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Horroroso, un completo desatino Le doy una estrella porque no se puede poner negativosNo s qu pensaba la escritora para hacer este libro pero es horroroso 4 libertinos que de repente conocer el amor por 4 hermanas virginales pero que saben demasiado de c mo controlar y conquistar a los hombres No he encontrado mi pues no cabeza a casa una de las historias Parec a un querer y no poder. creo que no le doy m s oportunidades a esta autora Linda Howard n Stephanie abla i in dedi i Kitab elime almam i in Laurens n ad n kapakta g rmem yetiyor s zleri benim i inde ge erli Ne kadar k t de, vasatta olsa ben be eniyorum Laurens ablay Ama okuduklar m n hepsi iyiydi bence Vasat kitab bile bana harika geliyor B ylesine nas l ba lad beni kendine bilmiyorum ama onun kalemine bay l yorum Ve bu kitab nda da bu bozulmad Hatta en sevdi im kitaplar ndan biri oldu nk bu kitab nda bir ifti de il tam d rt ifti anlat yor Laurens abla Evet 300 gibi k sac k sayfada bir s r ey s d rabilmi Okurken g lmekten duramad m Her yeni sayfaya ge i im de meraktan atlayacakt m resmen Kitaptaki her karaktere bay ld m K zlar m z n hepsi birbirinden g zel ve ak ll yd Erkekler ise zamparan n nde gideniydi ama bu onlar n a klar na engel olmad Okursan z be enece inize eminim, bence bir ans verip okuyun derim. This is a good book but not an amazing one One of those that you will find nice to read but you won t remember in two weeks There are some better books by Stephanie Laurens out there.As usual with Stephanie Laurens, we are dealing with very well outlined and interesting characters And we re talking about four pairs here And in a fairly short book The main pair is Caroline and Max In my opinion, the least interesting of all couples Sarah and Darcy as well as Arabella and Hugo are muchremarkable I would like to see Arabella and Hugo as the main one Unfortunately, they are definitely on the margins of the whole story It is a pity.I am not entirely convinced about the motives that guide Max from the very beginning As soon as he meets Caroline, he decides to seduce her And without fail implements his plan For what purpose To make her his lover It doesn t really suit the romance hero This is a bit strange and vague.Anyway, the story is okay, could be better. 3 stelline e mezzo 3 ve 4 aras nda gidip geldim Puan 3.5 Asl nda kitap g zeldi, ama bir yandan da klasik historical havas yoktu Yani 4 k z karde ve onlar ok be enen 4 zampara vard ve i lerinden biri de k zlar n vasisi olmas gereken gen D k t Ama olay sadece b y k k z karde ve d k aras nda de ildi, d rt k z n ve adamlar n d ncelerini de g rd k, bu bir yandan e lenceli ve g zeldi, ama bir yandan da o historical n karaktere zel tad n veremedi Yeterince i ine almad kitap, okuyucuyu biraz d ar da b rak yordu Ama b t n bunlara ra men kendini h zla okuttu nk g zeldi, sadece iki ana karakter se ip onlara odaklanmas n isterdim sanki I loved the premise and the light hearted fun tone to the story I even liked the heroine and her sisters despite their perfection and beauty It was amusing to consider the horror that went through Max when he realized he was guardian to all four Also, the writing was good and professional and the plot moved along briskly.But the story did not deliver on its promise I just could not get past the fact that Max and Darcy were intent on sleeping with virginal debutantes and had no shame in doing so Yes, they did get swayed to marriage in the end but not for wont of trying first It just seemed ludicrous to me that men of standing in the ton actually would think of setting up debutantes from good family as their mistresses with no thought to scandal And Max was a terrible guardian Despite some statements about needing to protect the three younger sisters forget Caro , Max seemedthan happy to allow his friends to debauch the the girls and actually seemed to havesympathy with the men instead Capping it off, I really didn t like the ending and how Max basically set up Caro s abduction and seduction so that HAD she wanted to not sleep with him or even turn down his proposal, she would have been thoroughly compromised anyway Not cool Basically, I guess I m saying that Max was not a great hero.Beyond that, I just felt like no one actually fell in love in this story It was all lust and wanting In fact, no one s HEA included a declaration of being in love, or even the thought of it Yet despite all that lust, there were no satisfying sex scenes, just vague allusions and after the fact summaries Disappointing At least give me the hot sex if there is going to be no love Four charming rakes and four strong willed rake magnets conduct a perilous battle of the wills throughout a series of London ballrooms, on terraces, in ante rooms and opera boxes, within gazebos, as well as the shrubberies A light, humorous, and escapade filled regency The narrator, Ashford MacNab captured the humor and sexiness of Laurens novel, and did a great job with the male and female voices. &Pdf ☞ Four In Hand ⇲ Cuidaria De Quatro Damas T O Encantadoras At Que Todas Elas Arranjassem Um MaridoQuando Max Rotherbridge, O Duque De Twyford, Soube Que, Juntamente Com O T Tulo E As Propriedades Do Seu Tio, Acabava De Herdar A Cust Dia De Quatro Jovens Ricas E Casadoiras, Ficou Estupefacto Max Era O Libertino Mais Famoso De Toda A Cidade De Londres, Por Isso N O Era Algo Muito Apropriado Para Ele Mas, Quando Estava Para Impugnar O Testamento, Conheceu A Mais Velha Das Quatro Irm S Caroline 4.5 S k ld m yahu bu yazar severim ama bu hikaye olmam