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Peanut the Fuzzy Chicken by Dani MarieChildren s illustrated colorful book that allows a child to image what it would be like to be an animal because the book tells you what the animals do every day on the farm Very good educational tool if a child lives in the city.Peanut lives on a farm with many animals He does not look like the other chickens in the coop.He thinks he might want to be a cat and chase mice maybe not..He thinks he might want to be the farm watchdogHe pretends to be a real chicken and paints himself yellow good thing it s bath day.His job is to watch the new chicks and he gets a surprise when they all hatchLoved all the animals and birds Peanut comes acros at the farm and at the town market. Strange Wonderful children s book Read it as a reviewer Worth passing on to a young child Enjoy take a moment s break and become a child again for just a few minutes .KINDLE ♳ Peanut the Fluffy Chicken ☺ Peanut Is A Very Special Chicken Because He Is Fuzzy He Does Not Look Like Any Of The Other Chickens, But He Does Not Care Because He Goes On Grand Adventures And Plays Silly Games He Runs All Over The Farm, Does Chores, Goes In The House To Eat Snacks And In Farmer Melanie S Truck For Rides He S Such A Brave Chicken That He Even Becomes A Hero When He Saves The Chicks Peanut Thinks His Life Is Pretty SwellPeanut The Fuzzy Chicken Is A Charming Children S Book About A Curious Chicken That Feels Different From The Other Animals On The Farm Because He Is Fuzzy Instead Of Feathery However, He Doesn T Let That Get His Spirit Down Peanut Goes On Grand Adventures And Helps Out His Owner, Melanie, Around The Farm With Chores Unlike Other Animals There, He Regularly Visits Melanie In The House And Snacks From Her Delicious CookingThis Story Is Unique From Any Other Children S Books Because It Is Inspired By A True Story About A Real Chicken That Is A Beloved Pet Of The Author, Dani Peanut Was Adopted On October Th, As A Fuzzy Chick And Because Of His Unique Breed, He Has Remained Fuzzy Peanut Quickly Bonded To The Author Dani, And The Two Of Them Have Had Many Fun Adventures TogetherPeanut S Favorite Things To Do Include Riding In Dani S Jeep, Going To The Feed Store To Get His Pellets, Pecking, Crowing Loudly, Watching TV On The Couch, Going To Work With Dani, Stomping On Dani S Keyboard, Going On Walks, And Sleeping On Dani S Lap As She ReadsHe Enjoys Playing Outside, But Unlike Other Chickens, His Favorite Place To Be Is Inside The House, Usually Begging For Food He Wears Chicken Diapers Indoors, Which He Finds Embarrassing But Tolerable, And When He Is In The House, He Runs Around, Crows, Pecks The Cats, And He Hangs Out With DaniJoin Peanut In This Adorable Children S Book As His Curiosity Leads Him To Meet New Friends And Make Fun Discoveries Peanutfuzzychicken