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4.5 5Leer cualquier cosa que Jhonen publique significa para mi un oasis de interminable felicidad. (((READ E-PUB))) ⇮ I Feel Sick, #1 ⇨ I FEEL SICK Is The First Full Color Comic Book Written And Drawn By The Comic Artist Jhonen Vasquez And Colored By Rosearik Rikki SimonsIt Revolves Around Devi D From Johnny The Homicidal Maniac JTHM , And Her Dealings With The Same Supernatural And Or Psychological Forces That Drove Johnny To Lunacy I m a BIT of a sucker for Jhonen V squez, so I of course had to read this I orginally thought that it was just a plain companion book to Johnny The Homicidal Maniac another of my favorites , but he really brought Devi to life in this demented and artistic book I personally favor Tenna, because she s just so relatable Or at least to me But, great book, defiantly for gothic comic fans. I love jhonen vasquez JTHM was smart, extremely dark and violent, truthful, and funny I was so excited to see invader zim in the shelf of the comic book store because it meant he was writing again But as much as I love zim I wish he would come back to i feel sick and continue finish the story. My friend lent this to me Dark humour and a bit depressing Loved the art style. Love it Vasquez.. This is my first glimpse at Vasquez who then turned out to be one of my fav comic book artists AND I Feel Sick is still quite possibly my favourite comic.YOU gotta read it, just because This book is a whole lot of cute crammed into a tiny space Beautifully drawn, colorful and dark Hilariously funny, inventive and siiiiick Topped up with a relatable fem protagonist who rocks. This is quite possibly my favourite angle from Vasquez s world I enjoyed the personal and perhaps, meaningful approach to his protagonist While Jhonen may not have set out with this intention, I believe fans take liking to this series particularly because of its down to earth and real tone making it interesting in his genre of work Devi is a refreshing character a relatable female among the swathes of generics and unrealistics The artwork excels as always in creepiness, the doll character is an awesome creation The colouring is gorgeous. As far as I m concerned, much as I like Jhonen Vasquez s other stuff, this is the only thing that he s done that compares to Johnny It focuses on Devi, Johnny s love interest, whose paintings seem to get inhabited by the same creativity sucking, tenticle inducing evil force that attacked Johnny It s short, and I suppose derivative, but the humour is spot on and amongst the funniest he s done Also the artwork is great Definately recommend.