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@FREE EPUB ⚪ Voices on the Wind é Nicole Rawlins Had Seemed The Perfect Wife So Perfect Her Husband Burke Had Run Away And Buried Himself In An Ocean Of Bourbon And Guilt Rather Than Accept Her Death When He Finally Returned To Boston And His Law Career, Burke Joined His Old Friend Jill As The Prosecution In A Notorious Divorce Case Soon The Only Person Who Could Still Make Him Laugh Became Than A Colleague And Much Than A Friend And When Burke Tried To Run This Time, It Was Jill S Voice He Heard On The Wind synopsis burke s wife was killed a year ago, and burke ran, literally, away from the law firm that they both worked at when he returned, he is assigned to a case with his friend jill, and as they work together, they come to see each other as than friends.what i liked the deiction of grief.what i didn t like i just couldn t get into the writing style i just kept rolling my eyes, and not because it is a category romance i couldn t connect with either of the main characters. This book is the first one that I read and truly loved I was nine years old It s an old keeper that I will never part with.