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I originally read this book than 20 years ago, and the story has been stuck in my head all those years It s now out of print, but I found a copy on eBay paid a small fortune , and I m very happy that I ll be able to share it with my nephew soon Still a great kids tale, if a bit dated. As a child, this book must have made quite an impression on me Probably not the first book I ever read but it IS the first one I remember reading Almost 60 years ago After reading it, I pestered for an ant farm and though Mom wasn t fond of the idea of ants in the house, she relented To this day, I think of this book when I see ants scurrying around my own back steps And, yes I feel guilty if I step on them I recently purchased the audio version available from ChinaBerry and listened to it with my 9 and 7 year old children We all thoroughly enjoyed it While some areas were dated, it did not take away from the imagination and enjoyment of the adventure Weeks after completing the story, we are still referencing different parts of the book and trying to imitate the voices that the narrator brought to life The voice of Cricket in particular was a favorite What a great way to turn the family taxi rides to from after school activities enjoyable I mush prefer audio stories to movies. I think this book is one of the most imaginative children s books I have ever read It has been about 50 years since I last read this book and while it is gender biased at times, I do think it is still worth reading, if the book is discussed with adults Thank you, Em, for finding this book for me It is a lovely and thoughtful gift. Wonderful book that I have searched for in vain for YEARS There should be someone out there willing to go thru the proper hoops to republish this classic I sure would like to read it to my grandchildren. To say that I read this book is not actually true My teacher in 2nd or 3rd grade read a chapter from this story to us each Friday afternoon I often think about it, and have wondered what it was titled I see others have mentioned that it is out of print and it is dated Not surprising since I listened to it 55 years ago I am sorry that it is out of print, I would like to read it for myself. |E-PUB ☣ The City Under the Back Steps ☬ Craig Began To Experience A Shrinking Feeling, As Though He Might Be Withering Away Or Else That Everything Around Him Was Growing Rapidly It Made Him Quite Dizzy, So Dizzy That He Closed His Eyes, And When He Opened Them Again, He Couldn T Recognize Where He WasAlthough Craig Didn T Realize It Yet, He And His Cousin, Jill, Had Been Reduced To Minute Size And Taken Prisoner By An Ant Colony In Punishment For Stepping On One Of Its Members This book made a lasting impression on my kids a fun story that builds empathy for the ants and other creatures. This book was so great I still remember a number of things from it, even though it s probably been at least twenty years since I read it They really ought to reprint it. Donna Another for when she s older, maybe third grade An exciting story of kids who are shrunk to ant size and learn empathy for the small creatures around us.