@Free í Prestressed Concrete: A Fundamental Approach (5th Edition) ´ eBook or E-pub free

@Free ó Prestressed Concrete: A Fundamental Approach (5th Edition) ⚡ Completely Revised To Reflect The New ACI Building Code And International Building Code, IBCAnd ItsModifications, This Popular Book Offers A Unique Approach To Examining The Design Of Prestressed Concrete Members In A Logical, Step By Step Trial And Adjustment Procedure Integrates Handy Flow Charts To Help Readers Better Understand The Steps Needed For Design And Analysis Includes A Revised Chapter Containing The Latest ACI And AASHTO Provisions On The Design Of Post Tensioned Beam End Anchorage Blocks Using The Strut And Tie Approach In Conformity With ACI Code Offers A New Complete Section With Two Extensive Design Examples Using The Strut And Tie Approach For The Design Of Corbels And Deep Beams Features An Addition To The Elastic Method Of Design, With Comprehensive Design Examples On LRFD And Standard AASHTO Designs Of Bridge Deck Members For Flexure, Shear And Torsion, Conforming To The Latest AASHTOSpecifications Includes A Revised Chapter On Slender Columns, Including A Simplified Load Contour Biaxial Bending Method Which Is Easier To Apply In Desiign, Using Moments Rather Than Loads In The Reciprocal Approach A Useful Construction Reference For Engineers