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Although branded as a Transformers More Than Meets the Eye collected edition, this trade also contains the Death of Optimus Prime one shot that sets the stage for two ongoing Transformers series from IDW The one shot sets the impetus for both More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise.While the latter is a Cybertron based series that leans to a political and grounded story, More Than Meets the Eyes is set in space specifically, the Lost Light commanded by Rodimus.Each issue of Transformers More Than Meets the Eye is structured like a Star Trek episode Each installment has main story which is resolved in a issue and some secondary plots that moves that particular story thread to a payoff in a future issue It also has an overarching story which drives this title.Each issue of Transformers More Than Meets the Eye is a whole lot entertaining that some comics out there because with each issue being one and done, there s a lot going that a reader will surely get his her money s worth. people really weren t kidding when they said this was the best transformers comic.. I preface this by saying I never really gave a shit about the Transformers While I have some modicum of nostalgia for the original cartoon, it s impossible to insinuate it was anything other than a toy commercial, and a rather unbearable and shoddily done one at that The live action movies are trash, don t bother I read a few issues of the Marvel book in the 80s, but it didn t leave much of an impression.I need you to understand all of this I need you to understand that this isn t rosy memories clogging my brain This isn t wishful, pointless grasping for lost innocence I am being as impartial as I can when I tell you HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING.I could try to form a coherent synopsis, but it would take a long time and I would probably fail There are so many characters, so much lore and backstory, so many goings on I m still a little confused about what I read, but I loved every minute of it.The Autobot Decepticon war, while lasting millions of years, is finally over A bunch of stuff happened I don t have knowledge of, having never read any of the IDW series before now Megatron and Optimus Prime are both gone There is now an angry civilian population on Cybertron which has like reverted to primordial form rebooted this is so complicated that wants both factions gone, blaming them and their endless war for the status of the planet A ragtag group compromised of both sides agree to leave the planet, searching for a new life by way of finding their creators ancestors Both Did you know sometimes sentient robots have religion And this is the story of that crew.It s fun, it s funny, it s sad, it s exciting It isn t yet arousing but I m willing to wait and see The characters despite all looking very similar have distinct voices and its really not hard to tell anyone apart The dialogue is a joy Really, this is the best comic book I ve read in years and I m kind of embarrassed that it s a Transformers property Read it I haven t been into Transformers since I was a kid but this series is so great Roberts takes the already absurd premise of robots that turn into cars and is like, I don t care about Autobots vs Decepticons, I m just putting a bunch of weirdos and nerds on a ship together and sending them after some mythical robot precursors who may or may not exist All of the characters are endearing in their own messed up kind of way, whether they re robot dermatologists who want to be bartenders, obsessive rule enforcers, or frightful robot psychiatrists It does take some time to be able to tell them apart, but the art is really expressive and fits the tone of the writing perfectly. [ Free Epub ] ⚆ Transformers ♴ The UltimateTransformers Saga Begins Here More Than Meets The Eye Reunites The Fan Favorite Creative Team Behind Last Stand Of The Wreckers And Sends The Transformers On An Epic Quest To The Farthest Reaches Of The Transformers Universe And Beyond Also Includes The One Shot Death Of Optimus Prime I have no sentimental attachment to the Transformers cartoon or the toys The one Transformers movie I saw felt like it lasted 17 years and it gave me a headache that lasted even longer The whole idea of robots that are also aliens and also cars is impossibly stupid AND YET, I kept reading that the recent IDW Transformers comics were good, actually, and way smarter than they need to be So I decided to check them out Turns out the reports are true This first volume is actually good and actually way smarter than it needs to be The premise is this after four million years the Autobots have finally won the war against the Decepticons, and refugees are returning to Cybertron dope name for a planet btw in droves But rather than greeting the Autobots as liberators, the repatriated refugees view them as just a bunch of assholes who wrecked their planet with war for four million freaking years The Robots In Disguise series follows events on Cybertron, while this series follows a group of Autobots who saw all that civil unrest and decided it was a good time to pack up and take a space adventure The set up a big crew exploring the galaxy in a ship is a bit like Star Trek, but with robot alien car people instead of Vulcans and Ferengi This isn t the easiest introduction to the world of Transformers the crew is waaay too big for me to remember everybody s name, and the artists don t make enough of an effort to differentiate the various characters from one another As such, I spent long stretches having no idea what was going on But by the end of the volume, I got my bearings Then I began to enjoy the quippy dialog these robot alien car people are SASSY and all the neat sci fi ideas on display This was a fun, fast paced volume of comics, and I m looking forward to seeing where this series and the presumably serious and political Robots in Disguise goes from here. I am writing this review after reading this comic three times Everytime I found something new in this book It s a Masterpiece If you ask me, in the terms of awesomeness, how much would I rate it on scale of one to Optimus Then surely it deserves Bumblebee Terrible things happen in war Terrible things happen in peace too MTMTE V1CYBERTRON ALIVE After fighting for 6 million years the War for Cybertron is, somehow, finally over Megatron s missing Galvatron s presumed dead Decepticons are behind the bars and directionless The Matrix is being destroyed and Orion Pax is reborn But is war really over Or it s just the start of a new war THE STORY Goes crazy with every page and the art becomes mesmerizing These are the stories that helped me to move on from Batmam Joker, Superman Doomsday and MARVEL I rarely read No I mean, I am not comparing Not at all But all I got here, is a new world of imagination to wander with totally new characters, stories, writers, and artists.FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH RODIMUS I haven t read lots of things about many characters but RODIMUS is kinda cool and at the same time pathetic too I mean he leaves Bee to chase some myths Knights of Cybertron Also he uses Rung as the bait to catch the Sparkeater Bold moves sometimes can also be a reason for downfall But as the legends say No Guts No Glory The page where he catches the Sparkeater, when the Lost Light quantom jumps and flour the rules of physics must be one of the coolest page in comics history I don t understand what matrix found in him and allowed him to use it s powers But he s all about action and hype Reading those pages of that soul snatcher in the midnight was knida scary.PHASE TWO is attractive than phase one It s not about Optimus V Megatron, all the OLD old war that we have read and seen many times but it surely opens up the dimensions for new characters and stories for Transformers I don t know where the story will go but wherever it goes, I am gonna follow it The real deal Worth the money Totally.TRANSFORMERS ARE HUMANS or at least their behaviour when it comes to betray someone when they are not needed any Prime is hate figure and the world sees him as the War But when the time comes to make grand gestures and make unimaginable sacrifice no one can touch Optimus.More Than Meets The Eye deserves your money. Solid writing and beautiful illustration The Death of Optimus Prime was truly an excellent start to the arc The politics of the Civil War aftermath was facinating and the NAILS non aligned intelligent life Was genius Cybertronians with no allegiance is a concept that I d never considered, but here we are After 4 million years, there has to be some inadvertent casualties and some combatants who get sick of the war and defect There were a few gaps as the story progressed and a slightly but I liked it, a lot. So, Humble Bundle s newest offer the other day was pretty much the entire current run of IDW s Transformers run of comics 155 worth of comics according the website I got it for 15, so not a bad deal I ve been curious about the current run that IDW has been publishing, so this seemed like a ridiculously good deal to me I read the first volume of each series and actually thought they were pretty good The whole idea between both volumes is that the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons has finally ended with the Autobots in charge of Cybertron a Cybertron that has changed as a result of something that happened just prior to the beginning of these two stories, and something that I m not at all familiar with Since the war, and Transformers who had fled Cybertron in the wake of the war are now returning, and see no need to have either faction on the planet any, as both Autobots and Decepticons are equally seen as responsible for the destruction of the planet However, the Autobots don t see it this way and want to set up a new government to try to keep another from happening Optimus Prime sees himself as the most visible sign of the war, so relinquishes his title as Prime, returns to calling himself Orion Pax, and exiles himself from Cybertron, leaving Bumblebee in charge Meanwhile, Rodimus sees no point in giving up their heritage and starting over so decides to travel from Cybertron in search of the Knights of Cybertron This is where the series splits into two More Than Meets The Eye follows Rodimus and his crew in search of the Knight of Cybertron, while Robots in Disguise deals with Bumblebee trying to reestablish something of a government on Cybertron and dealing with the disillusionment felt by just about everyone over this, especially the newly returned, unaligned Transformers I ve read about the More Than Meets the Eye title from several sources around the internets, and it turns out that they weren t wrong about the title It combines a pretty decent story with some great character development and just enough wit to make something that s actually fun to read Robots in Disguise is intriguing as well, given the way the series is dealing with the repercussions and aftereffects of the war Overall, both series are surprisingly good I think it would be easy for most people to write off Transformers as a whole, but these are legitimately good comics , but I did find that I enjoyed More Than Meets The Eye I m really glad I bought into this most recent Humble Bundle and will be gladly reading the rest of the volumes. Well, that was fun And slightly confusing, given that I ve had nothing to do with Transformers since owning a very small collection of toys back in the 80s and early 90s Still, I held on tight, enjoyed the ride and came out on the other side wanting And I shall have I m sure there s far here to enjoy for longtime fans but newcomers should be assured that it is well worth the effort to put your trust in the writers and just jump straight in The characterisation of the different Transformers is rich enough that backstory and continuity aren t really necessary to sink your teeth into the here and now of the story.I never thought that comics based on licensed properties could be this good Shame on me Good comics are good comics, and this comic was damn good Fun enough for me to write a review, which I ve never bothered with before I did however have a whole mess of Mighty Machine Men 80s nostalgia only works if your childhood self happened to fall on what would eventually become the cool side of pop culture.