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`DOWNLOAD PDF ↽ Roman Nantwich ⇕ InThe Fullest Evidence So Far Recovered For The Roman Settlement At Nantwich, A Historic Salt Producing Centre In Cheshire North Western England , Was Revealed By An Excavation Carried Out At Kingsley Fields, On The West Side Of The Town, Ahead Of A Housing Development This Uncovered A Previously Unknown Roman Road, Linking The Settlement At Nantwich To The Main Road Network, And, Positioned Along This, Evidence For The Collection And Storage Of Brine And The Production Of Salt, Together With Buildings, Enclosures, A Well And A Small Number Of Cremation Burials Waterlogged Conditions Meant That Organic Remains, Including Structural Timbers, Were Well Preserved On The Site These Included The Two Finest Examples Of Timber Built Brine Tanks Excavated From Roman Britain This Volume Presents The Wide Ranging Finds Of These Investigations Contents Introduction Peter Connelly David PowerBackground To The Excavation Peter Connelly David PowerThe Excavation Peter Arrowsmith, Simon Askew, Peter Connelly David PowerCoarse Pottery Philip Mills With Jeremy EvansSamian Ware Felicity C WildCoins David ShotterSmall Finds And Vessel Glass H E M CoolCremated Remains Jacqueline I McKinley, Catherine Barnett Ruth PellingLeather Quita MouldWooden Objects Peter Arrowsmith Steven BellshawQuernstones John CruseArchitectural And Altar Fragments Peter ArrowsmithFired Clay And Briquetage Cynthia PooleIndustrial Debris Mark AdamsBrick And Tile Jeff SpeakmanStructural Timbers Peter Arrowsmith, Michael Nevell David PowerDendrochronological Samples Of Structural Timbers Ian TyersPlant Macrofossils, Wood, Diatoms, Faunal Remains And Insect Analysis Charlotte OBrien, Lorne Elliott, Nigel Cameron, Louisa Gidney Steve Davis ,Conclusion Peter Arrowsmith David Power Appendix A Kingsley Cottage, Red Lion Lane, Nantwich, A Note On The Evaluation InPeter Arrowsmith Appendix B St Anne S Lane, Nantwich, A Note On The Excavations By Gifford InMichael Nevell