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A book written by 15 different authors each contributing a chapter.An interesting concept but did it work The book, for me, was like a collection of short stories all held together by a common thread I found all the different writing styles a bit confusing Each author was given free rein to take their chapter anywhere they wanted The last two chapters were written by Jeffery Deaver and it was his job to bring the whole thing together, and he did it well I have to say.For me there was just too much going on Too many Red Herrings and too many twists and turns.I can t say that I didn t enjoy it but it is not a book that I will want to revisit at a later date.A good read but alas it fell short of the mark for me. Listened to the audio download from www.audible.com.Narrated by Alfred MolinaI loved the concept of this for audio only book that was developed by Audible.com There were 15 writers each writing a chapter without knowing how the project will end Jeffrey Deaver wrote the first chapter to start it off as well as the last two to bring it all together I was very pleased the way all the details were wrapped up in a cogent manner I have to admit, based on this one chapter per author concept, I didn t think it would have all come together so well in the end It was a pleasant surprise.The book was initially meted out to buyers a few chapters at a time over a period of weeks I have mixed feelings about that form of distribution I understand the idea of having cliff hangers like old time radio and the business behind having users visit the website frequently to get their updates but times have changed to ainstant gratification world I was listening to one book and reading another and could not keep with the flow of the book in this piecemeal fashion So I waited until all the chapters were available and then listened from start to finish That worked best for me Now as all chapters are available for immediate download, others won t have that factor interfering with their enjoyment of this book.I m not a big fiction reader but I thought this thriller was very well done The first few chapters are a little slow as I could sense those early writers were hesitant about the direction they wanted to take the story The later writers did an excellent job in creating the thrill with Deaver tying it up in the end. This was a lot of fun Fifteen different authors each writing a single chapter Jeffrey Deaver wrote two first and last , with no idea how the story was to proceed That means they took what was written, built upon it, then passed it on to the next One of the most fascinating things about this project was the vast differences between the authors, in tone, writing style, and direction At the end of the book, there s a great interview with several of the authors explaining the process and their thoughts I ll definitely be reading listening to the rest of these books This book was a unique and amazing idea I only heard about this originally through a posting on Jeffery Deaver s web site I was so excited to see a collection of top mystery writers contribute to this story in weekly increments Since I didn t have an audible subscription I was sadly left out About a year later it came to CD and I was elated to get the chance to give this a read The plot of this serial thriller is that a Chopin manuscript is found and there is a question as to the integrity of the document Since this never existed it could be a priceless find if it is real Harold Middelton is asked to verify if the document is the real thing of a very good fake In the process murder, kidnapping, terrorist plots, andensue I don t feel I can really do this review justice because I wouldn t want to ruin even the smallest detail for future readers I must give credit to the many authors who wrote each chapter They all have their own style and it shows in each chapter However, they all were able to write one story that was coherent I can only imagine what each author must have thought when beginning the write their chapter Each one flowed flawlessly and felt as if one person wrote the whole thing I highly recommend this to any mystery fan Even after a second read I still think this is worthy of five stars. Just listened to this as an e book read excellently by Alfred Molina I m not a Jeffrey Deaver fan but I was intriqued due to the concept of the story beginning end being written bt Jeffrey Deaver and each chapter in between written by another well known mystery crime writer eg Lee child, Lisa Scottoline The story plot seemed interesting at first a war crimes investigator chasing down a famous music manuscript which had been hidden by the Nazi s and re emerged in modern day Kosovo It supposedly has some secret code embedded that terrorists are trying to get their hands upon The story line quickly unravels as all sorts of new characters are introduced and the things get confused as to who is doing what to whom and people are killed off left and right The story ending is totally bizzare and unbelieveable and appartly the result of trying to tie together too many loose ends. Weird concept where each of about a dozen writers write 1 chapter of the book At the half way point and there are WAY too many story lines Basically 6 different 1st chapters Hope the next authors are amazing at bringing them together Otherwise this will be a FAILWell got to the end and it was OK IT was Jeffery Deaver idea and therefore he wrote the first and last chapters Well the other writers got so deep into sub plots that Jeffery had to write 2 final chapters and was forced to accelerated the plot dramatically Frankly the plot was interesting, but involving the other writers was a mistake So much happened in the last 2 chapters I feel like almost the entire story was told there, with the proceeding 13 chapters being only character development Also as you might expect with so many writers, there were ridiculously sudden shifts in plot that were then poorly expanded on in succeeding chapters Many of the side characters introduced by the other authors were subsequently forced back into the story in strange places or just killed for no reason to get them out of the way Overall poor collaboration on a plot that could have been muchinteresting. .DOWNLOAD EBOOK ☪ The Chopin Manuscript ☧ LENGTHHrs AndMins Thriller MastersMasterful ThrillerFormer War Crimes Investigator Harold Middleton Possesses A Previously Unknown Score By Frederic Chopin But He Is Unaware That, Locked Within Its Handwritten Notes, Lies A Secret That Now Threatens The Lives Of Thousands Of Americans As He Races From Poland To America To Uncover The Mystery Of The Manuscript, Middleton Will Be Accused Of Murder, Pursued By Federal Agents, And Targeted By Assassins But The Greatest Threat Will Come From A Shadowy Figure Out Of His Past The Man Known Only As FaustThe Chopin Manuscript Is A Unique Collaboration ByOf The World S Greatest Thriller Writers Jeffery Deaver Conceived The Characters And Set The Plot In Motion The Other Authors Each Wrote A Chapter In Turn Deaver Then Completed What He Started, Bringing The Chopin Manuscript To Its Explosive ConclusionThe Chopin Manuscript Was Written By Jeffery Deaver Lincoln Rhyme Series David Hewson Nic Costa Series James Grady Six Days Of The Condor S J Rozan Bill Smith Lydia Chin Series Erica Spindler Last Known Victim John Ramsey Miller Winter Massey Series David Corbett Blood Of Paradise John Gilstrap Scott Free Joseph Finder Power Play Jim Fusilli Terry Orr Series Peter Spiegelman John March Series Ralph Pezzullo Jawbreaker Lisa Scottoline Daddy S Girl PJ Parrish Louis Kincaid, Joe Frye Series Lee Child Jack Reacher Series L idea buona, ma non si realizzata completamente Trama un filino troppo complicata, che solo uno come Deaver riuscirebbe a gestirla al meglio, e in effetti i suoi capitoli spiccano sugli altri Lettura comunque piacevole. Audible Read by Alfred Molina. The BookThe premise for this book created a two level thriller First, award winning writer Jeffrey Deaver wrote the first chapter of an international thriller, challenged 14 colleagues to continue the story a chapter at a time, and assumed the ultimate challenge himself of tying up all the loose ends in the final chapters The complicated plot details in the product description winds around the globe with munificent mayhem and bountiful betrayals before settling in the Balti Washington area Second, a major part of the thrill was to watch each author devise plot complications for later authors to unravel and to see how the later authors handled the material presented to them.There are advantages and disadvantages to this collaborative approach Not knowing how the later parts of the story will develop, neither the author of a chapter nor the listener reader knows which new concept will become a main linchpin of the story and which will not be followed up at all A listener reader faces this type of challenge even in normal thrillers, but in a normal story conventions of good writing keep complete red herrings down to areasonable number It can be fun and frustrating at the same time In The Chopin Manuscript, lead author Jeffrey Deaver did a marvelous job of tying up loose ends masterfully, given the many strange and sometimes unlikely turns of the plot There were several plot elements that were outstanding in my mind as lacking in credibility until Deaver explained them in the denouement.As international thrillers go, the plot was probably not significantlycomplicated or unlikely than the norm, and some of the characters were engaging,, such as the nineteen year old Polish violinist who is swept from being a street musician in Rome to being abducted internationally as part of an apparent terrorist plot If, as I did, you hoped this book would introduce you to some new authors whose work you might like to try later, you will probably not have that goal satisfied For the most part the chapters were not really long enough to give you a good sense of the author s style, with a few exceptions such as the author whose lovingly portrayed scene of mayhem in the Dulles airport clearly told me what kind of writer HE is or Lisa Scottoline s chapter, which, at the other extreme, focused on the personal reaction of a young woman who sees all her plans for her future life being destroyed through no involvement of her own.For the most part, although there were differences in style, the writing was compatible enough to flow fairly well, but there were some jarring dissonances, most notably to me two authors tendency to have all the characters use profanity profusely Some people talk that way, but if they do, it is consistent, and to have a character say f multiple times in one chapter and not at all for a number of chapters after is disruptive.The Audio ProductionThe reader did a good job with expression and with the many accents of the international cast of characters He mispronounced a few words, and in this case I do not believe they were britishisms Which brings up another issue WHY was the narrator British All of the authors with whom I was familiar are American, as was the protagonist There were no British characters A British voice is neither as neutral or as easy to comprehend as an American one for American listeners, and in this case I think it was not the best choice Good reader, but not for this work.My reaction to the technical aspects of the audio was mixed There were unobtrusive but effective musical interludes to show the transition from one scene to another, in place of the space between paragraphs that normally fill that role in print On the other hand, there were several places where the break between CDs could have been much better chosen, e.g., so that a chapter or a scene would begin at the beginning of a CD The endings seemed very arbitrary, although there clearly was a lot of leeway the last CD was only 44 minutes long, whereas some of the others werethan 70 minutes long There was plenty of room to move things around.Finally, since this was a collaborative effort, it is natural for the listener to want to know which author did which sections At a list price of 29.95 I would expect at minimum a package insert or listing on the package of a Table of Contents with the authors listed next to their chapters.Despite its flaws, this audio book is entertaining and engrossing enough to make a long car trip seem much shorter, and that makes it worth your consideration