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`Read Pdf ⛓ Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah Ñ Just Who Is Lady Deborah I Am The Dowager Countess Of Kinsail, And I Have Enough Secrets To Scandalize You For LifeI Will Never Reveal The Truth Of My Soul Destroying Marriage Some Things Are Too Dark To Be Told But At Least No One Can Guess That I, A Famously Icy Hearted Widow, Am Also The Authoress Of The Shamelessly Voluptuous Romances Currently Shocking The Ton Only Now I Have A New Secret Identity, One That I Will Risk My Life To Keep Accomplice To Elliot Marchmont, Gentleman, Ex Soldier And Notorious London Thief This Adventurer S Expert Touch Ignites In Me A Passion So Intoxicating That Surviving Our Blistering Affair Unscathed Will Be Near Impossible looking forward to read another Marguerite s book simple, sweet and i thought, still have a bit HQ unsure in this book but overall i like this book Lady Deborah yang ingin melepas hubungan dengan keluarga ex husbandnya di panggil kembali oleh mertuanya kekediamannya semacam silahturahmi lah soalnya walo dia uda widow krn suaminya uda meninggal tp dia msh mendpt tunjangan dr keluarga ex husbandnya padahal dia sudah males banget berkunjung atau mengingat segala hal tentang mrk apalagi ex hubsandnya tu brengsek bgt, menikahi dia cmn untuk dowry nya aja.Dan tidak ada siapapun yang tau kalau ternyata si Lady Deborah ini seorang penulis terkenal Bella D apalagi kalau sampai ketahuan sama bapak mertuanya, bisa bisa dia diasingkan karena mempermalukan keluarga mrk, jaman dulu para bangsawan kan tidak pernah bekerja dan memandang rendah org org yg bekerja, pny usaha apalg yg tdk pny gelar Jd Lady Deborah ini menulis spy nanti dia ada uang sndr dan tdk perlu lg menikmati tunjangan dr suaminya dan putus hubungan dgn mereka.Sementara Elliot adalah ex soldier dan yang tidak diketahui orang orang bahwa dia ini adalah seorang pencuri dan orang orang yg di curinya adalah para bangsawan yang kaya raya. eits tp duitnya bukan utk kesenangan dirinya tp dipergunakan utk menunjang hidup para ex soldier yang di lupakan oleh pemerintah knp dulu pemerintah Inggris tidak menghargai jasa jasa para pahlawan apalg yg uda pensiun y hem. menarik kesimpulan dr bbrp buku yg aku temuin ttg hal ini Awal mrk bertemu saat Elliot merampok kediaman keluarga ex husbandnya Lady Deborah dan kebtlan si Lady D ini tidak bisa tidur dan perpisahan mrk tengah malam itu di barengin ciuman yang tdk bisa mereka lupakan Bbrp hari setelah itu mrk ketemu lg dan Lady D langsung mengenali Elliot dan hubungan mrk pun dimulai sejak saat itu terlebih lg Lady D perlu bahan utk bk nya yang di blg Penerbit perlu sesuatu yg baru Jd dgn berani Lady D meminta izin sama Elliot utk ikut sekali aja dlm aksi Elliot merampok rumah bangsawan.Dan lagi lagi, akhir pertemuan mrk diakhiri dgn ciuman, cmn ni lbh seru krn hampirrr blm terjadi, kecewi dah haha mrk bobo bareng klo saja lukisan mahal hsl curian mrk tdk jatuh.Sejak saat itu Elliot mulai suka dgn Lady D apalg teringat kata kata adiknya Elliot bahwa dia sdh hrs memikirkan ttg pernikahan dan Lady D jg uda mulai suka jg sama Elliot cmn hrs menolak perasaannya karena teringat perlakuan suaminya.Namun mrk tetap berhubungan dan sampai lah. yg ditunggu tunggu oleh para pembaca setia adegan uhuk uhuk huk huk batuk yg menurut gw lumayan ehem. haha , Tp syg lagi lagi Lady D menolak Elliot bahkan sampai Elliotnya uda blg cinta sama dia Dan yg gw sk dr si Elliot ini, walo di tolak, sempat kesal dan menjauh dr Lady D walo sbnrnya dgn berat hati sekali tp terpaksa dah soalnya Lady D nya maunya mrk melupakan apa yg sdh terjadi tp dia tetap cinta dan setia sama Lady D.Sebenarnya ada alasan apa y suami Lady D tu kejam Lalu bagaimana akhir hubungan Lady D dan Elliot, mampukah Lady D melupakan masa lalunya dan menerima cinta Elliot Kalau mnrt gw ni msh ada unsur unsur HQ si soalnya klo HQ tu kan selalu ada penolakan ntr baru sama sama sadar kalau mrk sama2 cinta dan tdk bisa berpisah lg dan akhirnya bersatu Mgkn krn author ini kan pengarang bk HQOverall critanya ok, trus tulisan di buku jg gede, jd asik banget buat di baca. Ms Kaye has again pushed the boundaries and tackled a taboo subject in her novel Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah.The heroine, already a widow when she meets her hero, is completely demoralised after a devastating marriage They meet by chance, late one night when he is engaging in an illegal activity albeit a morally acceptable illegal activity as is revealed both characters are emotionally scarred and the author expertly develops the relationship and growing love between them as well as revealing, layer by layer, the devastating history of their pasts A consummate story teller, Marguerite Kaye is a firm believer in women s rights I love her thoughtful, thoroughly researched story telling and have come to realise that if a book has her name on its cover then it is well worth anyone s precious reading time. Review originally posted here HarlequinPublish Date Jul 24thHow I got this book ARC from the authorEngland, 1817JUST WHO IS LADY DEBORAH I am the Dowager Countess of Kinsail, and I have enough secrets to scandalise you for life.I will never reveal the truth of my soul destroying marriage some things are too dark to be told But at least no one can guess that I, a famously icy hearted widow, am also the authoress of the shamelessly voluptuous romances currently shocking the ton Only now I have a new secret identity, one that I will risk my life to keep accomplice to Elliot Marchmont, gentleman, ex solider and notorious London thief This adventurer s expert touch ignites in me a passion so intoxicating that surviving our blistering affair unscathed will be near impossible This blurb came from the author s website here.I read and enjoyed Rake With a Frozen Heart by Marguerite Kaye a few months ago As a result when I received an e mail from Ms Kaye asking if I would consider reviewing her newest Historical Romance Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah and included a link to an excerpt on her website I had to take a look After reading and really enjoying the excerpt I decided that I would give the rest of the book a try I did have a few quibbles but I found it to be an interesting entertaining read.The heroine is a widow who writes a series of rather erotic tales about a woman who takes what she wants, indulges in all sorts of adventures, and also controls not just her sexuality but that of her male partners In short her main character is exactly the opposite of Lady Deborah and her life to date Then she has a chance meeting with a rather peculiar housebreaker, Elliot Marchmont, and then the fun begins Deborah was a very complex woman who secretly wished she was as daring and confident as the heroine that she writes Her wish is to be able to live independently of the annuity she received from the estates of her deceased husband so she could be free of her unpleasant memories of their time together After meeting Elliot for the second time she realized that she starts to feel alive around him Between that and an editorial comment made by her publisher on her last manuscript, Deborah decides that she needs Elliot to take her on one of his housebreaking trips The mental struggle between Deborah s intense attraction to Elliot and her memories and feelings about the utter failure of her married sexual life were almost heartbreaking It was like seeing someone who had been abused for years relaxing and then encountering a trigger Even with that I did find her back and forthing tiresome after a while because she didn t seem to show mental growth in that direction Deborah did redeem herself at the end and I loved how she went about doing it Deborah had to decide in the end what she was going to do with her talent for writing, if she was going to let her deceased husband and his odious family run the rest of her life, or if she was going to actually live life.Elliot was a lot of fun I really enjoyed his relationship with his sister and brother in law I thought he was extremely patient and determined when it came to working with Deborah While bewildered and concerned about Deborah s swings between intimacy and stark rejection he didn t take his frustrations out on her, which I found to be pretty wonderful He decided that she was the one and did what he could to make that a reality As I discovered along with Deborah why he chose his targets it made him such a deeper character Then seeing how he was treated at the former hospital by the staff and occupants my heart just melted part of that might be due to my real life occupation I also have to say that his actions when he tries to convince Deborah that he loves and wants to marry her were certainly enough to make me tear up Then when he had to courage to leave knowing that she had to decide what was going to happen next all I could think of is how much that showed the depths of his love for her.Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah took bits of some of my favorite story elements Robin Hood, The Pink Panther, Suddenly You and combined them with two wounded lead characters Their growth separately and together was good to watch While I did get annoyed as some of Deborah s mental anguish as I mentioned earlier and thought that Elliot should have been a bitupset with her actions sometimes, not just her hot cold, but in her profession as a writer I enjoyed reading it I also enjoyed the mental musings of Deborah s publisher as he came to terms with what she wrote and also his wife s opinion of what she wrote He gave me several good laughs.I give Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah a B A sensuous delight that is sure to enchant readers of Regency romances everywhere, Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah is a captivating tale of old secrets, burgeoning passion and everlasting love I found absolutely impossible to put down.Lady Deborah Napier, Dowager Countess of Kinsail, has spent most of her life keeping secrets She s never told a soul the truth about her respectable marriage to her late husband and keeps under wraps her identity as a writer of scandalously erotic tales The shocking adventures of her brazen heroine might be daring and outrageous, but Lady Deborah s life is sedate and dull She yearns for a life of peril and passion, however, she has long resigned herself to spending the rest of her life alone and desperately yearning for somebody to love her But one night when Deborah is anxiously looking for something to distract her from her relatives tedious company, she stumbles upon a dashing thief who looks set to turn her entire life upside down Elliot Marchmont is a man with a mission The former soldier wants to wreak revenge upon the men who had callously ignored the plight of some of his comrades who had either lost their lives on the frontline or are unable to look after themselves now that they have returned from war Elliot is determined to make these heartless monsters pay for their lack of concern for the welfare of these former soldiers and by breaking into their houses, he can get his hands on priceless works of art that could make a world of difference to the broken men whom Elliot is determined to help back on their feet Major Marchmont knows that he cannot afford to make mistakes or to arouse anybody s suspicion But it looks like his secret is out of the bag when he is caught climbing out a window by Lady Deborah who assures him that she will not breathe a word about his secret identity but only if he lets her tag along on his next adventure Elliot reluctantly finds himself accepting Lady Deborah s shocking proposition Although the stakes are high and the danger palpable, Elliot finds himself admiring Deborah s resilience, courage and her breathtaking beauty Admiration soon gives way to undeniable attraction, but are Deborah and Elliot prepared to face up to the truth about their feelings for one another Or will they continue to pay the price for past mistakes and old fears Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah has got winner written all over it with its beguiling blend of heart pounding intrigue, explosive sensuality and pulse racing romance Marguerite Kaye never fails to create richly drawn characters that leap off the pages and readers are sure to love spirited and nuanced Deborah and the irresistibly handsome Elliot Passionate, compelling and engrossing from start to finish with Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah, Marguerite Kaye continues to cement her reputation as the grand mistress of historical romantic fiction