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Engaging, sweet story. I really enjoyed this book for the interaction it provides for students you read it to This book is about a llama that protects over the other animals in a barn A lamb was born into the barn and the llama ends up saving it s life and becomes good friends with it On the bottom of each page the book gives information about animals in farms or fun facts about certain related topics The illustrations on this book was also good and interactive for the children to learn. `Epub ⇛ A Lamb and a Llama ☟ Picasso Is A Strong, Proud Llama Who Keeps The Other Farm Animals Safe From Danger All Goes Well Until A Young Lamb Named Nola Is Born Wild Little Nola Loves To Play She Keeps The Other Animals Constantly Stirred Up Until She Disappears Will The Animals Be Able To Find Nola Will Picasso Save Her Before It S Too Late Find Out What Happens In This Delightful Tale Based On A True Story Of A Llama From The Pinnacle Peak Llama Ranch