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Reviewed for THC Reviews 4.5 stars Wow I m beginning to think that Lorraine Heath simply doesn t know how to write a bad book It s been a while since I last picked up one of her novels, but considering her stellar track record, I m not sure why A Rogue in Texas is now the sixth book in a row I ve read by her that earned a spot on my keeper shelf I did initially have a little bit of trouble getting into the story Trying to skip back and forth between a cultured English accent and a Texas drawl in my head was somewhat challenging and distracting, but that was of a personal issue than any weakness of the writing I also didn t feel the connection between the hero and heroine at first, but about halfway through, that all changed as their relationship took on a sweetly romantic turn with just a little spice to heat things up Then there was a major plot twist which made the latter part of the book very emotionally taut with many difficult choices needing to be made with no easy answers in sight A Rogue in Texas is definitely one of those stories that gradually grew on me as the narrative progressed.Abbie is a strong woman who has learned to do what needs to be done in order to survive She was married off at the young age of sixteen to a man who was older than her He wasn t a bad man per se He provided for her and never abused her as I initially thought, but he was a man who was already married to the land when he took Abbie as his wife With him, the land always came first, and sadly, Abbie and their children received little than scraps in an emotional sense Abbie s husband was a hard and distant man who never showed her any tenderness or affection In some ways, she was little than a slave to cook, clean and keep him company She always did things to his liking, suppressing her own feelings and preferences Then he went off to fight for the Confederate army in the Civil War, and didn t return It was something of a relief to Abbie to have his name turn up on the rolls of the dead, but of course, she felt guilty over not loving him enough to be able to mourn him Over the years since he left, she has done a very respectable job of holding together their cotton farm, but is in need of some extra help bringing in the harvest which is how Grayson came to work for her Abbie is rather disconcerted by the charming Englishman She s a little afraid of him or at least of the feelings her stirs within her , and isn t quite sure what to make of his gentlemanliness as she has never been treated with that kind of deference before In spite of being a widow with three children, Abbie might as well have been an innocent for all she knows of desire and love making She never knew what true love and passion between a man and a woman meant until meeting Gray.For all his declarations of being a disreputable rogue, Grayson spends the entire story showing just how much of a gentleman he can truly be Gray was the eldest son of a nobleman, but a bastard, so even though his father claimed him and paid for his upbringing, Gray is unable to inherit the title and also never felt completely accepted either by his father or society He came to Texas looking to start a new life and become a land owner which would put him on equal footing with his father At first, I thought his intentions toward Abbie were somewhat mercenary As a widow who now owned her late husband s farm, she presented a quick and easy way for Gray to gain the land he desired I think he was rather surprised to actually fall in love with Abbie Her love in return made him want to be a better man, because the thing he longed for the most in life was simply to feel wanted and loved by someone who didn t care about his paternity In spite of not having close family ties growing up, Gray understands and relates to Abbie s children extremely well He has an instinctive sense of how to be a great father, and not too surprisingly, the kids end up loving and respecting him than their biological father I love how he likes to read to the family every evening and do fun things with them The way he and his friends put together the knight s tournament for them was a blast I thought it was really sweet how Gray brought a dose of gentlemanly behavior to the rough and tumble Wild West He really knows how to treat a woman right I love the little romantic gestures he makes toward Abbie like bringing her flowers, but the wicked rogue in him occasionally comes out to play like when he spies on her taking a bath It was very romantic how he insisted on giving Abbie a day of real rest where she didn t have to do anything at all, and best of all, I loved how he introduced her to pleasures of all sorts.I enjoyed Abbie and Gray as individuals, but it took a little while for me to warm up to them as a couple I think this was partly due to Abbie being a bit prickly in the beginning and Gray, as I mentioned earlier, wanting to own the land They do slowly start to fall for one another, but I wasn t entirely sure why After her unsatisfying marriage, Abbie has sworn off men, and according to Gray s friends, Abbie is definitely not his type It just made it a little difficult to relate to their attraction initially which is an uncharacteristic weakness for a Lorraine Heath story It also didn t help that Gray was pretty set on leaving as soon as the cotton picking season was over, and Abbie fully expected him to go too, which in my opinion put some distance between them, as though they weren t wanting to get too involved It may have taken a while to get there, but about halfway in, I finally started sensing that distance closing Their first love scene was tender and romantic with both of them giving freely of themselves I loved how Gray treated Abbie like an equal and gave her choices in their relationship, which is something she d never experienced before and was desperately in need of By the time the plot twist came, my heart was absolutely breaking for them not being able to be together A Rogue in Texas is the first book in Lorraine Heath s Rogues in Texas series It introduces the reader to Gray s two friends, Harry and Kit, who came over from England with him and are also seeking their fortunes These two charmers become the heroes of the next two books in the trilogy Before the story is over, the three friends have come up with the idea of going into the cattle business Harry is a consummate gambler and after spending a number of evenings at the saloon, he has gotten to know the saloon owner s daughter, Jessye, who is a bit of a spitfire and a tomboy It looks like she ll be bankrolling their endeavor and going on the cattle drive with them in her and Harry s book, Never Love a Cowboy, which should make for an entertaining story Overall, A Rogue in Texas was yet another winner from Lorraine Heath s talented pen I m constantly amazed at how much I love her stories, and will definitely be looking forward to continuing this series. I m a fan of Regency romances and western romances and one of the fundamental differences is the men Instead of working hard, the men of the ton spend most of their time socializing Lorraine Heath made an effective attempt at combining the genres.Grayson is the bastard son of a noblemen and not entitled to the lands or fortune of his father apart from what is given to him as an allowance He is in America trying to get something for himself, which is easier said than done.He hires himself out to Abby, a widow after the Civil War trying to hold her farm together He works physically hard for the first time in his life While it s hard, he comes to appreciate feeling needed instead of a nuisance and a mistake He comes to love Abby and her kids He likes the down to earth attitude of Texas instead of the endless facetiousness of his culture.One thing that bugged me were some corny moments He s say something cheeky to Abby and she s get mad and he d reply, That s just the rogue in me It s not a big deal, but it happens over and over.But mostly the dialogue is sweet and earnest and you could tell he really loved this woman Is it as good as Heath s Texas trilogy Well, no But it s an enjoyable book to read. @Free ß A Rogue in Texas Õ A Duke S Son, Grayson Rhodes Was A Maverick Who Had Left London S Suffocating Upper Class World To Earn His Own Fortune So He Seized The Chance To Work Abbie Westland S Landand From The Moment He First Saw Abbie, He Was Determined To Use His Arms To Work The Farm By Day And To Soothe Her Through The Nights In His Strong EmbraceAbbie, With Her Fiery Determination, Was Different From The Fragile Beauties He D Known At Home In Her, Grayson Found An Honest Passion He D Never Experienced Before But Could Their Growing Love Survive The Surprising Reminder Of Her Past That Came To Haunt Them Fue bonito mientras dur.Just like that I am giving the book 3 stars for Lorraine Heath When she does it well she does it well Her writing is mature and I am an admirer of her talent My real rating for this book however, would be 2 stars Sometimes her characters fail to capture me, then I am forced into an uncomfortable position where I love the writing and can only hope that the characters would soon turn into someone I could like I am a heroine kind of reader I need to like heroine myself If I do not like her, I cannot imagine the hero ever falling in love with her So this book put me in that uncomfortable position Abby Westland, widow with 3 children, is this heroine who I cannot like Her husband died in the civil war and left her with lands and 3 children Grayson Rhodes, bastard of a duke, was brought to the town under false pretense, not knowing that hard labor waited for him Somehow this former rogue found his purpose with Widow Westland Grayson wanted, needed attention and love Being a bastard he had been often purposefully ignored and painfully reminded of his lot in life a bastard and no one s relation Having never lacked any things money could buy, he grew up and became a rake, having no goals and no aspiration No one expected him to be anything anyways He was a bastard after all Abby Westland, was described by Grayson s friend as the shrew , which I thought was not inaccurate Abby Westland, is not a woman of my heart She was worn out, tired and weary She was 24 in the story but she might as well be 70 Life was hard and harder for a widow with children Her marriage was duty to her than anything else So when she met Grayson, it was coarseness meeting sophistication Grayson, with his noble upbringing, despite being born on the wrong side of the blanket, a perfumed handkerchief, was the cultured gentleman who read stories like Ivanhoe Abby, excuse my language, seemed like a over used rag, crude and fuzzy on the edges Abby was defensive, which is common for a woman in her position I hate a woman who dreams of nothing but true love, unicorn and the likes But Abby wasn t just practical She was defensive and bitter Lorraine Heath successfully painted Abby as who she was supposed to be a young mother who was forced into marriage due to poverty and learned to rely on no one but herself And I do not like her Her relationship with Grayson, was that of an ugly duckling getting comfortable in its own skin After 3 children, she finally found out what it was like to be a woman Grayson made her realize that And Grayson found the acceptance and attention he needed, the loving hand of a mother Now everything about this bothered me I am a girly girl and I like my girls girly Abby did not know her feminine side until she met Grayson That put me off I do not like needy characters And both Grayson and Abby NEEDED to be loved They were incomplete individuals, waiting for someone to make them whole Grayson, needing attention and acceptance and Abby, needing to discover her own sensuality Many reviewers had commented on how Grayson s interaction with Abby children was touching I thought Grayson wasn t doing so poorly with the kids, but I am not much for children in romances, so that did not gain this book many points in my book One thing to complement Grayson on is he was kind, respectful and polite While Abby was not exactly uneducated, she was much too vulgar for my taste I do not find her attractive or charming Nothing Lorraine Heath could say, or make Grayson say, could change my mind No matter how Grayson found Abby beautiful, I had this unattractive picture of Abby, a seasoned, tired and weary woman The story has twists, the biggest one about Abby s husband If one could stomach Abby as a heroine, it could be a wonderful love story where the hero found where he belonged and a woman found her identify It is not my kind of story. This started out as a nice story, but when it took off, it really grabbed my heart, and I stayed up into the wee hours of the night to finish it When did it grab me Maybe it was when he read Ivanhoe to Abbie and her kids every night after a hard day working in the cotton field I know it was before he arranged a tournament for the boys just so Abbie could have a day away from hard work Maybe it was that everything about their relationship said I care before each said I love.This is one of those slow, seep into your heart love stories. A grateful and enthusiastic thanks to Jill for the recommendation 3.5 Stars, rounded up because I think the objective quality was greater than my subjective enjoyment of it.It was a treat to leave Regency England long enough to visit the American west, and based on my admittedly limited sample size, I found myself agreeing with those who feel that this is the time and place about which the author was born to write The descriptions were lush and vivid and in an impressive wow you really feel like you re there sort of way, and much of the prose was gorgeous and only occasionally overwrought Similarly, the main characters were vibrant and real I didn t always love them, but I never doubted that they were authentic, three dimensional people to whom the author had given a lot of thought There s a twist in the book that s either exciting or preposterous, depending on one s perspective Between that and the believable but rather endless angst revolving around the all important, future defining land, I found myself getting a little impatient with both characters and their myriad conflicts Another yeah I know it s just my own personal preference issue is that the book emphasized the steamy physical relationship between the H and h so heavily that at times it overshadowed their emotional connection I m someone who grows very easily weary of long, explicitly detailed sex scenes, though, so those who love steam than I do will likely find this aspect of the book of an asset than drawback It did hit on a major pet peeve of mine that s found with alarming frequency The hero can t declare his love for the heroine until we re nearing the very end of the novel, but he has no trouble declaring his desire to have lots and lots of sex with her I get that that s realistic, and certainly Grayson has reasons for being emotionally guarded But I m finding and that when it comes to loving someone before having tons of sex with them, I like my historial romances to be just a little romantic My own personal preferences aside, this really is a well written book that I think fans of the genre and the author will enjoy quite a lot I hope this was helpful I was liking this okay enough when what I suspected came to pass and heroine s so called dead husband came back I am sure though historically apt I didn t like how heroine treated hero afterwards wanting him to walk away, with her child in his belly and then we had to read about how the husband was now considerate Then, of course to give h H their HEA, they had to kill of said husband which was pointless, why did the author get him back in the first place The H who had been 2nd choice his whole life was once again that with the heroine sadly. 5 stars Frontier Western Historical RomanceI loved Lorraine Heath s Scoundrels of St James Victorian historical romance series and contemporaries, Hard Lovin Man and Smooth Talkin Stranger, and they made me want to read her entire backlist This is the first book in her Rogues in Texas series, and it s a sweet, emotional, touching romance of a duke s son, an English rogue, who finds himself completely out of his element on a Texas cotton farm, working for a widow with three children While enduring the hardships of rural life and grueling manual labor in the cotton fields, Grayson Rhodes finds that which he never expected purpose, peace, a sense of belonging, pride, profound happiness, pure joyand most shocking of all, love There s just something about Heath s writing that tugs the heartstrings, and Gray and Abbie s beautiful, poignant, and passionate love story is no exception Gray s tenderness and gentle affection towards Abbie and her children was sigh inducing and swoon worthyI just loved him It s a wonderful, moving romance, and pretty steamy, too 5 stars If you enjoy reading regency romance and want to see an aristocrat taken completely out of his element, you should read this book Grayson Rhodes, the illegitimate son of a duke, is one of several Englishmen sent to America by their fathers to make their own way in the world They end up in Texas to work during the cotton harvest on Abbie Westland s farm At first, Grayson seems like the typical English aristocrat The only thing that keeps him from hightailing it back to Galveston and eventually England is Abbie The widowed mother of three, Abbie and her neighbors spent all of their money hiring the Englishmen and Gray refuses to skip out on her Gray was a sexy, funny character who waged a daily battle between the rogue inside and man he wanted to be for Abbie Waking up early every morning to do manual labor was very far outside his experience, but he did it without complaint all in an effort to make Abbie s life easier He longed to give her the kind of life that the aristocratic women in England enjoyed and it killed him to watch her work so hard every day You seriously can t help falling in love with Gray when you see the kindness and love that he shows to Abbie and her children Also, Gray s vulnerability over his illegitimacy and his belief that nobody had ever or could ever love him was heartbreaking Abbie was an extremely innocent woman despite the fact that she had three children Married at 16 to a much older man who later died in the war, Abbie was very wary and afraid of men because of the treatment she received at the hands of her husband She might as well have been an innocent girl of 16 when she met Grayshe had 3 kids with John Westland and he had never even kissed her This was a wonderful story that had one predictable element toward the end of the book something I had been anticipating from the beginning , but even so I loved Gray and Abbie and seeing them finally get their HEA was a true joy.