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I have never seen the Disney Film Savage Sam the sequel to Old Yeller, though I knew it was about the kids being captured by Indians and Sam trying to track rescue them However, I genuinely enjoyed this short novel, and because of its violence I cannot imagine it being a Disney film The Indians strip the boys naked and there is lots of shooting and killing of both animals and humans One Indian attempts to molest rape Lisbeth A little strong for Disney, in my opinion, but it made for a good read Was this a great book Nope Was it a fun read Yup and I don t want to spoil it for you but at least in this one Sam doesn t die at the end. I thought this book was really good It was filled with action and suspense It was, at some parts, not good for animal lovers because there was some animal violence, but other than that, it was great The book was well written, and all the characters had strong minds.I would recommend it to anyone. Read this book today to satisfy a parent complaint of content with crimes against women nope Scalpings Indian killings Snakes eating baby rabbits Hailstorms Life in the rugged wild West oh yes, but nope, no crimes against women, unless you count kidnapping 3 children were taken from their home in Texas and subjected to a wild ride across the plains, with dad and other Indian hunters close behind Savage Sam is the family s dog who manages, against all odds, to track the children down Compelling book, but I m not sure an elementary student is mature enough or has a stomach for all the violence Title Savage SamSeries Old Yeller 2by Fred Gipsonpages 151Genre childrenbook synopsis The son of Old Yeller helps his owners escape from the Apaches in the East Texas territory of the 1870s My ThoughtsRating 5 This was a re read it and I m so glad I have it again to re read over and over again, its one of my all time favorite books as well as movie , from beginning to the very last page it will have you laughing your head off, it s about a boy and his dog , all the shenanigans they get in to , and the love a dog has for his boy , and that dog will take on any thing for his beloved boy, because in Savage Sam s case you never hurt his boy , ever, Its about family and friends as well Its the perfect read for anyone no matter the age. Great book, if you haven t read Old Yeller the original, grab it too. absolutely loved this book Love it then Old Yeller one of the best sequels right up there with Con of Star Trek. Savage Sam This book was just amazing because Arles and Travis were funny Arles would get rock would get rocks and try to hit Travis with them This book was good but it was for like 8th graders but I still liked it One of the things that kept me reading this book was that Arles and Travis got kidnapped bye Indians and they were trying to take them to Mexico and then they were going to sell them to the Mexicans for slaves but then the Calvary came and shot all the Indians and took the kids back to there home And then they stayed with them until there uncle came home to them Some of the emotions that this book gave me was sad at the beginning because there parents never came back home from their trip so they thought that they were dead So they worked on the farm all bye there self until there uncle came along on his horse and found out that there parents were gone But some of the good emotions was that they were saved from the Indians And when they got home they went into there little house and had a big dinner because they were done for three days with just a little food to eat What made this book so good was that Arles was the funny one he would chance a bobcats on his horse and then he started poking it with a stick My favorite character in this book was Arles he talked so much and when they got caught be the Indian all he wanted to fight them because he did not want to go to Mexico with them When Calvary got the kids back Arles got a rock and hit the Indian in the head with it and knocked him out with it The author wrote this book because he new that people would read it because there is lots of people out there that would read it The part that had captivated my attention was the part that they got caught by the Indians If this book was maid into a movie I would want Dan Cook to plat Arles, he is so funny so I think that It would make a good macth. A tale of the son of Old Yeller, this is a very exciting book for a disney story, Travis and Lisbeth along with Arlus and Sam are taken by Indians, has a savage western feel to it, and the story is full of action, danger, and even leans on some adult topics to a degree I found this book captivating, suspenseful, and exciting, great read for most any age, use discretion on that, there is violence and a rape attempt They do not hide the fact that these are savage indians, or how they treat the captives, but it is written with some descretion that kids would be reading it.It was like reading a cowboy and indians story, except in this case it was these young teens, a kid and a dog and how they survive the ordeal of being taken and finding out how much of old yeller resides in sam.I just absolutely loved this story as a kid, and I still think today I would find it just as exciting, as its a story that I still recall by name today and remember well. Not long ago, we watched the 1963 Walt Disney film Savage Sam The book Savage Sam is a sequel to Old Yeller, a 1957 Newbery Honor book by which Frederick Benjamin Fred Gipson 1908 1973 secured his place as one of the finest novelists in America Having previously read and watched Old Yeller, I just had to read Savage Sam too It is the early 1870s, and Savage Sam, the son of Old Yeller, lives with the Jim Coates family in the rough Texas hill country Travis is fifteen going on sixteen and Little Arliss is six While Arliss and Sam are out roaming, neighbor Bud Searcy and his granddaughter Lisbeth ride up to warn the Coates family about an Indian raid nearby Not sure that they really believe the story because no one saw any Indians, Travis and Lisbeth head out to round up Arliss and Sam anyway, but all three are captured by the Indians, who knock Sam out cold Mr Coates and a group of neighbors set out to rescue them Is Sam dead or alive And what will happen to Travis, Lisbeth, and Arliss Anyone, young or old, who enjoys a good, rousing, exciting adventure story should like this book Aside from a few colloquial euphemisms dang, gosh, confound it , there is no cursing or profanity, although Travis did note that on one occasion Arliss cut loose with a stream of words so foul you wouldn t believe a boy his age could know them, but no actual bad words are found A few references to chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes do occur The biggest question that some parents might have is age appropriateness Most sources call it a children s novel and give the age level as nine and up However, one reader reviewer emphatically stated, It is NOT a children s book Children on the lower end of the suggested reading level who are somewhat sensitive or squeamish might not appreciate parts of it The scenes where the Indians kill cowboys and soldiers are somewhat graphic, though not gratuitously so, and on one occasion Travis finds himself having to eat raw terrapin meat which was rather rank and tough The Disney film pretty much followed the plot, though there were a few major alterations, but it sanitized it quite a bit The biggest complaint I saw voiced was the violence, but most teenagers should have no problem with it The other main complaint I found was political incorrectness in not showing enough sympathy for the Native Americans However, it is fairly accurate historically and, in fact, is based on a true story that Gipson had heard about There is another sequel novella, Little Arliss, published posthumously in 1978, in which Arliss, now twelve years old, determines to prove he is tough and sets out on the trail of a runaway horse I will have to say that I really found Savage Sam a fascinating story. `READ E-PUB ↡ Savage Sam ↛ Best Ebook, Savage Sam By Fred Gipson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Savage Sam, Essay By Fred Gipson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You