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FREE EPUB Û The Sheiks Virgin Lover (The Sisterhood, #1) Ø Who Knew A Simple Game Of Basketball Could Lead To So Much Emma Knightly Had No Idea That Taking The Game So Seriously Could Put Her In The Path Of Dharran Mihail Bin Wassan, Sheik Of Sundab, Who Turned Her Life Upside Down, With The Worst Proposals Ever Dharran Knew That Emma Was The Woman He Needed By His Side, But Each Time He Came Close, She Ran AwayThrough The Capitals Of Europe And The United States, Emma And Dharran Dance Around Their Feelings For Each Other Until A Crisis Forces Them Together Once Again Glad that they didn t make love right on their first date A good bookThe only things I didn t like was that it took so long for them to get together and that there was no epilogue Congrats anyway Gina Hello.The story is very good but when I m almost at the end, a few chapters before it ends, I noticed that there are some information on the story is missing For example, she went for another international meeting and there s an improvement in there relationship but it s not there, and there s the scenario that she went to visit him in his country What happened while she s there Because on the last chapter, she s comparing her current visit to her previous visit Sorry to say but among your books, this story is not satisfying for me because scenarios are missing which is important for me for building their relationship. Long winded Great story line but everything was descriptions of how everything look scene taste but didn t let me use my imagination of how the scene would look