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!Download Book ♆ The Yellow Canary (LA After Midnight Quartet, #1) ♃ Los Angeles, It S A Dangerous Time To Be Gay Nobody Knows That Better Than Closeted Prosecutor Paul Winters, The Rising Star In The LA District Attorney S Office But When The Police Insist A Gay Man Arrested For Soliciting Committed Suicide In Custody And Paul Knows It Was Murder He Risks Everything To Uncover The Truth Thrown Together With A Strikingly Handsome Vice Cop With A Dark Past, The Two Men Race To Expose A Conspiracy At The Highest Levels Of Government That Threatens To Tear The City Apart THE YELLOW CANARY Is The First Book In The LA AFTER MIDNIGHT Quartet, A Four Book Four Decade Spanning Saga Of Gay Life From The S To The S In America S Most Corrupt City Back in the day the early 90 s , Johnson wrote a couple of mysteries starring a gay NYC cop It s been a while since I ve read them, but I remember enjoying them I think they were solid if not exactly spectacular A third was advertised but never happened, which was kind of disapppointing.Anyway, I was pleased to find this new ebook on The Yellow Canary follows a pretty familiar noir blueprint corrupt cops, shady land deals, a B movie starlet who is both and less than the public perceives her to be but adds a gay romantic triangle I had a little trouble keeping the characters straight so to speak in the beginning, but the story really picks up steam as it rolls along and the last third is very hard to put down The same with the love triangle I thought the romantic complications seemed a bit forced at first, but the resolution is satisfying.Pulp fun Recommended to noir fans. Full Reviewage on Prism Book Alliance Most mysteries I read, which aren t many because, I end up not giving a fig about what s happening because there s not a lot of there there Not at all the case here Calling all mystery lovers, this is a book for you Jim Blake stood at the top of the stairs, the double brass doors swinging shut behind him On the wall above him the words LOS ANGELES CITY JAIL were carved in stone, flanked by stylized palm tree bas reliefs The wind chattered in trees along the parking strip and again a lock of wavy hair fell across the vice cop s forehead.Within the first few pages, I was already in love with the language and writing style of this author Pretty easy to see why, eh Paul Winters, Assistant DA in L.A., that s him up there describing Jim Blake Don t worry, the tables are turned and we get just what Jim Blake experiences, as well Both of these guys, along with Dr hah Stone, mobster Fischer, Paul s boyfriend David, Jim s regrets, Jeannie and Pat, Alfred oh my goodness, how I love Alfred , the dirty cops, the cops trying to remain clean, all of them speak to the plethora of characters that support this story The key to keeping all of these characters, and the many moving parts of this mystery, in one coherent headspace There isn t one Johnson does it for you I had no difficulty swimming through the emotions, actions, decisions and consequences of such as they all swirled around me Goodness, this author can paint a picture with his words, creating shadows and glaring lights, causing the unflinching to flinch, and the indecision forcing life changing decisions I loved it all.Just as quickly, the mystery kicked off There were at least three possible suspects with dozens on the way, given the circumstances surrounding the initial crime This is how you pen a mystery, folks What it appears to be might not be the case at all.A large part of this story is also a heart breaking, upsetting, and unfortunately accurate electric current of reality running through all parts If you weren t a white straight well to do male in the mid 1950 s, you were treated, legally and culturally, as lesser than, with life altering consequences, ones that wrecked lives, heaping fear in giant unavoidable piles on top of those daily lives Normally, I m able to set aside my contemporary self while reading a historical novel Not here It s all very close to home, unapologetic in its reality Arrests, punishment, and death were all results experienced by so many for simply loving someone whom society deemed incorrect, inappropriate, unacceptable, abhorrent My contemporary self was constantly warring with my understanding of history self Once he got his foot in the door with the LAPD, Stone envisioned obtaining contracts with the courts to expand his private practice to accommodate thousands of these homosexuals in group therapy sessions to cure the malignancy, and not just in Los Angeles.Yeah The author pulls no punches, no blurring the edges, no compromising the truth of, not just opinions but, the practical application of those opinions and the lives they attempted to ruin Some they did.Getting back to the mystery, I must reiterate how well it s constructed, never giving anything away early, keeping all of the known facts and characters in logical order and place I never once felt overwhelmed by detail in anything that even had a whiff of attempting to corral all of those moving parts They re organically dispensed, those details, everything unfolding before my eyes, one flap of the map flipped open at a time.The relationships and the friendships, no matter the type, all felt real, doing their parts to carry and strengthen the story and its emotional impact Believe me, there be impact here Paul and Jim are the focus, as it were, but the mystery and the crimes committed are the ropes threatening to pull them apart and into pieces The ending Heart pounding, emotional, quiet, and thrilling Will they survive Who does survive Who s behind the whole thing Who can Jim trust Who can Paul trust Can they trust each other What will become of Victoria, Alfred, and David My gosh, so many questions and I loved experiencing the answers just as much as the questions themselves.As soon as I finished reading this, I bought The Black Cat , the second book that takes place in this universe I cannot wait to start it and see how all of these people are doing, what they re doing, and where they re doing it.Key references in the novel, which I include here to give you an idea of the high quality of the sense of place, emotion, and truth woven all throughout this novel Magnus Hirschfeld Collectionfoundsf.orgThe author s acknowledgments This book wouldn t have been possible without the extraordinary work of the following historians and memoirists Jonathan Katz, Gay American History John D Emilio, Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities Stuart Timmons, The Trouble with Harry Hay Lillian Faderman and Stuart Timmons, Gay L.A. Helen P Branson and Will Fellows, Gay Bar John Buntin, L.A Noir I thank you all.ETA Recommended Read on PBA for May 2015 The Yellow Canary LA After Midnight Quartet, 1 By Steve Neil JohnsonClutching Hand Books edition, 2012Five starsSteve Neil Johnson has written about the darkness of our own history as gay folk Set in 1956 when I was one year old , Johnson s first of a quartet of mysteries, each set in a different decade, creates an atmosphere of foreboding and suspense in post McCarthy Los Angeles Unlike Frank Butterfield s charming Nick Williams, whose vast fortune is the magic key to defeating homophobia, Johnson s Paul Winters is a crusader for justice bedeviled by his own fear of exposure A rising star in the District Attorney s office, Paul has a discreetly social gay life, dining out with his gay and lesbian friends in glamorous nightspots posing as straight couples so as to hide in plain sight Paul also has a handsome Jewish boyfriend, David Rosen, who s the best thing that s ever happened to him Paul s a good guy, celebrated in LA because of his support of marginalized citizens But, like every gay man in 1950s America, Paul has good reason to be afraid The mysterious death of a gay man in the city jail sets off Paul s alarms Working in tandem with Jim Blake, a young cop recently moved to LA from Wisconsin, Paul sets out to discover the truth behind a suicide that wasn t suicide As he and Jim begin to put together the pieces, they realize they ve uncovered something really big and ugly, involving politics, organized crime, and murder Johnson s writing is very good, and the suspense is palpable I confess that I was unhappy reading a good bit of this book, because it transmitted all the fear and hopelessness that gay folk must have felt in an America that vilified and criminalized them It was not at all clear how anything good could come out of what was sometimes a brutal story I was not convinced of Paul Winter s courage, fearful of his internalized self hatred The author made me feel what it was to live in an atmosphere of fear and oppression what it is to be a hero in the face of your own despair.A particularly nice detail was the crucial but secondary character of Dr Socrates Stone, a young psychiatrist who joins the LAPD to beef up their psychological techniques in interrogation Stone has a certain obsession with homosexuality, and he himself is the embodiment of all of the homophobia that ruled American culture in the 1950s A delicious and chilling detail is Stone s concern with his toddler son s lack of interest in playing ball One fears for that child growing up with a father who, in the name of good, will destroy him I also wonder if Socrates Stone isn t a stand in for Charles Socarides, the famed psychiatrist who spent his life trying to perfect the cure for homosexuality in spite of having a well known gay son, Richard, born in 1954 This is a great book The second in the series is set ten years later, in 1966, with the same characters I am really looking forward to seeing what Paul Winters does in a different time in America. Wow Beautiful and brutal This makes me want to call each of my beloved friends who lived through these times and tell them how in awe of them I am, how amazing they are to have survived the hate with their hearts intact and still loving This one is going to stay with me for a long time, and that can only be a good thing. What a satisfying story I m always thrilled to discover a new to me writer of the calibre of Steve Neil Johnson The Yellow Canary hits all the right spots gritty, suspenseful writing excellent pacing and plotting and to top it off, vulnerable lead characters who aren t perfect, but do the best they can to survive in an era where love between same sex couples could lead to life imprisonment or worse.I m off to buy the second book in the series now. Quite interesting historical thriller with gay 50s LA as the main characterIf you ever wanted to know what LA was like in the 50s for a gay man, and the threats that brought with it, this is the book to read I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this particular part of history of the city of angels Very well written with a great protagonist and supporting leading man, I could hardly put the book down. Good story, well told.I like the description of time and place, but would have preferred edgier, less obvious charactersations. 5 stars, Los Angeles historic, not really a romance, of a detective mystery Fascinating detail of the LA Police, City Council, Lawyers, first national monthly gay publication and on and on It involves a major event in the city s history and touches on the beginning of LA s freeways I m not a good judge of how innovative a writer is regarding a mystery, but I thought it was pretty good As for romance, there is a gay couple who love each other in the end, but it s a sub plot And there is sex outside of it, sorry to say Complicated to describe without giving some of the plot away.This is the city I was born in and I know it well In fact I was born the year this takes place The author gets it right down to describing the linoleum on the floor of the jail I learned things I hadn t previously known.The author gives acknowledgements at the end and includes historical research and attitudes of the time The life a gay person would have if found out makes me kind of understand the line what would our friends think , also add in neighbors, employers etc I get the fear my parents had for me and for them when I was outed Granted that was 20 years later, but still fresh in their minds The author brings this out in a devastating way We live in a world now that is so vastly different, I am amazed at our progress I m hooked and look forward to the rest of the series. 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