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Thoroughly enjoyed this read. The Wake of the Dragon follows the events directly following a large air pirate heist While this provides an interesting back drop for an adventure story, it feels as if it could be just any old day at the office for the people involved There is no feeling that this is the big one or the final one or extra important in any way and therefore worthy of note I was a little disappointed about that But the writing is very good if repetitive at times , the steampunk technology interesting, and the characters relatable I especially liked the pirates dedication to their goddess There is also some appreciable humour and wit, especially in poor Dudley s discomfort and the captain s relations with his first officer While The Wake of the Dragon might not be all heart stopping action, it is very good and well worth a read If you like steampunk in the slightest I would recommend picking it up I m definitely up for reading of Hawkins writing. DOWNLOAD EPUB ☥ The Wake of the Dragon ♢ No Sane Airshipman Will Fly Near A Storm, But The Cover Of Storm Edge Offers Effective Concealment For Airship Pirates Who Can Strike Quickly From Above Before Anyone Knows A Ship Is Near With The Protection Of Aide, The Goddess Of Air Travel, One Airship Defies The Elements To Seek Fortune For The Rag Tag Aerialists Who Make Up The Pirate CrewThe Elements Are The Least Of Their Problems When They Find Themselves Saddled With An Airsick Clerk, A Crewmember Suspected Of Working For The East India Company And A Love Sick Farm Girl Whose Headstrong Misconceptions Compel Her To Seek Adventure Where No Decent Woman Would Wander UnescortedBattling Businessmen, Mechanoids And Villagers Armed With Torches And Pitchforks, Captain Bonny Must Decide Who To Trust, And If The Only Rational Course Of Action Is One Of Apparent Madness 13 stars An exciting, adventurous, engrossing adventure, a Steampunk thriller, delightful in every aspect, Wake of the Dragon is a superbly written story that will surely appeal to readers of all stripes of genre interest Yes, it is Steampunk, but it is rich in historical background the thrill a minute pace will appeal to readers of adventurous thrillers and the sheer excitement of the airships, the piracy, the many chases, mobs, and the upending of normal consensus reality to paint a reality so similar, yet so different everything in this book is fantastic.Take a pinch of legal opium trade as administered by Britain s East India Company add airships, clockwork mechanoids Dickensian business practices rural communities and farms straight out of the Victorian era pirates, cars, and the usual human emotions toss in a hint of spy novel and the result is a riveting page turner that is not to be missed Do pick this one up you will likely find yourself reading it in one sitting as I did, then immediately wanting to turn back to the first page and read through again. I started to read The Wake of the Dragon, without knowing what to expect but was quickly drawn into the tale The story is beautifully written in a style that seems almost classical, and the adventure it leads the reader on is nothing short of imaginative The loves, fears and addictions of the main characters help them come to life, making it easy to become caught up in their journey My favorite part was the steampunk aspect that added a different dimension to the traditional pirate tale Like sea going pirate ships, flying dirigibles carry their own dangers, and Captain Bonny certainly pushes the limits of his ship and crew throughout the book I really enjoyed the story and would recommend it to anyone seeking a great adventure steampunk or otherwise In a steam punk world reminiscent of Victorian London, a world where steam powered airships roam the sky and it would seam everyone and his mother succumb to the tempting embrace of opium and rum, a robbery sets the story for an adventure around the skies.The thieves head off in their airship, captained by the incredible Captain Bonny, while the luckless Dudley, clerk of the dubious victim, Mr Wyatt gives chase.The character of Captain Bonny is extremely well developed as he tempts the faits with his flirtations with Aide, goddess of the storm winds, always sailing a little too close to a storm so that he might feel a connection with her.I thought this was a really well put together story that drew me along entertaining all the way I look forward to exploring other books by this author. Lively and imaginative. For this review, author Jaq D Hakins reached out to me about her novel The Wake of the Dragon A Steampunk Adventure When I was younger I watched a few different animes that were in the steampunk genre, but I d never read a novel The story opens on a pirate ship, though the high seas are miles away The ship is in fact a steam powered air ship piloted by Captain Bonny and manned by one of the best, and most unorthodox, crew around Each one so full of opium and rum they should not be able to walk, let alone swing from the rigging ropes thousands of feet above the ground Early on in the story its established that Captain Bonny is a unique Captain Hawkins blended, in my opinion, the most likeable qualities in the classic pirate captains in pop culture, though I don t feel as though any certain one was a direct inspiration He retains the stoic nature of Captain Jack s father Captain Teague, the relatable nature of Johnny Depp s Jack Sparrow and the ruthlessness of Black Beard, the real not the one from Pirates of the Caribbean As the story progresses you re introduced to characters that play a vital role in this story such as James Dudley, the well meaning nervous clerk, Zachary Wyatt, Dudley s scroogeish boss that treats him as a variable slave, Anne Bardwell, the seductive stowaway that longs for adventure in the open skies Each of these characters, and , plays an important part of the overall story involving Wyatt s stolen rum, that in itself gets stolen by a certain group of air pirates The story moves along seamlessly, giving you a real insight to the characters and their pasts all the while taking you all over England and even across the channel into France It truly is a page turner from the get go, and the ending is possibly one of the most shocking and unexpected I ve ever read Besides the shear uniqueness behind the world Hawkins has created for The Wake of the Dragon, the group of characters and sense of adventure are all very creative and well done The list of pros I could name for this story is immense, but I ve narrowed it down to As I just said, the world Hawkins created is very unique, even for a steam punk story Everything about it feels new and wonderful.The characters all have a depth to them that keeps you rooting for all of them in one way or another, even the ones that you really hope don t succeed in their goal.The story itself, while being about pirates doing what they do best, is fresh and importantly it constantly moves forward and keeps you interested As far as cons go for the story, I racked my brain for some time trying to find something While I did come up with one thing its based on a personal preference For the first half of the story Hawkins keeps the transitions smooth between the characters Once the characters all get together it gets a little hectic and there are a few instances where it becomes a little difficult to follow which character is speaking This is only on a few occasions, most of the time there is a clear break between who is being followed I was told once by a reader that I like to much to be a reviewer, and the fact that I enjoy multiple things made it hard for him to believe the stories I ve reviewed are as good as I ve said I purchased him a copy of The Waters Edge, The Seedbearing Prince, and he picked up a copy of Passion, Power Sin He emailed me back a couple weeks later and offered me my money back for the two stories I purchased, a request I turned down Jaq D Hawkins and The Wake of the Dragon is another story I would highly recommend to anybody who enjoys high flying action adventure The steam punk aspect may seem uninteresting, or too odd for some, but I can tell you for certain that if you enjoy adventure stories than you will enjoy this story In the end I give The Wake of the Dragon by Jaq D Hawkins a solid 8 10 based on 7 10 for readability The story flows well throughout Its written in a style that is unique to Hawkins The only downfall to the story flow is the few instances where following characters becomes a bit difficult towards the end 8 10 for story The story itself may be one of piracy and reclaiming what was lost on the surface, but its written in such a way that it becomes so much The way the characters take their individual journeys and come together, just to part ways and become individuals again is unique and well done 9 10 for characters Each character in this story has his her own unique voice This is a feat in itself as the story has so many characters, and each one is very distinct from the others Even the classic steam punk mechanoids seem to take on a life of their own 9 10 for overall creativity I wasn t sure how else to label this x factor when I considered what made this story unique I listed it as overall creativity because I feel just bringing a steam punk novel to life doesn t describe what this story is It meshes the most wonderful pieces of pirate lore, that adventure and freedom we ve all been in love with sometime in our life, with a steam punk world It combines wonderful story telling with larger than life characters, it really hits the mark in so many ways that are unique to itself A big thank you to Jaq D Hawkins for contacting me about The Wake of the Dragon, I truly enjoyed the opium induced pirate epic I can also guarantee that if you give this story a chance you will have found an author that you re going to want to keep up with, like I did If you d like to pick up The wake of the Dragon for yourself, simply click here. I was quite excited to read The Wake of the Dragon, as I ve recently gotten into steampunk and I ve always loved adventure stories, especially historical ones The book starts off with a bang air pirates conducting a drug heist Between the fun plot and the quality of the writing which is quite good I began the tale with enthusiasm.I must confess, however, that I lost that enthusiasm along the way The content is interesting and the writing is error free or less , often even lyrical and witty, which is why I ve given the book 4 stars It is, technically speaking, a good novel But for a number of reasons I found it difficult to really enjoy.My biggest complaint is that the story telling is so reliant on exposition and internal monologue The characters are ever thinking about all of their options, weighing and measuring, and internally stating things which are already evident If you were to break this book down between showing and telling a distinction that I m not always in favor of, and shouldn t be viewed as a hard and fast rule, but, in this case, I believe is valid you would find almost nothing but telling All of this exposition and thinking serves to drastically slow down the pace of the book and gave it an overall feeling of being bloated and poorly balanced, in my opinion.Despite the fact that we spend so much time in the heads of the characters, I didn t feel terribly attached to any of them My biggest problem was with the treatment of the single female character, whose only characteristic seems to be a disturbing level of sexual promiscuity DON T READ THE NEXT SECTION IF YOU ARE OPPOSED TO SOME MILD SPOILERS That character, Ann, is initially presented as a feisty trouble maker We then get the rather troubling detail that she d made passes at her own father Our lead treats her rather abominably at first, and I was hoping that she would show that she was either stronger, interesting, or dynamic as the tale went on Instead, she commits what I can only describe as rape and her tendencies are never really addressed or developed As the only female character, I was left feeling a bit uncomfortable by all of this I suppose I ve come to expect better treatment of female characters in modern genre fiction So, while I can t say I loved this book, I also can t deny that it has elements which will appeal to many readers a fun concept and strong writing If you are expecting a fast paced swashbuckler, I don t think this book will be exactly your cup of tea If you like a slower paced story with a lot of focus on character feeling and choices, this will likely be right up your ally. A warehouse full of opium is stolen away in the middle of a stormy night by a band of airship pirates The opening is really promising in this nicely written steampunk novel, but the plot moves rather slowly, meandering around a cast of characters whose fates are intertwined by the theft of the opium Things start to pick up about 50% in, and I enjoyed seeing how the paths of these characters crossed and diverged As strong as this book was in discription and character motivation, the plot just wasn t fast paced or strong enough for me to love it There was no one to love, no one to hate The main characters seemed at times almost flatly normal While this added to the gritty realism feel of the story, I wanted I wanted to fall in love with at least one of the characters, to be carried away by an intricate plot, and instead I felt I was reading a life in the day of steampunk pirates, ruffians, and business men The book is well written, and was enjoyable, I just think it may not be totally my cup of tea.