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( Read E-pub ) ð 78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published and 14 Reasons Why It Just Might Ô For The Hundreds Of Thousands Who Buy Writers Guides Every Year, At Last There S One That Tells The Ugly Truth Writers Who Can T Get Published Are Usually Making A Lot Of Mistakes This Honest, Often Funny, Book Shows Them How To Identify Their Own Missteps, Stop Listening To Bad Advice, And Get To Work Drawing On His Experience As Founding Editor Of MacAdam Cage, Pat Walsh Gives Writers What They Need Specific, Straightforward Feedback To Help Them Overcome Bad Habits And Bad Luck He Avoids The Optimistic, Sometimes Misleading Directions Often Found In Publishing How To Books And Presents The Industry As It Is, Warts And All Here Is The First Guide That Tells Writers Just What The Odds Against Them Are And Gives Them Practical Tips For Evening Them While I appreciate this book s candor in discussing why or why not their book may be published, I have to wonder at the accuracy of certain of the assertions made therein, especially in light of some of the recent offerings that the publishing world has given us.Case in point the entire Twilight stalker disguised as twoo wuv series Mr Walsh s 2 rule from his book is It s Not Good Enough, and after having tried to slag through the first chapter of the aforementioned Stephenie Meyer offering, I have to wonder what the qualification of good enough entails Evidently someone, somewhere thought that piece of fanfic based thesaurus abuse was good enough , so why not some of the less egregious keyboard spew that others have created Like many other things, it can be summed up as a matter of serendipity it only takes the right person, in the right place, at the right time, to get your goals completed Regardless, this book does something few other books on getting published do it tells the truth in a cold, hard, slice of reality manner, and that can be greatly appreciated, especially if one has tried to get published, and failed This book might be able to help the aspiring writer discover what they did wrong, or at least gain some inkling of why they are failing to publish. Okay there s no doubt that Pat Walsh is an accomplished exec in the publishing industry As editor at independent press MacAdam Cage at least at the time of the printing he exposes the water cooler talk about your prized submission.The beginning of the book starts with the 78 reasons why your book MAY NEVER BE PUBLISHED Up until around 45, my gut reaction was Good point Walsh or What idiot does that, Walsh But by the time I got to 60, I felt the reasons were variations of previous ones, such as You re in bad company or You are kidding yourself if you think you re not in the slush pile Aren t they one in the same Eventually I began skimming, fighting discouragement It was amazing any ounce of me still wanted to write by the time I got to the reasons why your book JUST MIGHT be published But, he did warn that this book wasn t for the faint of heart and would challenge your goals and dreams of getting published.This book is a must read if you think you know everything or nothing at all about the publishing industry. Lot of industry advices Writers must read it. There aren t a lot of writing books out there that say, You may not get published because your writing may suck This one does It s funny, sarcastic, blunt, and terribly informative This is not a warm fuzzy reassuring book If you want a slice of cold, hard reality, read this book.