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~BOOK ♌ Felt Tips ♷ FELT TIPS The World S Greatest Charity Anthology Of Office Supply Related Erotica Please Congratulate All Our Fine Felt Tips Writers When You See Them On Twitter They Donated Their Time And Talents To This Charity Anthology Because Of Them, Some Kids Who Couldn T Afford New School Supplies And Some Down On Their Luck Parents Who Can T Afford Work Clothes Will Be Getting A Hand From Our One Handed Read Felt Tips Table Of ContentsIndelible By Jenny Lyn Taking Dictation By Karen Booth Hard At Work By Karen Stivali The Saint Of Office Hell By Heather Cole Of Silver, Sin, And School Desks By Blacksilk Mine By Brittany Lawrence What Is It, Suzieby Eric Andrew Satchwill My New Office Chair By Gwen Marie Porter Proof By Amber Lin Stapled By Jason Darrick Getting Down To Business By Kelly Jamieson In The Closet By AmyBeth Inverness Special Delivery By Rebecca Stewart The Drawing By Marie Wright Down To The Point By Sopphey Vance Doing It Write By Lynne Silver Mark Me By Jillian Boyd Tape By Shoshanna Evers Vee By Alyssa Linn Palmer The Fountain Pen By Sandra Bunino Trust Me By Antonio Angelo Whiteboard By Lela Gwenn The Night Shift By Xander Grimm The Benefits Of Multitasking By Kiki Snow Routine Maintenance By R Brennan The Boss By Maxine Marsh Private Message By Cara Ellyn All Marked Up By Erin Danielle A Stroke Of Peach By Lucy Felthouse The Server By Anya Winter A Rough Night At The Office By Diana Cruz A Planned Encounter By Emily Cale Theo S Donation By Patricia Correll The Motion Of The Ocean By Morgan Sierra Open Rack By Candice Bundy The Antique By K Fish Silky Silvered By Memory Scarlett All Work No Play By Michelle Ribaric Turnabout By Stella Harris Caught By Juliana Sliema Embrace The Strength Inside By Jade Adkins What Happens At STAPLES By Amanda Fletcher Love Letters By Allie Sanders Teacher S Pet By Tiffany Reisz Damn hot Great selection of short stories And Mistress Nora and Sheridan are just the cherry on top There are so many stories in this anthology that I couldn t possibly touch on all of them I got it because it had a contribution from Sandra Bunino, and I love her work As with any anthology, especially of this size, there will be some stories that you ll love, that you ll like alright, and some that just aren t quite your taste or that just don t do it for you That s how I felt about this book There were a few stories that I really liked causing me to look up some new authors and some that I couldn t even finish because they just weren t for me.Here s an anthology with a little bit of everything themed around some type of office supply from a marker to a desk chair It s worth checking out for the gems and easy enough to skip what doesn t tickle your fancy. I will never be able to look at the work place the same way again This book of short stories was very enjoyable I have a new whole new appreciation for office supplies There were a couple 5 star stories, several 4 stars, but the majority, in my opinion, were three stars or below Saying that, I did enjoy this compilation for a good cause It was nice to know that I was reading something I could put down in a few minutes if I didn t have a lot of time to commit to reading I will ALWAYS pick up anything that has Tiffany Reisz s name on it it never disappoints. First of all, there are a LOT of stories in this collection You won t find a better value for the money you spend AND that money goes to help teachers get supplies they would otherwise have to pay for out of pocket So, if you at all like erotica, then go buy this As you might suspect, there are eleventy billion different styles and types of stories in this anthology Some weren t really my cup of tea, but I m a big believer in expanding one s horizons so I read them each and every one I think my favorite was actually Getting Down to Business I ll let you read it to figure out why I was also particularly impressed with Love Letters and Indelible I know there were others, but I didn t write them all down so just know I do have a few favorites playing around in there.Reisz s Teacher s Pet is, of course, worth the price of admission Kudos to her editing, too, though Well done anthology. I am the slowest short story reader ever I suppose this is because each story has it s own plot so I don t feel that rush to keep reading to find out the ending the ending happens rather quickly Regardless, I of course enjoyed some stories than others, as you do Tape was probably my favorite, and the others featuring already established relationships All and all a rather clever idea for an anthology well executed. 1 3 through.Most of the stories are quite short, not a lot of space for building tension A few of them are good, many of them are very similar to each other For me anyway, fewer but longer stories would have worked a lot better Done there were quite a few 4 star stories, but just as many 2 star ones that were also very repetitive alike So a small 3 from me. If anything has Tiffany Reisz near it read it You won t regret it I swear the woman could make a grocery list funny and sexy. Quite honestly, I only purchased this to read the story by Tiffany Reisz I read a couple of the others they were hot, however, I quickly lost interest in the whole office theme Entertaining read though