a loop and almost lassoed her new male friend too Their questions were, How could they But Melba joins the ladies group at church for support as her friend, Clark pursues a new career taking his father s old position There is some healing that needs to be done in that relationship, but God is ahead of themhealing is on the way Read this fine story of forgiveness and truth by Allie Pleiter.