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Not as goodThis series falls into the trap of so many other series, as this book is not as good as the first Daria s new life is a disappointment I don t get why everyone dislikes her I also don t like Alex s behavior for most of the book I m hoping the journey they start at the end for the third book will bring back some of the magic of the first book I give the series one book to get back on track. Some time ago, I reviewed Gaia s Secret the first in this series I liked it as in REALLY liked it , but I also posed the question of whether Kloss would be able to maintain the momentum of her first novel in its sequel Too often, sequels in a series fall flat, and I wondered whether Daria s adventures would stale once her initial journey into Gaia ended Happily, this is not the case The Keeper s Flame is a wonderful read arguably, better than the first book that delves deeply into Daria s character as well as the political tensions that will set in motion the conflicts of subsequent novel s in this series Daria is once again a delightful and believable heroine, and she makes a perfectly imperfect princess She is decidedly feminine without succumbing to the wishy washy lovestruck caricature, and she possesses strength and intellect without overcompensating as a bad ass bully And, despite a few choice steamy scenes, her role in this novel is not defined by her relationships She battles insecurities and feelings of futility, sibling and family rivalries, and personal outrage over social injustice in a manner that is refreshing and rare in a fantasy novel.That said, The Keeper s Flame IS a fantasy, and it maintains even less connection with the real world than its prequel Kloss does a fair job capturing the pageantry and decadent imagery of the castle environment, though I missed the rich nature imagery from the first book The heart of this story is Daria s real girl reactions to a series of fantastical and magical situations, which results in an episodic and often humorous narrative think Jo Rowling meets Juliet Marillier, with a twist Meg Cabot.In any case, I highly recommend picking up Gaia s Secret first, but don t hesitate continuing the series with The Keeper s Flame Personally, I intend to see this imaginative and entertaining series through to the end. I ve read this book before it was The Goblet of Fire It was still really good though Having just finished Gaia s Secret the day before I finished this book, hah , I couldn t wait to get my grubby e book loving hands on The Keeper s Flame which I then proceeded to plow through in about 7 hours.I have some mixed feeling on this installment mixed because even though I still loved it, of course like, a lot a lot , I was still a bit disappointed because it didn t hit on all cylinders like Gaia s Secret.My biggest issue with the book was Daria s complete lack of confidence in herself Essentially, for reasons unknown until later on , Daria has lost her magical abilities Because of this, her confidence takes a major hit, to say the least, and there s tons of self deprecation to be had I wish there had been a, Hey, I don t need magic to be awesome realization moment, especially considering that Daria has a lot of physical skills and good instincts but, nope.Everything else, though I d say it was all great, for the most part The story switches gears in The Keeper s Flame, so whereas Gaia s Secret was fast paced and full of adventures, this book slowed things down as it explored Daria s adjustment to her new life Nonetheless, Daria manages to find herself in than a few scrapes along the way, and events are constantly in motion.As a side note, I think that the romance aspect became a bit pronounced in The Keeper s Flame it was still not quite front and center, but was almost there so be careful if you don t like that kind of stuff In this book, too, there were times when the romance teetered on too angsty or too mushy, but in the times that it was on point, it was just oh so squee So, this is the part that now sucks having to wait for the next and last, I believe book in the series I m lucky enough with the timing since Breath of Dragons comes out next week yay , but even that is going to feel like an excruciating wait right now. I liked this sequel and it was a good read I was disappointed with the main character, Daria, however In the first book she felt much stronger and confident I didn t like that she questioned herself so much in this book I also got really tired of the hyperbole in Daria s inner dialogue the only one who has EVER loved me, my ONLY friend, ALL my fault, etc SPOILER ALERT I also didn t like the way that Daria and Alex came back together It felt too sudden and underdeveloped Overall, a good read and I look forward to the next book. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but this one blew me out of the water I LOVED it The character developments were fantastic and the plot twists kept me guessing or downright shocked me There were times I was yelling at the characters the kind of yelling that comes from an intense emotional ride of the best, most satisfying storytelling I ve always loved Barbara Kloss s way of painting pictures with her words and making me see the world so clearly and vividly, and she didn t disappoint with this book The story left me wanting seriously, I m chomping at the bit for the third book but it didn t leave me hanging with no resolution It s a wonderful experience to get to the end of the book and have closure while still desperately wanting to know what happens next Great sequel to Gaia s Secret I thoroughly enjoyed the character and story development in this second book, and could not put it down Finished it in two days and am anxious for the last book in the series. Can a sequel be better than it s predecessor Well, Barbara Kloss proved it Keeper s Flame was amazing I couldn t put it down It enticed me with the turn of every page I am looking forward to the next installment of the Pandoran books. Poor Daria.In Gaia s Secret, young Daria finds out that not only is she not of Earth, but she is the granddaughter of a tyrannical king who is not all that happy to see her return Now she must find her place in a world where she is apparently the only one who is unable to use magic When a dark threat looms to shatter the fragile peace, a contest his held to determine a new ruler for a region that has been missing one for years, and Daria finds herself thrust right into the middle of it Full of shifting alliances, shocking betrayals, and a gut wrenching ending that ll have you reaching for your Kleenex, The Keeper s Flame is an excellent read, showcasing Ms Kloss s terrific writing style It pulls you right in and does not let go I will be moving right on to the next chapter in Daria s epic saga ^FREE PDF ↚ The Keepers Flame (A Pandoran Novel, #2) ⇹ Winter Has Fallen Upon Valdon It S Been Five Months Since Daria Regius Arrived At The Castle, And Her Grandfather, The King, Has Stripped Her Of All Freedoms, Building Even Barriers Around Her Lonely LifeBut Darkness Moves Rumors Abound About A Dark Rider, Sending Ancient And Unspeakable Horrors To The Territories, And The Citizens Of Gaia Are Filled With Fear And Fear Blurs The Lines Of Loyalty And Trust, Honor And Allegiance, And Cultivates Dissonance Throughout The Kingdom The People Are Anxious For This Year S Games, Because This Year, According To Prophecy, Selecting A Champion Means A True King Can Be Chosen, And Only Once That True King Is Chosen Can The People Have Any Hopes Of Defeating The Evil Amassing Around ThemPropelled By Fear For Those She Loves, Unexpected Friendships, And Harrowing Betrayal, Daria Must Gain The Courage To Escape The Barriers Set Around Her Life And Confront The Evil That Threatens To Destroy Gaia Before It Finds Her And Takes Her Life FirstPacked With Action, Plot Twists And Unwieldy Magic, The Tension Rises In This YA Fantasy Sequel From Bestselling Author, Barbara KlossPerfect For Fans Of Throne Of Glass, Falling Kingdoms, And The Lunar Chronicles