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I enjoyed this book, and I m in the process of reading Thomas Lakeman s first novel The Shadow Catchers, because of this book.It s about a kidnapping that happened many years ago Two young girl friends come across a creepy guy, he ends up taking the friend, and the other girl Peggy Weaver ends up running away The friend is found, her family forgives Peggy for running and live goes onmany years later, Peggy is an FBI agent, comes home, and her friend disappears again.I thought there were a lot of plot faults in this book, and one thing that totally annoyed me was the relationship or lack thereof between Peggy and her cop dad I would ve been OUTTA THERE, but she kept up her relationship with her dad, working with him on this case, although she suspects he has something to do with it He basically treats her like crap, and she keeps coming back Blah.Overall, though, it was a good read, and as I ve said, I m reading the author s first book. I do not ordinarily read crime novels, but was drawn to CHILLWATER COVE because I grew up in Tennessee and graduated from a university eerily similar to the fictional Avalon College This book grabbed me from the start, and I ended up reading it until the wee hours of the morning It has great pacing, heart pounding suspense, and characters who are so well fleshed out you can almost reach out and touch them The novel puts the reader through the emotional wringer because you come to care about these people Although the novel is frightening and sometimes violent, the ending is quite gratifying Lakeman has chosen to approach the American South and the Tennessee mountain communities in a measured and nuanced way leaving in all the gray areas most choose to ignore Lakeman does indeed have the pacing of Dan Brown, but with literary chops as well I believe I have stumbled upon the next James Lee Burke I look forward to reading Lakeman s next novel in this series, BROKEN WING. I could barely finish this book Cliches and ridiculous Southern stereotypes are always terrible, but when they come from an actual Southerner, it s especially disappointing. In Chillwater Cove, Thomas Lakeman gives us a thriller mystery with so many plot twists it will make your head spin In addition to excellent prose and crisp dialogue we are treated to a very strong lead female character Peggy Weaver Peggy and her friend Samantha were riding their bikes twenty years ago when Samantha was kidnapped and tortured In the present day, Peggy is an FBI Special Agent in Philadelphia bringing down a child slavery ring After the raid, she discovers pictures of Samantha from 25 years ago that were taken while she was abducted and abused She returns to her hometown of Avalon, Tennessee to meet with Samantha and decide if they should go after the man who was never caught or charged for her abduction Then Samantha is kidnapped again and Peggy opens an investigation into the disappearance The history of her hometown is hiding many secrets and Peggy must use her training to unravel the towns history and unsavory hidden alliances To good effect, Lakeman pulls apart the history and alliances much like a chef peels back the layers of an onion Peggy s dad Rusty Weaver is the chief of police for Avalon and while his relationship with Peggy is adversarial he still seems to love her But then, it becomes clear that her father may be part of the problem and that by unraveling the history of the town and her dad s own life history she is putting herself squarely in the bull s eye of the abductor and the powerful alliances that hide Avalon s dark secrets Highly recommended to anyone who likes a well paced and well written thriller mystery. I liked his first book with Mike Yeager This one dealt with his boss, Peggy Weaver She goes home to Tennessee, as an old friend, Samantha is in trouble, because photo s appeared with Sam in them as a tween while she was kidnapped Once again Samantha disappears and Peggy is trying to find her Her attempts are hindered by her dad who happens to be the town police At first I thought the book was a duplicate of the first, just a change of character, but reading further it is completely different Deals with prejudices of the small town also A quick read and I m glad I was just browsing the library shelves the day I came upon this author. I have to say that I enjoyed the first book in this series a lot It may be due to the fact that I fell in love with Mike Yeager in the SHADOW CATCHERS and he only plays a minor role in this book I would have liked to have seen a little depth to Peggy s character and background Even though CHILLWATER COVE focuses on her almost exclusively, I didn t feel like I really got to KNOW her like I did Mike Still, as far as the story goes, it was exciting and as in SC there are lots of twists and turns And of course, the southern setting was well written Having grown up in the south, several of the characters were very familiar Looking forward to reading BROKEN WING as soon as my TR pile goes down a bit In The Shadow Catchers Lakeman introduced Mike Yeager and had a secondary character, Peggy Weaver, that was his former girlfriend lover and boss In this outing Peggy takes center stage and Yeager plays a small supporting role As before with Yeager, Lakeman does of a good job of developing the Weaver character beyond what you saw in the first book And as before, the story proceeds through twists and turns with the occasional red herring thrown in Also, as before you are kept wondering if several characters are good or bad The story is well written and was a quick read with a nicely drawn conclusion or so you think. *READ DOWNLOAD ↚ Chillwater Cove ↟ FBI Special Agent Peggy Weaver Was Ten Years Old When Her Best Friend Was Abducted While They Were Riding Their Bikes Through Their Small Hometown In Tennessee Peggy Ran And Escaped, But Samantha Didn T She Was Eventually Found And Brought Home, But Her Rescue Came Only After Something So Terrible Happened That She Could Never Speak About It, Even To Peggy And The Kidnapper Was Never CaughtThough Samantha S Family Forgave Peggy For Running And Her Father Admitted That She Had Done The Smart Thing, She S Always Wished That She Could Have Helped Samantha Terrified At The Time, Peggy Couldn T Remember Much Besides The Make Of The Car Not The License Plate, Not What The Man Looked Like She Never Has Remembered Anything Else, And She Ll Never Forgive HerselfNow, Twenty Five Years Later, Pornographic Photos Of Ten Year Old Samantha Have Turned Up As Evidence In One Of Peggy S Cases, A Clear Message From A Man Who S Never Paid For What He Did, And Peggy Knows That This Time She Isn T Going To RunWith His Riveting Debut, The Shadow Catchers, Thomas Lakeman Proved Himself To Be One Of The Best New Crime Writers, And He Follows That Up With Chillwater Cove, A Heart Stopping Sequel In His Mike Yeager And Peggy Weaver Series Loyalties May Run Deep But Secrets Can Run Even Deeper This book was kind of odd It was about this kidnaping years ago and how it repeated in the present There are various parts of the book that are kind of pointless and are never mentioned again Overall, I think the plot idea is extremely interested but the book left me with a kind of quick, unfinished ending. I almost didn t finish reading this one It went off in a hundred different directions, most of which were improbable Also hard to believe that the main character had no recollection of anything, yet it all came flooding back at just the right moment Blech Not recommended.