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I m a big fan of shonen ai and don t usually pay much mind to manga vs manhwa puritainism Japanese comics are better than Korean but with this title, I have to say I can see their point.Something must have been lost in translation, cuz this jumps around a lot, characters say weird things suddenly and scenes shift abruptly in the middle of a page And the art is inconsistant which can always make up for a bad story imo.This is from the same publisher that put out Boy Princess which is much better.It s rated 16 for sexual content but it s kind of like Fake in that everything is mostly dream sequence and 90% edited for tv type shots It s a conflicted about attraction to boys storyline so there is barely any kissing, and nothing is resolved at the end But I m not bothering with volume 2 Bleck.But, maybe it s just me. [Free Ebook] ⚖ Not So Bad Vol. 1 ☦ By E Hae Even With His Hot Career, Top Movie Star Eunhee Finds His Life Empty And Without Reason Then One Day, In Front Of His Door, He Finds Gain Who Looks Like An Abandoned Cat From A Bad Mugging Incident From That Day On, The Two Men Get To Share Eunhee S House And His Bed, Though Not Intended Eunhee Gradually Realizes That His Hopeless And Meaningless Life Has Changed Forever Since Gain Has Entered His House, And His Love For The Boy Storms Up His Heart And Changes Him Altogether 3.5 5 I thought the romance in this was nothing but melodrama and it went too fast, but I m interested to see if the MC changes his heart or not He s so scared of getting close to people that it s hard to see him going a different route However, there s only two volumes in this manga series so I ll find out very soon so far a great read, need Vol 2 now. Eunhee is a popular actor and Gain is a bartender Eunhee finds Gain outside his apartment building, injured and looking for a place to stay, so he lets him move in The romance between these two is slow to build and the attraction is very subtle They seriously kiss at the end of the book, that s as graphic as it gets Gain has insomenia and has been going from relationship to relationship hoping to find a cure Turns out Eunhee is his cure, and Gain is happy with the arrangement Eunhee is having trouble processing what his attachment to Gain is They have a fight over it and Gain leaves While separated Eunhee begins to work himself sick, hoping to forget Gain That s where the story ends I liked the characters and their complex relationship. You see how it s called Not So Bad That is a lie, and it is that bad.Sadly, it is not even weird and sex crazed enough to at least have some hilarity factor Thankfully, the angst is cut short by the fact that the story is wrapped up in two measly volumes What can I say, I got it for free. I really enjoyed this manhwa Refreshing mature characters and stunning art Looking forward to from this author