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{Read Book} ì Sixty Five Hours ⚟ Cameron Fletcher And Lucas Hensley Are Advertising Executives Who Have Sixty Five Hours To Pull Together The Campaign Of Their Careers Sixty Five Hours To Get Along Sixty Five Hours To Not Kill Each Other Sixty Five Hours To Fall In Love First Published In No Additional Content Has Been Added Um, duh, I loved it Thanks for the rec Dee Wy jesus, take the wheel.when i get hurt, i get mad.and when i get mad, i cry like a lil bitch.i have muddy but intense memories of standing before my parents in their bedroom, like a criminal on trial, suffering some miscarriage of justice or other on account of being too headstrong, too strange, or too unchristian.i remember being so angry i couldn t even speak powerless to argue powerless to defend myself.i remember that fury and the great big wave of helpless silence come to rob me of strength and snuff out my teenaged calls for revoluci n.when i got that mad, i couldn t talk i couldn t explain.i d just stand there, silently weeping, while my parents lied to me about the things i d said or done welp.that all don t much trouble me no.i read this book a year ago i hated it, because it wounded me.i didn t say anything about it didn t post a review because i d broken up with someone and the fallout was fucking me up every day and then depression came out from under the bed to eat me up.just never had the calories for it for explaining why this book was so damaging to me.but a year later this book gets nominated for Book of the Month in the alternative MM group i joined after i got my guts savaged by that racist piece of shit, the garconnier.so in the nomination thread i say, fuck this book, i m not voting for it other members ask me why.i tell them because n.r walker put hiv people in hospice care to die for dramatic impact in an office romance awwwkwaaard.a few hours go by nobody replies to me i wonder if i d just napalmed the thread for ever and ever, making it so everyone was afraid to pick a fucking book for the the BotM until friggin march.but then responses they were pretty disheartening better she mentioned condoms at all, because safe sex is important, said someone i didn t know no she didn t, someone else said a friend, in private did she i feel like i d remember something that fucked up you know, this was written in 06, so you should cut her some slack, another friend said, in the thread and anyway it started as a fanfic, so naturally, i turned into a ball of rage.i felt so alone soso misunderstood.i felt abused, too.how could these people speak over me with such confidence at once despite not being anything like me or even like the stupid characters in the stupid book that started it all in the first place rage rage, i tell you.i didn t say anything.i didn t have the calories depression steals your vitality and feeds on your dreams it comes for you at night, and it comes for you when the sun shines sweet and golden on all the things you love.i stayed silent but i did not cry.days go by i do not reply.it s important that i do i know it is just like it s important that i write this review.important that i write down these thoughts, and share them, so that maybe some day soon fewer people have to suffer the effects of fuckery like this.but days go by, and i let them.them and a couple others.i still do not reply.nobody else does.these people who rhetorically stepped on my throat to dismiss and silence me their comments sat there, un rebutted unchallenged.taken as the truth, just like the bullshit in the book.but then outta nowhere, tonight at 2AM, i find the calories i start tapping away on my ipad like a maniac and when i m done, i ve written one massive comment i don t care where it came from, or what it used to be because right now it alienates people living with HIV by perpetuating the stereotype that HIV positive people are disease vectors who could kill you.it explicitly uses your very real fear of death by means of HIV to sell very fictional condoms, by making a direct connection between people who have HIV and a sad, painful, lonely expiration in a hospice ward a mere year after infection with HIV.HIV, which never kills anyone.as opposed to AIDS, which does.if a real advertising agency proposed this campaign wan, sickly people coughing in their death beds lamenting how they received a death sentence for having sex without a condom there would be an uproar.people would lose their jobs because that s just not true, and it s incredibly insensitive besides.hence my rage.these ideas are toxic, and hurtful and incorrect.to say nothing of lazy and appropriative.and that book perpetuates them, thoughtlessly, endlessly, forever look imagine you have HIV imagine someone who doesn t know you and is not like you decides to use HIV infection and people with HIV just like you to make a point about safe sex imagine they do so in a romance novel read and rated by thousands of people imagine all those people subconsciously thinking of you and all people like you as INFECTED WITH SOMETHING THAT WILL KILL THEM IF THEY HAVE SEX WIH YOU.if they love you.imagine an author doing that.to you.in the book you re reading.right now now imagine they get it wrong authors should approach writing about groups to which they do not belong with extraordinary care, because the results can be at best disrespectful and at worst completely toxic and appropriative.the bare minimum requirements do not change even if we are talking about white people writing about people of color, or able bodied people writing about disabled people.it s disgusting and unbelievably painful and a product of privileges others do not hold.if you want to write about a group to which you do not belong, you need to be cautious you need to work harder and do much, much than regurgitate deranged shit you heard from some dumb bitch at recess in the fifth grade because anything less invites mistakes that can literally and actually hurt real human people.forever.n.r walker does not belong to that group.she does not have HIV.she didn t check with anyone who had HIV.or she wouldn t have gotten it so terribly wrong i think we need to examine why it s so easy for her and people like her to appropriate people and things she has no experience of, no matter the dangers to those people and things, without being challenged that book came outten years ago, and yet incredibly it appears i m the first to take issue with that aspect of it.i think we need to examine why someone pointing out why this is painful and incorrect is immediately dismissed, where her clearly insufficient authority is not even people who know me friends didn t think anything of stepping in to speak confidently about things that are not part of their daily reality.i think we need to ask why this is a thing that happens in MM every single day.seriously.i think we really, really need to ask why.as a community of artists, and readers, and friends, and family.as a community of people.because if this is representation if this is allyhood she can fucking keep it so yeah.yeah, you bet your ass i m going after n.r walker because she may have made her mistakes in this book back in 2006, but those mistakes were decades after she should have known better.and she s never corrected them.and just like that, i am silent no.and i feel great.presumably because i letso this, then, is the review i should have written a year ago nope.nope, nope, nope.my thoughts besides NOPE are as follows.the majority of this is charming really pacey and funny and sexy i was a happy guy yay, fun.but then thisCameron s mother s smile faded Except not having cornflakes, as opposed to condoms, won t change the course of your life, she said softly Then she explained, I do some volunteer work at the local respite house for people living with HIV Sometimes it doesn t cost you the price of a condom Sometimes it costs you a whole lot perturbed me.is she is she saying that not using a condom will cost you your life because you ll get HIV why is she lecturing her son and his boyfriend about the potential consequences of sex over breakfast, like they re not grown assed men and or capable of managing their own bodies and how they use them together without her guidance but i let it go.people do that a lot reeeeeeeeeal quick to tell gay dudes to be safe, like that s a thing that would never have occurred to them in all their days if it weren t for some het lady donning the Vestments of the Oracle and clutching at them fretfully to deliver a warning in dire tones.over breakfast.like that s a thing you would do to anyone else like someone would even tolerate you doing that to them, randomly like, biiitch which part of hello, i am a homosexual did you interpret as an invitation to take the fucking wheel people are as afraid of me as they are afraid for me.and it s something i m reminded of every day i m used to it.so i move on, like i said.then this happens The footage was unedited, as real as it can possibly be A lady, once possibly beautiful, sat with a blanket over her lap But it was Cameron s voice which sounds on screen first Just start with your name, he prompted.The lady smiled, though her ingrained sorrow remained My name is Amy, she said I was diagnosed with HIV four years ago I had unprotected sex her voice trailed away I was young, thought that can t happen to me She looked off camera and coughed.Cameron waited patiently before his voice asked, How much did it cost you She smiled without humor Everything The footage cut then, and the on film Cameron sat down beside a man My name is James, the man said I m HIV positive Been here for 12 months now, he added, looking around the room Treat me real nice here, they do On the footage, Cameron s voice said, How much does your medication and treatment cost you a month James answered, I don t got no benefits just for my meds, about a hundred bucks every month I watched the footage, unblinking When it finished, I looked across He was watching me, waiting for my reaction Cameron, it was my voice was quiet as I tried to find the right word it s brilliant OMGOMG NONO IT IS NOT FUCKING BRILLIANT ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING what even is this shit outraged gobbling intensifies but as this was some ungodly hour of the night, i had nobody with whom to share my outrage.and, honestly, the book had been mostly really nice up to that point.so after a couple hours of idek what any something other than reading the fucking book that just kicked me in the nuts i resumed.whatever, i dunno, i m stupid, i have mild OCD about unfinished things, go fuck yourself, am i the one telling this goddamned story or are y ok, here it go.i read on and for a bit six whole pages , everything was fine.but THEN Then I heard other voices, and when I walked into the staff room, he was there He was talking to the cleaning staff, a man and a woman he called Gustavo and Maria, and they were speaking in Spanish.They stopped talking when I walked in Don t mind me, I told them Just want coffee I set about making myself a straight black, and as I was waiting for the water to boil, their conversation resumed.Once again, like I wasn t even there.And my already thin patience started to crack I tried not to eavesdrop, but then I heard my name Across the hall from me, Cameron said quietly in Spanish to Maria And I knew then he was talking about me Ah, si, the older lady said The new boy You like working with him she questioned him in Spanish.Cameron hesitated, but answered, still speaking in Spanish Very much He s very good at what he does I could feel my patience and my temper stretch tight and I turned around to face them That s me, I said in Spanish Selling the unsellable Cameron s face paled, whether at me speaking Spanish, or because I repeated his very words back I smiled at Cameron, well, it was probably of a sneer, and after one glance between us, Gustavo and Maria quietly disappeared out the door.I stared at Cameron, and he stared at me I almost snarled when I spoke If you want to say something to me, Cameron, then fucking say it in English And say it To Me He gritted his teeth Gustavo and Maria don t speak English very well They ve worked for my father since I was a kid I will speak with them however the hell I want yay, representation.my mama always said all jobs are honorable i should be as proud of my assistant superintendent job picking through rich white people s rubbish on garbage day as i was of running an adult education program across four boroughs of new york city while still teaching six classes to the tune of literally the highest standardized exam pass rate the city university of new york had ever seen.but.y know.honor, and whatnot.yes, mom dead eyed stare, eyes haunted and so very eloquent of soul reaving despair why do my people always have to be cleaning servicepersons, supers, and nannies whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy answer because they can t always be drug running gang members rimshot btw, the above excerpt comprises the sum total representation and dialogue of POC in the whole book so my tostones were pretty burnt over that.but again i m used to it really, really, really used to it.He turned the two remaining boards to face them, and their reactions were immediate The two boards were in black and white one male, one female both gaunt, drawn and obviously unwell.oh, fuck you.i mean, honestly.Cameron told them, Fletcher Advertising donates to a local respite centre that specializes in HIV care I filmed this there, he said, starting the visual presentation The footage of the two patients, Amy and James, started and our three guests watched in silence It was confronting and so very fucking real I got cold shivers watching it, hearing their short but tragic stories, how the mere cost of a condom, or importantly, the lack there of, cost them so much.SO, SO SO MUCH.BCUZ HIV THE REAPER OF FOOLS.DARWIN S SCYTHE just how sure are you this gay aspect will work Mr Makenna, I started, but Cameron cut me off I know this will work, Mr Makenna, he said, his eyes darted to the CCTV camera, then back to the man in front of us I know this will work, because I m gay hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahanope.and He laughed, but I told him, But I also don t want you to ignore me I don t expect us to be anything less than professional, but I also don t want you to treat me like I mean nothing to you Fuck Now I sounded like a girl.yay, misogyny triple fuckery bonus points what s next, appallingly disrespectful and appropriative disability porn wince but waitthere sHe bit his lip, to stop from smiling it would seem As in a date Yes, as in a date, I answered Great Now I was grinning and giddy like a girl.but then there s even omfg it s a fucking bonanza And that choked up, emotional lump appeared in my throat again Fuck I was turning into a girl.AND THEN then there sthen there s whatever the the fuck in christendom this is The ad features a sad and lonely little puppet sock, in a drab, colorless world, who appears to be looking for something he s lost He passes pretty socks, even handsome socks, but shakes his head and keeps walking He does look twice at one particular colorful, striped sock which Cameron insisted on and still found hilarious but this poor little sock just can t find what he is looking for.Unable to go on, he is just about to pull a thread to unravel himself, when a cartoon ambulance pulls up, the doctor socks grabs him, lays him on a gurney and rushes him away The doctors perform CPR, and when they hit him with paddles, his little sock back arches off the bed Finally the ambulance doors open, and the animated world is bright and colourful, Wizard of Oz style Where am I the sock asks Caiusaro, a soft voice answers It s Heaven for socks Heaven for feet which accounts for the cunningly alliterative cover, i guess so yeah.that happened.to my face.last year.and those feelz carried over into this year, because i didn t have the energy to deal with it like i knew i could.like i knew i should.so.there was a lot to like in this book and lots that wasn t.but mostly mostly i was mad about the HIV. This was just the book I needed It was perfectly funny.Perfectly smutty.Perfectly developed Perfectly fun Perfectly angst and drama freeWell, crazy socks and foot fetishes.There was never a doubt It was always going to be a perfect matchAnd it was FREEEEEEEEE FREE people Before I begin my review, I want to point out one other thing that is awesomeThis book is FREE Yep, that s right Zero US Dollars Zero Euros Zero Canadian Dollars Zero Yen Zero British Pounds Zero Pesos FREE ALWAYS AND FOREVER if you ll allow.let the gushing begin 5 Stars This book I was in love from the very beginning I didn t even make it to the half way point before I went on to purchase the paperback to add to my shelves I was convinced that something seriously epic would have to happen to kill my book high And did anything happen Absolutely not The book just kept getting better And by the end, when I got to the last pageI closed my eyes and sighed.Cameron and Lucas work together in an advertising firm They have offices across from each, but basically try to pretend that the other doesn t exist Late on a Friday afternoon they are given the assignment of their careers Come up with an ad campaign for a potential new client A 20 million contract Oh, and the meeting is Monday morningyou have 65 hours to put this together It turns out, 65 hours was all it took to change their lives Enemies to friends to lovers It had everything I look for in a book Endearing, lovable and fantastic MC s Great banter and engaging plot Explosive chemistry and delicious sexual tension Scorching hot sex with a couple who like to switch it up An ending and epilogue that left me with a huge, sappy grin on my face for hoursSimply put I didn t even highlight I couldn t pry my eyes away to take the time to highlight when I cried, when I laughed, when I got the butterflies and when Cameron and Lucas gave me all the happy tingles And, oh man, the thing with the socksSO ADORABLY CUTE This book is easily going on my favorites shelf On my reread shelf On my physical paperback shelf On my shout it from the rooftop recommendation shelf.