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About 50 years ago, when I was in my teens, I saw a movie called A Patch of Blue staring a young, extremely handsome Sydney Poitier He befriended a blind white girl Enough said I have loved Sydney Poitier ever since as an actor While choosing my books on Goodreads, I decided to read some books that I have seen and liked as movies when I was young and not so interested in reading.This novel broke my heart all over again While reading it, I could see Sydney as if it was yesterday that endearing half smile, the feeling emanating from his eyes No, please understand, I am not the melodramatic type This novel was everything the movie portrayed plus so much What a statement it makes about racial bigotry This is not your usual, modern day I hate racism story It is pure and unadulterated emotion building, beautifully told story of an innocent blind white girl, victim of a poverty stricken family who have survived in the only ways they know with prostitution and alcoholism a by product This is a must read for anyone remotely interested in this kind of story Highly recommended.P.S It is only a small book, 171 pages, but every page is a treat. Oh my God.Tears Tears.Kata is an amazing writer and I will be mourning this book until I die or get amnesia. Sleena, you blind tomato Who could ever forget Selena s evil mother and feckless grandfather drunk and berating her Though now I can t remember if she was actually the mother or aunt This is a remarkable story of a young blind woman blinded in a horrible accident kept sheltered by her ignorant, and yes, evil, guardians Selena, finally allowed by her keepers to be escorted to a park to do bead work her occupation meets a young black doctor When he figures out the reality of Selena s situation, he becomes determined to save her This takes place in the early 1960 s, and all that that implies regarding racism and perception An excruciating but wonderful book, and an even better movie. At first glace, I hated this book It did not hold my interest at all, and I did not appreciate the way my freshman english teacher shoved it down my throat Every word was digested by force I held no pity, nor passion for Selena or Gordon The mother and the aunt bored me And, I couldn t care less about Oh Mr Faber It bothered me quite a bit that many of my fellow classmates couldn t read aloud as fast as I, because I just wanted to finish the book, complete the review, pass the test and move on to something else Something exciting, something captivating, something bigger than a patch and a different color than blue For many years I cursed the day Mrs Howie slapped that book down on my desk and told me to start reading I grumbled, hemmed and hawed, scoffed and rolled my eyes But, I read it And, for what s I grew up A lot of that proclaimed hatred and hubbubing was me being childish and spiteful, throwing a fit because I didn t want to read what I was told I find myself thinking about this book from time to time, about how the world has come a long way since the life and times of Gordon, Selena and Pearl About how different their lives would be if they met in today s society, if they d had than a patch to grow on All in all, this is by far not my favorite book, but one that will forever keep me reflecting on life and the connections that make and break us, how the world sees us, and most importantly, how we see ourselves.Thanks, Mrs Howie. When I first started reading A Patch of Blue , I didnt like it very much But slowly it started to grow on me The story takes place in an un named big city in a poor district The time is also hard to tell It does not say for sure but there is alot of open racism so I am guessing it is in the time when blacks were hated The main character or the narrorator is a young lady at age 18 You slowly find out that she is blind and has been a majority of her life But she still can remember what some things look like Her real name is Selina, but you don t find that out until later in the book The book starts out calling her sleena Sleena lives with her mother and her mothers dad or her grandfather in a small apartment Sleena is basically the scapegoat for everything She lives a really crummy life Even though she is blind she is expected to do everything such as cooking, cleaning, and anything else they beg of her to do Her mother is a prostitute that hates Sleena She works a dirty job cleaning bathrooms, the same as her father who cleans mens bathrooms The grandfather who is named as Ol pa is a tired old man that drinks all of the time Him and Rosanne Sleenas mother fight alot They hate eachother and are always bickering On top of all the work that Sleena has to do in the apartment a man named Mr Faber, a polish imigrant with a heavy accent, brings by boxes of beads for her to string At the end of every day Sleena is tormented and put down by her mother Constantly saying she isnt good enough and just dumb and blind And also getting smacked and hit for back talk Being couped up in an apartment all day takes its toll as one day she finally left and was brought to the park with Mr Faber She sat under a tree and strung her beads One day though she met a man named Gordon She quickly becomes good friends with him after only meeting him a couple times at the park After meeting many times at the park they fall in love She has visited his apartment a couple of times and has talked with him about living a better life That is as far as I have gotten The entire story Selina is learning about herself and that even thought she is blind she deserves to be treated like a human and have human feelings and interactions just like every body else. Manipulative melodrama Kata piles on the hardships prostitute mother, a murderer for a father, alcoholic grandfather, abuse, rape at the hands of one of her mother s clients, poverty, isolation, boring work, constant insults, the prospect of being forced into prostitution with men who get off on having sex with a blind girl Did I mention she s blind But she s untouched by all the sordid reality of her life Because she s pure in heart We know she s pure in heart because she s blind And blond And beautiful except for her eyes burned out with acid thrown by her mother who was really aiming at the father who d just murdered a client in a jealous rage But beautiful even with burned out eyes Apparently the acid missed the rest of her face And if she s blind and blond and beautiful, she s got to be pure And so she says purehearted things like this After my prayer I stopped worrying and fell asleep She learned about God by listening to the radio she s just naturally open to God because the pure at heart always are And the big revelation about Gordon is telegraphed so unrelentingly that you d have to be as stupid as the prostitute mother not to see it coming almost as soon as the character shows up. |Free Epub ⚇ Be Ready with Bells and Drums ♶ Best Ebook, Be Ready With Bells And Drums By Elizabeth Kata This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Be Ready With Bells And Drums, Essay By Elizabeth Kata Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You A great character study of a young blind girl being raised by her abusive mother and alcoholic grandfather in the 1960 s and how one man can make a difference in the life of someone else.This is the source material of an equally wonderful film The book is told from the perspective of Sleena that s how her drunken guardian s pronounce her name Selina , an 18 y o girl who was blinded by her mother in a domestic abuse incident when she was 8 Kata captures Sleena s voice beautifully resigned, tentatively hopeful and sometimes reflective of the ugly bigoted language she hears spewing from her family.Warning there is hate language used in the story, so if this book is used with young readers it is essential to let them know that the language is reflective of a certain type of character at a specific time and place. If any book should be sold without a cover image and blurb, it s this one I initially read it back in high school, ignored the blurb on the advice of the teacher, and was surprised by the twist ending The twist ending is the best part of the book, I feel like it s crucial to the story if the reader is as blind as Selina, the main character Without being surprised by the end, the book is still interesting, but very depressing That s all I ll say about it, in hopes you haven t yet read the book but will now pick it up without seeking out any other reviews. I like the idea of the story of a young black man befriending a blind white girl and liberating her so to speak so she can experience the outside world, but this was just too depressing for me and a bit manipulative In addition, I couldn t help thinking about Shelley Winters over the top performance as the mother Like the book, I like the film, if only for the scenes with Elizabeth Hartman and Sidney Poitier Thank goodness this book is short because I couldn t take too much of it.