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!FREE ♵ Managing the Future ♖ Equipping Your Organization For An Uncertain Future Is A Daunting Task If You Re Already Over Stretched Dealing With The Pressures Of Today It Can Seem Like An Impossible One But Building Future Planning Into Your Everyday Practices Is Not Only Vital It S Eminently Doable And Who Better To Show Us How Than Stephen Millett Historian, Futurist And Management Consultant For Three Decades Managing The Future Offers A Straightforward And Pragmatic Approach To Strategic Planning It Takes An Honest Look At The Limitations Of Forecasting, And Shows Through Real Life Examples And A Wealth Of Experience How Managers Can Best Use A Variety Of Futuring Methods, Including Scenarios, Horizon Scanning And Trend Monitoring Dr Millett First Outlines His Five Futuring Principles They Provide A Clear Theoretical Framework For Preparing An Organization For The Future He Then Takes Us Through The Practical Steps Involved In Managing A Forward Facing Organization, Including Managing Futuring The External To Internal Process Of Scanning The Environment To Anticipate The Trends That Will Affect Your Organization And Visioning Realizing The Internal Mission, Values, Aspirations And Goals Of An Organization And Its Management, And Then Turning Your Organization Outward To Face The World This is the one of my favorite books about futuring The author, Dr Stephen Millett perfectly combines theory with practice supported by many years of experience Publication structure is transparent and is divided into nine chapters The first five chapters concerns the essence futuringu, or five principles Futuring Principle 1 The future will be some unknown combination of contuinity and change.Futuring Principle 2 The future can be anticipated with varying degress of uncertainity depending upon conditions.Futuring Principle 3 Futuring and visioning are different but complementary perspective of the future.Futuring Principle 4 The best forecast and plaans are methidicaly generated and Provide Well Considered expectations for the future.Futuring Principle 5 There is no such thing as immutable forecast or plan for future immutable Forecast and plans Must Be Monitored Continuously, Evaluated, and revised acording to new date and conditions in order to Improve real time frameworks for making long term Decisions and strategies.Another Chapters deal with the practical application of futuring Note the broad definition of futuring followed by Millett, which includes forecasting, foresight, strategy, planning and management I recommend this book because of the value of the knowledge of what is contained in it.