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When I read the synopsis I automatically think novella For some reason, I just didn t see how the book could have that much interesting story to it but I was wrong I was entertained the entire time, flipping as fast as I could to try and finish the book before bed Andie has been divorced for 2 years and is looking to get back into the dating world She isn t looking for anything too serious since she just came out of a marriage from hell but she is looking to have a little fun What she isn t expecting is to find a young man who is as interested in her as she is in him However, when they start seeing each other and , she starts to become incredibly self conscious of her age Mason refuses to tell her his age, saying that it doesn t matter but she can t help to think how odd of a pair they make Mason was a fun character to read When he sets his mind to something, he gets it Like meeting Andie for instance When he is warming up for a baseball game he notices her cheering for a team on one of the other diamonds So what does he do He tosses a ball at her which was supposed to only roll up to her, not whack her in the ankle Even though his move wasn t smooth, he got what he wanted, a date with Andie I liked the connection between these two characters and the way the author wrote them At no point did I feel like things were rushed I thought it was perfectly normal for a woman to question a relationship with a younger man After all she was married and had a kid when he was in high school However, I did agree with Mason, that even though there was a decent age gap, they were old enough that it wasn t creepy Now if she were 60 and he 25 then I d be a little creeped out The only thing I wasn t on board with was the ending I felt like the obsessive controlling ex husband gave up way to easily He had been holding out hope that Andie would come back for 2 years 2 years He called her his wife when addressing Mason but he all of a sudden see s how wrong he was and apologizes for his ways and backs off I just felt like maybe the author started to run out of time in her story and quickly threw that in at the end Especially considering all the fuss he created over Andie Regardless of that little bit, I really enjoyed this story If you are looking a good smutty book with a good story to boot, than you ve got to pick up Game Plan I cannot wait to read from this author. If I tied your hands while I fucked you, or spanked your pretty ass until it turned pink, you d let me It s not that I d let you I want you to I want to do everything with you Mason is a young, sexy veterinarian Andy is a 40 year old, divorced, mother of one What do these two have in common A whole lot of chemistry Mason first sees Andy at a baseball game where she is watching her sons little league game He immediately thinks she s gorgeous and slips her his number after accidently hitting her with a baseball Andy decides to go for it and gives the younger Mason a call First things first, this book is smoking hot Not only is the sex HOT, it s also plentiful There was alley sex, car sex, back door sex There was a whole lot of banging going on throughout the book I loved that Andy was confident in her sexuality She wasn t afraid to ask for what she wanted which is so refreshing to read, especially when so many books I ve read lately, the male leads are the ones calling the shots.Last night, oral sex in an alley Tonight, screwing in a parking lot To hell with clean and horizontal, she wanted to mount him right here in the front seat and ride him until the windows steamed solid.And Mason didn t disappoint either He was confident, accommodating, and just plain sexy His desire to have than a sexual relationship with Andy along with his patience when dealing with some of her insecurities was very appealing He definitely aimed to give her what she wanted Harder, she said when he backed out again Harder She wanted it hard, wanted him to lose control Wanted him to own her, to show her what he wasn t going to let her run away He curled his fingers into the fleshy curve of her ass Looked her in her eyes and slammed into her Again and Again.Now, a couple problems I had with the book Maybe I am just progressively open minded but I didn t think the age difference was that big of a deal Ten years That s nothing Now if Andy was 40 and Mason was 20,maybe that would be of an issue For such a confident and self assured woman in her professional life and her sex life, I found Andy s hang up on the age difference to be surprising And although the age difference issue comes up right from the beginning Andy doesn t deal with it head on which was so frustrating It continues to cause all kind of problems for her and Mason The second issue I have is with Mason The book ended and I actually was kind of peeved at him view spoiler Ummm excuse me you do NOT leave a pile of belongings along with a break up note on your girlfriend s porch when you re in an adult relationship I mean seriously I know he put up with a lot of immature actions from Andy but to end things like that My heart hurt for Andy and I couldn t help but think that even after Mason came across as such a nice guy he really was an Ass Hole Of course, Andy forgives him blah blah blah I m not quite sure I did That was pretty dirty hide spoiler Book ⚑ Game Plan ♺ Recently Divorced From Seventeen Years With A Snooty, Uptight, Controlling Man, Forty Year Old Andie Is Definitely Ready For Some Casual, Sexy Fun When A Hot Younger Man Accidentally Hits Her With A Baseball Mason S Interest Is Clear And He Looks Like A Lot Fun Than Her Overworked Vibrator Collection, So She Goes For It, Despite The Obvious Age Gap The Young Veterinarian Is As Easy To Be With As He Is On The Eyes, Making Him An Ideal Summer Diversion And The Perfect Man To Help Her Make Up For Lost Time And Missed OrgasmsMason Had To Meet The Sexy Woman At The Ball Diamond The Chemistry Between Them Is Instant And Completely Addictive Andie Is Than Beautiful, She S Uninhibited And Independent Totally Unlike The Needy Twenty Somethings He S Been Dating Since His Ex Fianc E Deceived Him Five Years Ago And Yeah, Andie Is Ten Years Older Than Him, Big Deal The They Re Together, The His Heart Wants Her As Badly As His Cock Too Bad Andie Isn T Playing For Keeps A very pleasant surprise I really wasn t sure what to expect as EC seems all over This is in the sophisticate category, which I think means the older crowd Anyway, the cougar trope isn t really my favorite so I put it off Man, imagine my surprise when near the beginning it turns scooorching hot I hope my 40 s go something like this because it was hotter than a lot of 20 something erotic romance I read Nice hot sex and lots of it, which just enough emotion and personality to keep it all interesting It s actually quite long, but never lets up the hotness Just when I thought that s all there was and I wasn t going to complain, mind you I got some lovely angst at the end Well rounded, well written and really fucking hot, Game Plan is a prime specimen of contemporary erotic romance. Another stimulating story from Karla Doyle My two favorite things about her books have been the fact that she writes such strong sexual women and the dirty talk between her characters Mixed emotions about the ending, not that s it s bad, but I feel sad cause I think they won t get to have tasty treats on the kitchen counter any, but I gave it 5 stars because I like flirting and she gives really great flirting Having written a cougar romance, I was eager to read another author s take on the subgenre Karla Doyle knocked it out of the ballpark in Game Plan, her debut novel.Andie meets Mason when he hits her with a baseball so he ll have an excuse to introduce himself A mom with responsibilities who s just freed herself from a bad marriage, Andie is than willing to engage in a romp between the sheets, but forever after isn t part of her new game plan especially not with a man ten years younger Mason, however, has other ideas.Game Plan has a nice story line, witty dialog and hot, realistic sex scenes I enjoyed the humor, which frequently made me laugh out loud Karla Doyle writes well and with a light touch, making this story a pleasure to read It s five stars all around, but the exceptional dialog and smooth sex scenes especially stand out. Incredibly hot read, Andie has kept her sexual desires suppressed during her marriage and Mason has a knack for drawing all those hidden fantasies out of her Full review on Sensual Reads Meh The reason that I started reading this book is because I got it in my mail one day and it said on the coverDear Ada, I wrote this book especially for you, I know you ll going to love it Karla Doyle xoxoAnd then I woke up Oh man That happens to me every time P Oh well a girl can dream, and it really made me feel that way, too , but I did love this book from top to bottom, from first page to last, from beginning to end you get me, right And the main reason of me loving it so much has a name Mason Lang.Even his name is sweet and sexy faints When I met him, I was already induced with Travis hormonal urges from Karla Doyle s other book More Than Words so I sort of expected him to be HOT and sweet, and an asshat brain damaged kind of guy He was all that and MORE, and by I mean sweet, intelligent, honest no joke , did I mentioned hot I did Doesn t hurt anybody if I say it one or three times, so HOTHOTand HOTone time, I promise H O T Yeah this kind of HOT But the thing that made me bump him to number one on my fictional boyfriends list is because he s a veterinarian.A sexy veterinarian, a sexy tattooed vet, a sexy tattooed vet with gorgeous eyes, killer smile and mad skills in bed mainly P Yep, he s my dream man And how can I forget, he likes and wants kids.The other reasons I liked this book Wait Nope, I LOVED this book I m not even going to mention the sexy, hot, sweaty stuff, because those are just a big fat bonus to this amazingly written book 1.Andie Oh, Ms Doyle, thank you, thank you, thank you You have written a female character that I didn t want to bitchslap and I really liked her.Thanks For what Damn, that voice Soft and feminine without being weak She could read the back of a cereal box and he d get hard2 The sense of humor of the author YES I hope in other lives we ll be BFFs This is totally me, my kind of humor Easy, never exaggerated, smart and definitely made me shake off some extra pounds I have accumulated over Christmas and did some very unattractive snot bubbles from laughing my ass off, too much information, huh Let me give you a glimpse of why I did thatYou have very pretty feet Nice toes Thank you, I grew them myself Oh, fuck Holy motherfucking Christ He groaned, then half laughed I hope you re not a devout churchgoer She released him with a noisy pop Hell no Halle fucking lujah He stepped back and she took off, leaving him scratching his head in a cloud of parking lot dust There d been times in his life when he was too smart for his own good This was not one of those times.God help him if anybody started crying Yeah, he had a rep for being a sensitive male, but tears He was still a guy, for fuck s sake Seeing women s faces go blotchy and their noses turn bright red made his cock shrink up like a scared turtle It was worse than a cold swim. I can keep going, but then I ll have to quote most of the book.3 And this is a first time for me I actually cried happy tears at the end Never a book made me cry happy tears I read a lot of HEAs, but this one touched a heart string and made me tingly all over To wrap it up, this book and the author are Now let me get back to my horny dance because and the other reason THE END Loved it 3